//American Pharoah: the 21st athlete of the decade
American Pharoah athlete 21st of EEUU

American Pharoah: the 21st athlete of the decade

American Pharoah is the number 21 athlete on the list of the best athletes of the decade.

This champion of the Triple Crown of the United States figures, according to the ESPN news network, among the 50 best ateltas of the decade.

The news was published this week and for lovers of this equine it is a great recognition. The sporting trajectory of this horse is impressive. In 2015 the horse won the three gems of the Triple Crown.

The aforementioned competition represents a great challenge for both horses and riders. The difficulty lies in the fact that they must win all three races in a row.

In fact, since the creation of the competition, only 13 horses have achieved the feat.

American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown - 2015 Belmont Stakes (G1)

The data:

The first edition of the Triple Crown took place in 1919. Sir Barton was the winning specimen of the three races.

The most recent champion is Justify in 2018. Unfortunately, the horse that during this year 2019 won the Kentucky Derby, first race, was withdrawn. Therefore, it had no chance of winning the next two races.

There was no possibility that there was a winner this year 2019. Likewise, the horses that arrived in second, third and fourth place did not compete in other races.

So that first lot that saw the finish line had no chance to offer a great show.

American Pharoah
American Pharoah

The announcement

The announcement about American Pharoah’s position on the list of the 50 best athletes of the last decade, in the United States, was surprising. This took place on the occasion of a mention about the Mexican boxer Santos Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

Which is the only athlete in his country that appears on the famous list of the USA Today newspaper.

Since the Mexican boxer is placed in position 41 next to the American golfer Brooks Koepka.

In this sense, they announced that the triple crowned horse was 20 places ahead of the boxer.

The American Pharoah feat

Since 1978, when Affirmed won the Triple Crown, there was a great silence. There was no horse that was able to win the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

These three races involve great training, effort and strength, so it is not so easy for horses to win them. Usually they are very depressed as are the riders.

The victory of American Pharoah represents the end of a drought in the equestrian races leading to the Triple Crown.

The public was elated the day that copy ended the silence and triple crowned.

Three years later, Justify, under the guidance of jockey Mike Smith, managed to continue this path. Justify made the equestrian public stand up and celebrate the new triple champion of the United States.

Without a doubt, this is the most important competition within the equestrian calendar. Year after year, there are many horses registered for the triple Crown.

More so far, only 13 copies have completed those three victories.

 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah
Triple Crown winner American Pharoah

Secretariat, a great example

One of the great horses that has passed through the Triple Crown of the United States is Secretariat.

A sorrel that loved to sleep and eat. Exemplary that he didn’t really want to run, he didn’t try very hard at first. However, after losing his first race he reacted.

Since then he became unstoppable, the American fanatic loved him and his name became famous.

In 1973, aboard Canadian rider Ron Turcotte celebrated his third consecutive victory for the Triple Crown.

He became the ninth horse to complete the American feat.

American pharoah

American Pharoah is the son of another of the greats of American equestrianism.

This is the Pioneerof The Nile stallion.

The American pharaoh as his name is translated into Spanish was raised in Kentucky.

In the stable owned by its breeders the Zayat Stables. Etse champion is trained by Bob Baffert.

One of the great current coaches in the United States.

When the American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown, it was led by the Mexican Víctor Espinoza.

We cannot forget that given the great job, as the first American horse to win all three races in a row. American Pharoah was awarded the Longines World’s Best Horse for 2015 award.

The Pharaoh became the best horse of the year 2015.

American Pharoah athlete 21st of EEUU
American Pharoah athlete 21st of EEUU

American Pharoah, a great stallion

Now in the world of racing you can see the seed of the American Pharaoh stallion. Recently, one of his daughters ran under the leadership of the Venezuelan Javier Castellano.

As a stallion, he enjoys a new life at Ashford Stud.

He is subsequently named Horse of the Year and awarded an Eclipse Award.

“He is a love … he is a stuffed horse … he loves being with people,”. American Pharoah’s owner Zayat.

Zayat was born in Egypt.

And is that the charisma of this horse makes people admire him. In fact, when he was in his competition days, people would meet to see him.

So much so that 20,000 people registered to watch the horse train.

They even opened a Twitter account where he has a large audience of more than 12,700 followers.

Opinions about American Pharoah

“He is not only bright on the race track – when he runs, he is floating – and even as a horse, he knows how elegant he is. He is connected with so many people … it is a blessing from God, ”Zayat told CNN once.

For his part, coach Bob Baffert told the sports chain that he is happy to be the instructor of such talented horses. He is glad that he has received such winners throughout his career.

“I’ve been lucky to have some really good horses, but he just kept improving, he looked every time,” Bob Baffert to CNN.

He argued that as the horse competed, he was surpassing himself. It is so to the point where he never declined, even in hard times, he always knew how to get up.

Baffert qualifies that horse’s attitude as a way of becoming superior.

“He (American Pharoah) made my job much easier. This will be a difficult performance to match… it really consented us, ” Bob Baffert

The Mexican jockey who guided the specimen in those three races, Víctor Espinoza, told CNN that the horse is unique.

And that his connection with him was such that it will be difficult for him to find another equal.

“I hope to ride another one, but it will be difficult … those don’t always come, only once every 37 years!” Victor Espinoza

Victor Espinoza rode another winner of the American equestrian, California Chrome. Together, they got the glory of the Kentucky Derby in 2014.

And this amazing horse also won the Grand Slam of the Breeders Cup.

With what his sports career consolidates and goes to the top.

Some time later he is retired and a new stage begins as a stallion.

American Pharaoh’s daughter already shows her lineage

This 2019 an American Pharoah daughter has already shown what she is made of and made her father’s legacy respect.

This is the mare Princess Carolina, she is two years old and has already won a race at Sacre Coeur.

In this sense, the Venezuelan rider Javier Castellano, had the privilege of driving it in that event.

Honor that not every jockey has, but that the experience and exemplary record of this equestrian athlete allows.




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