//Acaris, to protect your horse with Artificial Intelligence

Acaris, to protect your horse with Artificial Intelligence

The company Acaris offers turnkey solutions for those who want to protect their horse. The company is in Hamburg, Germany. It competes with other companies that seek to exploit the same market segment such as Magic AI (Seattle USA) and GesEQ (Madrid, Spain).

This is a worldwide trend given the value of the equestrian market. In the United States alone, it is estimated that the equestrian market moves about 40 billion dollars. Europe is one of the most important markets also for the equestrian segment and that is why we see two companies in this competition.

And it is that a horse either for equestrian jumping, for running, or a horse for rural work, is a great investment. In addition, technology has become increasingly accessible to all. The expansion of the internet means that rural areas are also participants in this revolution.

Why has surveillance technology become so important?

Most horses are found in stables which are not monitored often enough. Even if you have the best staff, during the night there are many hours in which having staff dedicated to monitoring the horses can be very expensive. At least 8 hours during the night that the horse will remain unattended.

Surveillance platforms with artificial intelligence can trigger alerts if they detect risky situations. In principle they were used to detect movement and possible intruders. Currently, technology has advanced to incorporate more specific behaviors of the horse. In addition, this system allows, without moving to the stable, to see the horse and monitor its behavior via streaming.

In this way, costs can be reduced while increasing the monitoring and safety of the horse.

Computer Vision tells horse movement (Machine Learning)

What does Acaris offer to protect your horse with its “Horse Protector”?

The company Acaris offers a product they call “Horse Protector” to protect your horse . This product is a camera-based system with artificial intelligence. These cameras are programmed to detect the usual behaviors of horses. These cameras, apart from capturing, processing, and interpreting the information.

Thanks to Deep Learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, the intelligent camera interprets images. These images are interpreted as moments where the horse feeds, drinks water, lies down, among others. Also, it can also detect anomalous behaviors on the horse. But the most important thing is that it can detect the behavior of the horse in case of situations that threaten its health and safety.

In this way, “Horse Protector” allows to detect situations where the horse is threatened by:

  • Equine colic
  • Laminitis
  • The birth of a foal
  • Intruders
  • Other

Every day Acaris adds more functionalities to its system to protect your horse. A solution that continues to innovate every day to offer the best technology to horses.

Thanks to this, they are incorporating new products to increase the safety of horses.

Acaris App to protect your horses
Acaris App to protect your horses

What products does Acaris offer to protect your horse?

Thanks to their constant innovation and the proven technology in artificial intelligence they possess, Acaris have looked for other niches to explore to protect your horse. In this way they have developed another revolutionary product called “Stable Guard”.

“Stable Guard” is a camera system with artificial intelligence that allows to detect intruders. This system makes it possible to differentiate human persons from other moving elements. Its 4k resolution and infrared detection system allows it to monitor the barn day and night.

With its technology it can differentiate a human intruder from other moving objects and animals. This is a differentiating element from other motion detection systems. In this way, false alarms produced by animals such as cats or dogs are avoided.

It’s an ideal way to keep your property and your horses safe. You will have live video, reports, and image and video saved for later verification.

Most importantly, “Stable Guard” is fully integrated with “Horse Protector” in the Acaris App. In this way you can have effective monitoring of the horses.

Some of the attributes of “Stable Guard” are:

  • High resolution cameras in 4k, to monitor horses day and night, thanks to illumination and infrared sensors.
  • Live video at any time to monitor the situation of your barn, regardless of whether you are in another country.
  • Videos and images stored from the last 48 hours to review the horse’s behavior.
  • Alerts in case of intruders.
  • Live reports of human activity inside the barn.

Thanks to its numerous functions “Stable Guard” is an effective complement to “Horse Protector”.

Horse Protector - Acaris video cameras to protect horses
Horse Protector – Acaris video cameras to protect horses

What makes Acaris different?

This company joins the trend of using Artificial Intelligence for livestock monitoring. Acaris have especially focused on protect your horse. What differentiates Acaris is that it offers a “turnkey solution” through which it is acquired:

  • Cameras with artificial intelligence for horse surveillance.
  • Infrared light to ensure day and night monitoring without interrupting the horse’s sleep.
  • Source of power
  • Brackets for assembly
  • Technical support
  • An application downloadable from the official stores that can show all the information of the cameras and the diagnostics of the Artificial Intelligence with continuous updates.

Including all of this in a one-time payment package is really a great solution for breeders and horse owners.

One of the problems with this type of service is that they are given in a monthly service format. This becomes a problem for breeders who do not know the impact it has in the future. With this solution you opt for a single payment and that the client has a permanent platform to monitor your horse.

Stable surveillance with Acaris
Stable surveillance with Acaris

Advantages of monitoring systems through artificial intelligence for horses

The advantages of a surveillance system for monitoring horses are relevant. On the one hand, the economic factor is crucial. In this aspect we can find two things:

  • Reducing the cost of having staff monitoring horses and stables can be reduced.
  • The cost of potential diseases and conditions, which can be addressed in time, thanks to surveillance systems can be potentially reduced.
  • Reduce the cost of theft of animals or tools in the stables by intruders.

Moreover, there is the health and lives of horses that can be saved by this system. Attacking conditions such as colic or laminitis in time is key to their survival and quality of life.

Additionally, the lives of foals that come into the world at night and that may not have the necessary assistance. Without a doubt, it is a revolutionary system that will continue to innovate to offer opportunities to horse breeders and their owners.

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