//Equine assisted or Horse-Assisted Coaching
Linda Kohanov - Guru del Coaching asistido por caballos

Equine assisted or Horse-Assisted Coaching

Horse-assisted coaching is a form of coaching that uses interaction with horses as a tool to help people. It is an innovative way to use horses to work on interpersonal skills. That is why today we will tell you more about assisted coaching with horses.

The goal of coaching is to develop skills and achieve personal and professional goals. In this case, horses are facilitators and channels to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication.

Many celebrities begin to use this type of coaching and have begun to popularize it. Remember that learning to ride has always been considered an important element in great leaders. A well-kept secret that is now revealed to everyone.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro admires horses. Thanks to them I develop leadership, communication, and confidence skills from a very young age. These skills helped him become the successful financial advisor and entrepreneur we all know.

Child mounted on a horse
Child mounted on a horse

What and how does horse-assisted coaching work?

Horse-assisted coaching trainers are known as Equine Coach trainers. These trainers believe that interaction with horses can help people improve the following:

  • Self
  • Confidence
  • Communication

Trainers use different activities with horses for that purpose such as:

  • Horseback riding
  • The manipulation of horses on the ground
  • Communication with horses and their relationship

These activities work to challenge people. This can help them identify and work on areas of opportunity. Later, we will deepen this topic indicating the objectives of these activities in horse-assisted coaching.

Horse-assisted coaching is a novel and increasingly popular form of coaching. Horse-assisted coaching is used in a wide variety of fields. Some of the areas in which horse-assisted coaching is being applied are:

  • Business coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • Coaching for young people.
Horse-assisted coaching for youth and children
Horse-assisted coaching for youth and children

Typical therapeutic activities in horse-assisted coaching

The typical activities of horse-assisted coaching are very diverse. These activities may vary depending on the coach’s focus and goals. Another aspect to consider is the needs and skills of the people involved in coaching.

Some categories of common activities that can be done are:

  1. Horseback riding: Horseback riding can be used to improve people’s confidence and decision-making.
  2. Working with horses on the ground: This activity may involve manipulating horses in different ways. Some of the ways to work with horses are to walk alongside them or have them walk in circles. This can help people improve their communication and leadership.
  3. Games and Playful Activities: Coaches often use games and playful activities to help people relax and have fun while learning. These activities help you learn to relax and manage stress.
  4. Discussions and reflections: Trainers can use activities with horses as “triggers.” The result of the activities is used to stimulate discussions and reflections on topics relevant to the person or company.

These are just a few examples of activities that can be included in horse-assisted coaching. Coaches can tailor activities to the needs and goals of the people involved in coaching.

But one of the things that arouse the most curiosity is how a horse can help in the coaching process. Next, we will tell you the importance and role of the horse in the horse-assisted coaching process.

Working trust with a powerful animal like the horse is essential
Working trust with a powerful animal like the horse is essential

The role of the horse in assisted coaching

In equine-assisted coaching, horses play the role of “co-trainers.” Horses are mainly used for two functions:

  • As tools to help people develop skills.
  • To achieve personal and professional goals.

You must understand that the horse has attributes that make it ideal for working communication and confidence skills.

On the one hand, horses are social animals. This makes them very sensitive to the emotions and energy of the people around them.

While horses can’t understand our words, they can interpret our body language and intentions. Therefore, horses in coaching activities can be excellent “readers” of non-verbal communication.

This skill can be helpful in helping people identify and work in areas of opportunity. Among the areas they can work on are self-confidence, non-verbal communication, and effective communication.

In addition, horses are very large and powerful animals. This can be intimidating for some people. As a result, working with them can be an effective way to challenge and overcome fears and insecurities.

In summary, the role of horses in horse-assisted coaching is to help people through interaction with horses improve their:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills.

Which famous coaches use horse-assisted coaching?

Equine assisted coaching is a relatively new and uncommon form of coaching, so it’s unlikely that there will be many celebrities who use this approach in their work.

However, there are some trainers and experts in horse-assisted coaching who are known in the coaching world and who have contributed to spreading and promoting this approach. Some examples of outstanding trainers and experts in horse-assisted coaching are:

  1. Anna Twinney: Anna Twinney is an Equine Coach trainer and founder of the “Reach Out to Horses” school. Twinney is known for her work with horses and people with disabilities and has written several books on horse-assisted coaching. Anna Twinney has given lectures and workshops on this topic around the world. In addition to her work as a horse-assisted coaching coach, Twinney is also an actress and theater producer.
  2. Linda Kohanov: Linda Kohanov is an American author and Equine Coach trainer. She is known for her work with horses and people with anxiety disorders and trauma. Kohanov is the author of several books on horse-assisted coaching and has given lectures and workshops on the subject. Kohanov is the founder and director of Epona Equestrian Services, a horse-assisted coaching and equine therapy company.

Without a doubt, horses in coaching will give a lot to talk about in the coming years. These will become an important tool for the betterment of the human being. Horse-assisted coaching will be an important therapeutic and personal growth tool for years to come.