//Goats the best allies for an upset horse
Goats the best allies for an upset horse

Goats the best allies for an upset horse

When a upset horse is restless and anxious, it is very likely that it needs a small and hairy company.

Goats are animals that inexplicably are good painkillers for upset horses.

There is a mystery that is not clear yet, but what is known and confirmed is that the goats are the best company of those horses that are restless or very anxious.

The calming effect is immediate, just by looking at the goat, the horse calms down. Just seeing it calms down.

But that is not all, it turns out that the goat has a very particular aroma that causes bacteria not to reach the horse so it also fulfills a protective task.

Goats Riding Horses


Who showed that goats are the best allies of upset horses?

This theory was confirmed by Miguel Valencia, veterinarian and zootechnist.

Miguel maintains that the presence of the goats in the stables is not something new but that it comes from ancient times, when they discovered this strange but natural phenomenon.

It is strange that an animal between 60 and 70 centimeters is able to bring calm and peace to one as large as an upset horse is.

However, when this couple get together it seems very normal. Since both are related in a simple and almost instantaneous way.

The goat is not afraid of the horse and the horse is not afraid of the goat either.

The two behave in a calm way and if the horse showed a poor performance it will recover because it has a new friend.

Upset horses and calming horses
Upset horses and calming horses

Goats and horses a perfect combination

These short-tailed mammals, straight and very narrow ears, with skin covered with stiff hairs and a thick spear turned out to be all warriors.

Who would say they are a perfect combination. In fact, if a person buys an anxious horse, he does not sleep and is only calm when his friend the goat is close … The owner must buy the goat as well.

And although it is exaggerated it is not so. For some strange reason there are horses with these characteristics present problems. Although they have the same diet, the same training routine, even the same preparers their friend the goat lacks.

If they don’t have their goat we can result in an upset horse.

Goats and horses are part of the breeding tradition.

Regarding this, Valencia says that it is part of the culture of breeding to have goats and goats. Therefore it is not strange that they rub shoulders with horses.

“That is part of our customs and our equine culture. In this culture have long had goats inside the mangers. It has been noted that horses get sick less than they are mainly respiratory diseases. ”

Regarding this topic Javier Londoño, a worker at the La Bocha Equestrian Center, indicates:

“They say that out there, that where there is a goat, brave or nervous horses calm down. They also say that the goats attract the strong plague that will fall to the horses. In that case the plague is received by the goats, they are like a counter ”.

According to this statement, the smell of goats prevents the reproduction of bacteria that attack horses.

Horses and goats have created a symbiosis through their breeding tradition. It is not surprising that horses that have become accustomed to goats become into upset horses if they are removed from them

Goats love riding on horses

Sheep also cause this calming effect.

For his part, Miguel Valencia notes that in fact the smell of the male (goats) is like a kind of repellent against bacteria.

“I think it’s because of the smell the male emits. Goats emit a very characteristic smell and this must do something against viruses and bacteria. It becomes a barrier against viruses and bacteria that does not allow them to be easily transmitted from one horse to another. ”

It is even scientifically proven that sheep also have this calming effect for horses.

So if they need to calm their equine they can opt for a goat or a sheep.

This is consistent with the theory of bonding in ancentral breeding environments.

In any case, he will keep the horse calm and his anxiety go away. Apparently the connection that these animals create is immediate. As if they had known each other for a lifetime.

“There are horses that are suddenly brave, that fight a lot, that are very restless inside the manger, that kick it. They get a sheep or a goat to avoid this type of behavior and they with the sheep company are reassured, ”said Miguel Valencia.

Goats and an upset horse
Goats and an upset horse

The experience of Miguel Valencia and the “calming goats”

“It calms them down, like the upset horse calms down when he sees the goat or the sheep.” Miguel Valencia

Valencia said that in El Rincón de la Z, where he works, they lived the experience of having a loose goat all over the place.

This got into the mangers and accompanied the horses, especially the most restless and upset horses, noticing a change in total behavior.

So it is not a theory but something true.

Meanwhile, Javier Londoño, maintains that he also lived an experience like this.

Javier Londoño and his experience with the goats

The impact was such that after a few days the result of this totally natural technique was seen.

This is the case of a foal that was too restless and could not control it with anything, so they put him in the manger next to a goat and both made a great bond.

To the point that they became like a family. The foal calmed down and played with his new friend. The rebellion and lack of discipline left.

How does this phenomenon occur? It is not known for sure, nature has its mysteries. What is known is that goats can really do a lot for horses in a stable.

So you can not miss the opportunity to use them as horse therapists when the horses are outside. Congratulations goats!

Get a goat to your upset horse
Get a goat to your upset horse

Flyer the horse that didn’t calm down

Flyer is a racehorse that didn’t calm down with anything. This horse, Flyer, was an upset horse.

Despite having the same coach, the same diet, the same physical trainers and rider, nothing seemed to calm the equine.

At first his owner thought he was sick, so he took him to several veterinarians to rule out any disease, but the animal was healthy.

They could not understand how it was that if he was in good health and everything in his life routine was going in order. Why was he so restless?

It no longer ran with the same impetus, did not have the same strength and looked tired and exhausted. Deconcentrated in the sand.

Goats the best allies for an upset horse
Goats the best allies for an upset horse

And the unexpected happened … A goat and an upset horse together

So one day, for those things in life, a goat appeared in the barn and since Flyer saw it he went calm.

I hadn’t even seen it before, it was the first time and it still calmed down.

Flyer had been sleepless nights, kicking in the stable, neighing and didn’t seem to have peace. Lack of sleep was what took away his strength to run on the track.

More when he saw the goat and shared with him inside his crib he calmed down completely. They ate together, walked together. They slept together.

The result for an upset horse is always the same …

The result was so positive that they decided to try on the track and to everyone’s surprise the horse regained its strength, its bravery and momentum.

On the other side of the barrier was his friend the goat watching him run.

Since then they are inseparable. They need to be together. The horse regained its spirits and the goat now has a new best friend.

Flyer and goat are an example that this combination is effective and effective.

That all is not lost when you have a upset horse out of control. Sometimes all that an upset horse needs is a goat to help him calm down.




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