//What is Gustavo Mirabal Castro hiding?
What is Gustavo Mirabal Castro hiding?

What is Gustavo Mirabal Castro hiding?

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan lawyer, amateur jockey, equestrian entrepreneur and financial advisor. However, there are many things that people do not know about Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Gustavo Mirabal is a reserved man and keeps many things hidden about his hobbies, his family and his businesses. Do you want to know what Gustavo Mirabal Castro is hiding? Here we will tell you…

There are undoubtedly those who speak of dark secrets behind the sudden success of this Venezuelan. Because of this we will talk a little more about those things that Mirabal Castro keeps secret. Today we will reveal what Gustavo Mirabal Castro hides about his family, business and his life in general.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Why is Gustavo Mirabal Castro hiding?

No doubt for the last few years Gustavo Mirabal Castro has been under the media spotlight. His fame came from the time he opened an equestrian training facility called G&C Farm in the United States. Prior to that he was a renowned financial advisor with a more public than private life.

But his success in the equestrian sector gave him the coverage that Gustavo Mirabal Castor was avoiding from the beginning. Why is he hiding? According to his own words:

“Fame is an illusion. What really matters is success in what you undertake and the results. Fame attracts envy and bad tongues. The best success is the silent one, but that’s its results generate rumble”.

Why does Gustavo Mirabal Castro hide his finances?

No doubt for some Gustavo Mirabal Castro is just a lucky man. For others he is just a fan of equestrian jumping. However, what few know is that horseback riding and showjumping are one of Gustavo Mirabal’s hobbies. Although his profession is that of lawyer, Gustavo Mirabal has specialized in financial advice.

His jobs in banking and insurance companies were his first steps in the financial area. Thanks to them, Gustavo Mirabal obtained a different expertise than other lawyers. As a result, he began to experiment with his own resources and obtained excellent results. Combining his empirical experience and his knowledge as a lawyer, which prevented him from getting into legal trouble, he managed to increase his wealth. As a result, your own wealth is the best demonstration of your ability as a financial advisor.

This personal experience was expanded to give him what he needed to undertake one of Gustavo Mirabal’s dreams, an equestrian training facility. But not america’s as some will think. This trip began in Venezuela where he set up a horse training farm in the Alto Hatillo area. There he got his first experience and discovered what he needed to move on.

Opportunities as a financial advisor took him to the U.S. and, thanks to his experience as an equestrian entrepreneur, he undertook with some partners what became known as G&C Farm. He had the experience, and they trusted his expertise.

It was certainly a long road that had the support of his friends and the people who worked alongside him. Just as in Spain Sergio Álvarez Moya supported with contacts and finances, so in the United States he had allies. In the end to make money you must fight and that is one of its secrets.

Gustavo Mirabal has the keys to good finances
Gustavo Mirabal has the keys to good finances

Why does Gustavo Mirabal hide his preferences?

There are certainly secrets that should not be told. Therein lies the differentiating element of people and companies.

One of the differentiating elements of Gustavo Mirabal is that he is in constant learning. Graduating as a lawyer you learned about finance and those are two worlds that require continuous learning. On the other hand, the equestrian business also requires continuous learning in order to be at the forefront. Certainly, without his ability and desire to learn permanently he could not be where he is.

Another of the differentiating elements of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is that he prefers to surround himself with people better prepared than him. That’s a lot to say, but it’s like that. He looks for specialists to advise him and teach him what he does not know. This minimizes errors. He is a man who has no complexes to avoid surrounding himself with people more prepared than him in some respects.

Finally, one of his great differentiating elements is his passion for reading. Something that made his career very easy and makes it easier for him to learn continuously. And thanks to his habit as a regular reader, he keeps up to date with everything that his profession as a lawyer and financial advisor requires.

Why does Gustavo Mirabal hide his preferences?  Because they are its differentiating element…

Reading, a differentiating element
Reading, a differentiating element

What is Gustavo Mirabal hiding in so many countries?

Gustavo Mirabal keeps in each country places, contacts and special people. Friendships that over the years he has acquired and lessons that have left him the countries visited.

Of course his country, Venezuela, left him many learnings thanks to his parents. But wherever he goes he gets mentors or special places to learn, a culture that has something to contribute.

Without a doubt what Gustavo Mirabal Castro hides is all that learning that has led him to success. Because you don’t need others to know what you’re doing. Gustavo Mirabal Castro is happy knowing what he has achieved, without any fame.

What is Gustavo Mirabal Castro hiding in Venezuela?

In Venezuela Gustavo Mirabal Castro hides his childhood, which he protects with intensity. Once again we have been able to take a look at his life through the series Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela published in gustavomirabal.es. There he left hidden treasures on its beaches, memories of the mountains and the different landscapes of Venezuela.

He also hides all the learnings he got from his dad and mom, both lawyers by profession. And it was in a club in Venezuela where he discovered his passion for horses thanks to his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos took him to meet horses in the stables of the club. In addition, his father also a horse enthusiast. Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos had winning horses. He also directed the National Institute of Hippodromes of Venezuela. There are certainly many hidden treasures in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Flag - Pride for Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Venezuelan Flag – Pride for Gustavo Mirabal Castro

What is Gustavo Mirabal’s true secret?

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s true secret is humility. He knows that there are many people better prepared than him, and he is not sorry to consult them.

On the other hand, he knows that fame and success are not synonymous. Gustavo Mirabal Castro does not focus on achieving fame, but on achieving what is set as a goal. For this, fame can sometimes be an obstacle rather than a support. That is why Gustavo Mirabal avoids fame and tries to go unnoticed. However, at times it has been necessary to show reality to the world.

This man has the secret to success and that’s hard work, constant learning and keeping people better prepared than one by his side.

There are other secrets that Gustavo Mirabal hides but we will have to wait for another occasion to tell you them.