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Hydration for equestrian athletes

The importance of hydration for equestrian athletes

As we all know hydration is of the utmost importance for athletes. That is why you should also take into account Hydration for equestrian athletes.

For good sports performance the athlete must achieve adequate levels of hydration. It should be noted that most equestrian disciplines require adequate levels in the athlete. Hence the importance of previous sports warm-up and good hydration for equestrian athletes.

The rider must be hydrated just like the horse. With this, the magic pair will be able to perform at the maximum either in training or in the competitions themselves.

Water is the vital liquid for living beings. Therefore, maintaining adequate hydration for equestrian athletes is essential for good physical and mental health.

It should be noted that 60% of the weight of the human body consists of water. In that sense it is a primary element of blood and body fluids.

For a proper functioning of all organs and systems of the body requires certain levels of water.

In this sense Gustavo Mirabal is aware of hydration every time he trains. Likewise, he is very aware of the correct hydration of the horse with which he trains.

Hydration for equestrian athletes is more important that you think it. Come a see why.

Hydration tips every athlete needs to know

Benefits of good hydration for equestrian athletes

  • It is a good step to eliminate constipation because intestinal transit flows better. For this reason when evacuating it will be less traumatic.
  • Water helps protect joints and preserves good muscle activity.
  • Good hydration preserves skin tone and softness, and also keeps skin smooth and young.
  • The urinary system benefits from good hydration for equestrian athletes. In this sense, the blood is purified through the urine, thus eliminating all waste from the body where the kidneys play an important role.
  • On the other hand, one of the benefits of good hydration is the normalization of blood pressure.
  • Finally regulates body temperature.
Hydration for equestrian athletes
Hydration for equestrian athletes

Disadvantages of water deficit in the body

There are many disadvantages given poor hydration for equestrian athletes. As we know the vital liquid plays an important role in the performance of athletes. However, the water deficit results in a decrease in physical performance.

In addition to a serious picture such as heat stroke. When a deficit of 2% of normal body hydration is generated, 30% less yield results.

The total amount of fluid that is perspired during the exercise will depend on the degree of its intensity. In the case of riders who practice disciplines that last a long time, they usually lose a lot of liquid. Therefore, good hydration of both the rider and the horse must be maintained.

Other factors that influence the loss of fluids in the body are the following:

  • The duration of the exercise,
  • Temperature and humidity of the environment
  • The characteristics of the environment.

According to health experts, they point out that the ideal is the consumption of 500 ml of liquids 2 hours before exercising. This in order to promote proper hydration for equestrian athletes. Following these guidelines we will obtain optimal sports performance.

Usually people who drink fluids an hour before exercise show less increase in body temperature.

The duty should be for athletes to hydrate before beginning the practice to partially replenish lost fluids in training. Without a doubt, hydration for equestrian athletes is vital.

Water hydration for equestrian athletes
Water hydration for equestrian athletes

Drink water “before, during and after” equestrian sports

Experts indicate that half a liter of liquid should be drunk one or two hours before exercise. This allows a smaller increase in body temperature during sports.

Also, during sports you should start drinking regularly. In this way, optimal hydration for equestrian athletes can be achieved by constantly drinking fluid in an interval of 20 minutes.

Professor Rosa Ortega of the American College of Sports Medicine expresses the following:

“For people who feel bad to drink during exercise they should try to do it in small sips and more frequently. Each person must find his guideline, but what is certain is that if he is sweating he has to rehydrate ”

At the end of the practice, the fluid loss should be replenished taking approximately 450-675 milliliters.

Rosa Ortega indicates the following:

“It is very important to drink just after the exercise, is when the body is very dehydrated and runs out of glycogen. The replacement during the first hour after the exercise is very valuable for the body to recover ”

Therefore, you should drink liquids and / or isotonic drinks after the end of the equestrian practice. Not forgetting that the horse also deserves its proper doses of the vital liquid.

We leave you with this TEDx video about hydration for athletes and its relationship with sports performance.

Body Hydration: The Key to Improved Performance, Health, and Life | Chris Gintz | TEDxHiltonHead

Consumption of isotonic drinks in sports practices

Water consumption in sports is essential. However, there are other options that favor good hydration, this in order to replace the loss of electrolytes.

For this reason, in addition to water, it is recommended that the rider hydrate with isotonic drinks. This is indicated especially when the exercise is intensive.

In more moderate sports practices, water consumption is sufficient for water replenishment.

Isotonic drinks can be the key to good hydration of an equestrian athlete who does not want to drink large amounts of water.

Hydration for athletes
Hydration for athletes

Performance equals hydration for equestrian athletes

The vital liquid plays a primary role in the health of man. Therefore, when it is dedicated to equestrian sports, you must take into account adequate hydration before, during and after training.

The recommendation is also a balanced diet in accordance with the energetic wear and tear of the equestrian discipline that the rider is practicing.

That is why Gustavo Mirabal is adequately hydrated in each of his equestrian practices. So does his wife Carolina Chapellín.

This is one of the aspects that the rider must take into account to have an optimal performance in training and in competitions.

Remember hydration for equestrian athletes is one of the keys to elevate and maintain high performance.

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