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GesEQ App for Horse Health and Wellness

Horse Health and Wellness

The world of horse riding and other activities related to horses require specialists. These specialists help ensure the Horse health and wellness.

Therefore, equestrian sports gather a lot of fans and experts in different areas. These are responsible for keeping alive the tradition of equestrian sports.

In such a way that athletes of horse riding, dressage and jumps meet. Equally veterinarians, trainers are some of those who are passionate in this area.

There is no doubt the importance that veterinarians and horse therapists also have. Together they take care of the horse health and wellness.

This is how technology and human knowledge has not abandoned the daily life of the human being. These are making your life a simple process.

The innovation and creativity of man allow accelerating the growth and comfort of the human being. They constantly create equipment and applications that facilitate the work of each professional.

However, it is essential that these experts be willing to learn about the use of these technological equipment. These applications are to optimize the work.

EquiView360 - Colic Detection & Video Surveillance Program

Soler, Engineering Cabinet

Worldwide there are companies whose task is to gather experts with specific ingenuity and skills. Together they develop teams, programs and applications with clear objectives.

Surely, these experts have in their hands the possibility of changing the world with their talent and initiatives.

Soler, Cabinet of Engineering is one of those companies that its personnel reunites valuable qualities like:

Intelligence, experience, effectiveness and efficiency with the intention of improving the quality of life of users and customers.

They work in favor of offering services to develop computer-based applications and programs.

In this way they make everyday something systematized.

The systematized everyday

In this order of ideas there are many companies. For example, Soler engineering cabinet (Soler GDI), has more than a decade of experience working. His work contributes to a better quality of life.

To guarantee quality work, the Spanish company based in Madrid, Soler GDI, offers among its services the following:

  • Consulting,
  • Experts,
  • They work computer security,
  • Execute implementation projects.

Now, this same company is concerned about the rigorous work behind horse health. Therefore, it generates applications to systematize and order the process.

To this end, the personnel in charge of the care and protection of the horses have technological tools. This increases reliability, safety and accuracy.

Apps for Horse Health and Wellness
Apps for Horse Health and Wellness

GesEQ, designed for horse health and wellness.

As explained above, the health and welfare of the horse is key. These are some of the tasks that are present in equestrian sports.

Therefore, it implies that the experts in charge of protecting the horses need support. The quality and physical condition of the horses must have accurate data at hand.

In addition, many horses participate in large competitions and that means being transferred from one city to another or even from one country to another.

Consequently, this merits complex controls to ensure first and foremost the horse health and wellness in each event.

Certainly, GeseQ is an application designed to clearly organize all the details and data of each equine.

Indeed, GesEQ aims to study and compare data related to horseshoes, follow-up vaccines.

Similarly, food as an essential process in the field of horse health and wellness.

This application is definitely a practical tool where caretakers, and horse trainers can also register:

Accompaniment of the veterinarian and guidelines thereof, exam analysis, genealogical information …

As well as the performance of the horse in competitions.

In this way the caregiver and veterinary staff are certain of the horse health and wellness. Applications and technology make it easy and simple.

Therefore, this way you avoid carrying documents that can be lost easily. The same dynamics of equestrian competitions make it complex to keep health records.

GesEQ Synonymous of Horse Health and Wellness
GesEQ Synonymous of Horse Health and Wellness

More advantages of the GesEQ application

It is essential, always think that the main thing is the horse health and wellness. From there depends the other actions related to equestrian sport.

In other words, the dynamics of competitions merit supporting information according to each equine.

It is precisely there that experts must meet the demands and needs of the horse. Remember that the horse is the protagonist in each feat.

Meanwhile, decision making is vital to adjust to each eventuality and can act immediately.

So this application allows the intelligent action of each caregiver always thinking about the horse health and wellness.

Importantly, this application also offers experts to track. From the application you can record the daily activities of the equine and details of the displacement.

As a result, elements such as climatic conditions, equine temperature are also reported by the application.

In this way, notifications and reports will not be expected. The purpose is to alert caregivers or trainers on time.

Undoubtedly, this application can be used in equestrian centers, in equestrian sports training schools.

In centers where equine therapy services are also developed, as well as an equestrian club, among others.

Monitor your Horse Health and Wellness
Monitor your Horse Health and Wellness

GesEQ closest to users

The development of technological applications makes their interfaces require closer to each user. These interfaces help to achieve one hundred percent of your goals.

To this end, this useful application seeks first and foremost the health and physical well-being of the horse. Among its users can be:

  • Great athletes.
  • Veterinarians.
  • Equine owners.
  • Instructors.

Each of these user groups can create their own profile.

Therefore, they can configure the application according to their interests and realities.

How GesEQ becomes the application for the horse and wellness?

The passion of José María Soler Adell who practices equestrian sports motivated him to think about the application.

Similarly, he is a great expert in computer technologies and applications. In this way both knowledge merged to think big.

The vision as a jumping athlete who wants to have on hand the detail of the horse health and wellness. On the other hand, the vision as a technologist thinking about automation and the best quality of life. Together they allowed him to create the application thinking about the common good.

That is why it makes available the best of its knowledge and experiences. Thus he manages to take another step within the equestrian world.

It should be stressed that this application also complements commercial transactions related to the world of equestrian sports.

This implies that when a horse changes ownership, the animal’s information can be shared optimally.

Moreover, with this application through computers such as smart phones, the horse can be visualized.

Being of great benefit to their caregivers and owners.

GesEQ App for Horse Health and Wellness
GesEQ App for Horse Health and Wellness

Application scope and benefits

With respect to the scope of this application there are no limits. The more it is used and has more users, it will improve for each day to be more effective and efficient.

Undoubtedly, in the world of equine sports, gaps begin with other fields of knowledge that can contribute to improvement.

In this sense, to think about the horse health and wellness is to provide experts with tools and applications that improve their daily practice.

This look seeks to ensure that the horse is cared for, protected and valued as a being who is the protagonist in a sport.

Given this position, the commitment, ethics, responsibility of those who care for these animals is essential.

Finally, it is essential to continue advancing in the technological field to optimize the activities related to equestrian sports.

In this way, the attentions, interventions and above all actions will be made in harmony with a clearer reality.





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