//The Coronavirus and its consequences in the equestrian world
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The Coronavirus and its consequences in the equestrian world

Coronavirus is a lethal disease that had its beginnings in China at the end of 2019. While the rest of the world celebrated the arrival of a new year, this disease was already taking over the planet. Little by little was spreading and is currently affecting the entire planet. Coronavirus has impacted the equestrian world and we will learn today how do it occur.

Currently the epicenter of the pandemic is America and this has brought negative consequences at all levels. Consequently millions of people have been left without jobs, companies closed tourism paralyzed in short.

The Coronavirus and its consequences in the equestrian world have been enormous, producing millions of dollars in losses.

Without a doubt this situation has concerned riders, owners, and the entire team that performs in this world of equestrian competitions.

Little by little, in some countries, the powers have been reactivated taking into account the security measures against the coronavirus.

For this they have made the decision that these competitions are carried out without an audience, and that is that these moments the best thing is prevention.

Hit by coronavirus, can France's equestrian sector stay afloat?

Competitions delayed due to coronavirus

As we already know, the coronavirus does not allow massive events to take place, since social distance is one of the preventive measures to follow to keep the coronavirus at bay.

For this reason, from the Olympics to the equestrian competitions have been postponed for the safety of all.

At best some competitions are taking place without spectators.

For this reason, income in the equestrian world has decreased considerably since the socialization that takes place in the most luxurious racetracks in the world is not open to the public.

Quarantined horses due to coronavirus
Quarantined horses due to coronavirus

The consequences of the coronavirus in horses and equestrian world

In general, assuming this situation is not easy, so sports have been forced to pause.

However, one of the sports most affected by this situation of the coronavirus is the equestrian world.

In this sense, not only the rider is affected by lack of training, but the horse also alters its daily routine.

For this reason these animals can become depressed and even become ill.

The situation for the rider has been more bearable since his physical preparation is carried out at home

However, most competition horses suffer the consequences of the coronavirus. As these animals remain confined to their stables, this results in them not being able to carry out their training routines.

Unfortunately this is a context that horses do not understand and that has its negative effects on the physical and mental health of horses.

Horses quarantined by coronavirus: Impact in equestrian world
Horses quarantined by coronavirus: Impact in equestrian world

Vices developed by horses as a result of confinement with the coronavirus

The consequences of the coronavirus take their toll on the competition horses, since these animals are in quarantine and cannot carry out their normal routine.

Among the vices that the horse can develop are the following:

  • Tantrums
  • The so-called ‘bear shot’ (movement of the head inside the stables)
  • Nervous reactions that cause the horse when it has been confined.
  • On the other hand, at an organic level, your diet can produce colic caused by the confined state, because of a lack of physical activity

Juan Useros expressed the following in relation to the quarantine of the horses:

“The horse has to get out, it cannot remain confined. He is another athlete by forming an inseparable pairing with the rider”

The president of the Equestrian Federation of Castilla y León, Juan Useros, shows his concern.

It should be noted that not only horses that are destined for equestrian competitions are affected.

If not all the horses in the region, this situation is replicated worldwide.

Therefore these are one of the animals that are severely affected with this situation.

Without a doubt, the equestrian world has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Vices developed by horses: Coronavirus consequences in equestrian world
Vices developed by horses: Coronavirus consequences in equestrian world

Economic consequences of the coronavirus in the equestrian world

The equestrian world is one of the most affected by the coronavirus. In this sense, in the events that are canceled, income is no longer received.

As a consequence, it is not possible to continue paying salaries to multidisciplinary teams to keep horses in optimal conditions.

Among those affected are vets, farriers, trainers, material factories, caretakers, in short the list is endless …

This situation represents a setback in the equestrian world and the fact that the horse does not perform the same as before must be calmly faced.

For this, it will be necessary to start again until returning to the state in which it was before the forced quarantine to prevent the coronavirus.

Hit by coronavirus, can France's equestrian sector stay afloat?

Other sectors affected by the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has not only hurt business in the equestrian world, but the tourism sector is also experiencing an unprecedented crisis. Within the world of tourism we find equestrian tourism as one of the activities associated with the horse also.

For the sample, the number of airlines that have declared bankruptcy.

Some countries to attract tourists in the not too distant future are starting to launch interesting offers to tourists.

The oil sector is another of those affected by the global coronavirus pandemic, as it falls to extreme levels in the United States.

In short, the list of economic sectors that have been harmed by the coronavirus is endless.

For now, the most important thing is to keep prevention measures at home, at work or when you shop.


Coronavirus has had a significant negative impact on the equestrian world

The entire team that does its work in the equestrian world feels and suffers from the negative consequences of the coronavirus.

It should be noted that the world economy is in a tailspin because businesses, tourism absolutely paralyzed.

Finding a vaccine or cure for coronavirus is key to regaining the economy and taking care of the impact on the equestrian world

The caveat of this situation is for the pharmaceutical and technology industries. These have been the ones that have been strengthened in this situation that is currently going through the entire planet.




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