//The relevance of sports warm-up routines
Pre-Ride Warm-Up - Seated Twist

The relevance of sports warm-up routines

The relevance of sports warm-up routines

Like most sports, people should do prior sports warm-up routines before entering training as such. This applies to equestrian athletes, as it facilitates the coupling with the horse.

Sports warm-up routines are a series of muscle and joint exercises. These are carried out progressively with the aim of preparing the body for excellent physical performance. In addition this prevents muscle contractions or injuries.

That is why sports warm-up routines are recommended by coaches and doctors alike. Next we will know more about its benefits and its characteristics.

Then we leave you with a video about some sports warm-up routines that may interest you.

Warm up exercises for your Show Jumping horse with Paula Hamood

Types of sports warm-up routines

Sports warm-up is divided into two types:

  • General sports warm-up routines: This allows the athlete’s body to be boosted using general groups, and global exercises.
  • Specific sports warm-up routines: Exercises are performed and the muscle groups used in equestrian sports are worked on.

In the case of the Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal Castro sees with great importance the realization of sports warm-up routines. He does this every time he trains.

It should be noted that sports warm-up applies to all disciplines, not just equestrian. That is why experts insist on giving it due importance to prevent annoying injuries.

Another aspect to consider is adequate hydration in athletes. If you take into account the preheating and good hydration and its performance in case it will be better.

General sports warm-up routines
General sports warm-up routines

General sports warm-up routines

This warm-up begins with a gentle run, which allows you to activate the muscles. The time contemplated for this heating is approximately 5-7 minutes.

In joint mobility exercises, most of the joints that will be worked on afterwards are heated.

Subsequently, the following movement exercises are performed:

  • In principle, lateral and forward neck inclinations are performed. This is done slowly.
  • With the limbs along the body, shoulder rotations are made forward and then backward.
  • In addition wrist movements, bending and extension of the
  • Lateral trunk movements, from right to left, and vice versa with a precise angle of 45º.
  • Hip rotation to the right and left.
  • Make the movements with the hands on the knees, this rotation must be in both directions
Dynamic Warmup for Athletes

Specific sports warm-up routines:

In this phase of the specific warm-up a series of exercises are carried out that are exclusive for equestrian sports.

Among the basic instructions to perform these exercises:

  • In each position an approximate time of 12 to 15 seconds must be maintained. The cycle must be repeated.
  • The estimated time of stretching exercises is approximately seven minutes.

Preparatory exercises for the Specific sports warm-up routines

Ideally, work the muscles before riding the horse.

  • Each action will be done between 8 and 10 times.
  • The strength of these exercises will be moderate with an approximate time of five minutes
  • Take an object that allows us to contract and relax the fingers by squeezing the object
  • Standing, with your arms extended along the body, lift them sideways until you reach slightly above the horizontal.

The heating should not exceed 10 minutes.

To perform a proper riding of the horse, a series of routine physical warm-up exercises must be performed.

After performing the proper training, the same routine should be done at the end. This should be done slowly so that the body returns to normal.

The fact of doing flexibility exercises to relax and stretch our muscles, has positive effects because it prevents injuries.

Pre-Ride Warm-Up - Seated Twist
Pre-Ride Warm-Up – Seated Twist

Benefits of adequate physical warm-up

The main objective of a good sports warm-up routines is that the athlete’s body is at an adequate level to perform equestrian practice.

On the other hand the rider may have a good performance. You can also prevent possible injuries.

Among the benefits of adequate physical warming are the following:

  • Perfect the organic possibilities of physiological and physical type.
  • Improves body movement by affecting coordination and balance.
  • Stimulates heart rate and breathing correctly.
  • Injury prevention is of great importance. Well, it protects the muscles and joints
  • Without a doubt, performing the exercises correctly in sports warm-up routines results in a better performance of the rider or rider.

Stages of physical warming

There are three stages in sports warm-up routines that we will describe below:

  • Cardiovascular warming: the purpose of this phase is for the muscles to obtain a minimum temperature. This is done in order to warm up joint mobility.
  • Joint mobility: In this phase the intensity is higher because it seeks to heat different parts of the body faster. These follow a specific order, and you exercise your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders among others.
  • Global stretching: you must be in a position of 6 to 12 seconds without reaching any type of pain.
General sports warm-up routines
General sports warm-up routines

Sports warm-up routines: part of the rider’s protective equipment

The importance of physical warming will directly affect the rider’s performance during his training. That is why both Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Carolina Chapellín do an exhaustive sports warm-up routine when training.

It should be noted that in the G&C Farm equestrian training center, there was strict control over these exercise routines in the riders who trained there.

Hence the high levels of excellence that they maintained in training were mentioned. This resulted in riders aware of performing adequate physical warm-up in training

Subsequently the fruits crystallized in successful riders in equestrian competitions.

Undoubtedly with sports warming routines you will protect your health and improve your performance … Guaranteed