//Colombian Criollo horse breed
Colombian Criollo Horse Breed

Colombian Criollo horse breed

The Colombians show their roots and the pride they show towards their native race. They express it in the different events where this beautiful horse participates. For this reason today we will talk about the Colombian Criollo horse breed.

The Criollo horse (or Creole horse) in the American continent comes from the same genealogical structure. Which means that the characteristics of these equines are very similar. Now, or if it is clear is that some countries have given the value that corresponds to their native race. This is exactly what happens in Colombia. Colombians feel especially proud of the Colombian Criollo horse breed.

Throughout the article will be narrated its history, reproduction, events. In addition to this, we will know the contribution from the economic point of view of this race to the New Granada nation.


History of the Colombian Creole horse breed

In relation to the history of the race of the Colombian Criollo horse breed. It coincides with the history of the other countries of America. This in view of those who came to these virgin lands were the Spaniards. With them they brought that giant and powerful animal to which the natives had respect. After the time the Colombian took the initiative to improve the race.

The horse suffered sudden changes due to the fact that they came from Europe and its end was in the beginning the fighting. However, the aborigines adapted to the presence of this great animal.

The Colombians managed to establish a better relationship with these equines than the Europeans themselves. The very simple reason the natives respect nature, therefore they respected these horses. In addition, little by little it was adapted to these new lands, and its uses were multiple.

The Colombian Criollo horse breed keeps a complex caste that dates back to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his companions to the unexplored lands of the new continent.

Miguel Adriano Novoa Bravo, Doctor of Sciences indicates the following:

“After its extinction thousands of years ago, the horse returns to America with the second voyage of Columbus, and from that origin there is a mixture of different lineages of the Iberian Peninsula, which ended up arriving in Colombia.”

Characteristics of the Colombian Criollo horse breed

As for the wonderful characteristics of the autochthonous horse of the Republic of Colombia, the following can be mentioned:

  • The Colombian Criollo horse breed that identifies Colombia has characteristics that are typical of the Creole horse breed.
  • Regarding its morphology, it has improved over the years. This is most likely due to crossing with other breeds of horses. Another aspect that could have influenced is the training to which he has been subjected.
  • The Colombian Criollo horse breed is exhibited in various parts of the planet. His behavior and way of acting leave him very well stopped.
  • According to the Colombian Federation of Equine Associations (Fedequinas the Colombian Criollo horse breed has great sensitivity, power, character, and lightness.
  • Likewise, it is still cataloged as a horse whose genetic map is unique. Other qualities is a very elegant and noble horse.
  • The Colombian Criollo horse breed has the distinction of having well-defined movements. In this way, the rider can enjoy a Colombian Creole horse with much serenity. In effect this gives a special security to the one who mounts it.
Colombian Criollo Horse
Colombian Criollo Horse

Exhibitions in which the Colombian Criollo horse breed is present

If we observe the active participation that this race has in the different events of horses that are organized in Colombia. According to the Fedequinas organization, more than 24,000 horses are present at various events throughout the year. Throughout the country, these samples seek to position the Colombian Criollo horse breed in the domestic and international market.

The purpose of these exhibitions is to generate an economy based on the production and breeding of horses. In this case the race is the Colombian Criollo horse breed.

The activities through which the promotion of the Colombian Criollo horse breed is done are parades, shows where the horse is the main center of attraction. In effect, it has been possible for the Colombian horse breed to be recognized not only in America but throughout the world.

The advantages of owning an animal of this magnitude and with different kindnesses is that it can be used by children, young people, among others. This due to its great docility and harmony.

Movements of the Colombian Criollo horse breed

Colombian Creole Horses - Criadero Providencia Horse Ranch

In relation to the different movements or marches carried out by the Colombian Criollo horse breed are the following: Trot and Gallop, Trocha and Gallop, Colombian Trocha and Paso Fino Colombiano. This being a singularity of the Colombian Criollo horse breed:

  • Paso Fino: is composed in four times, provided by its four triple supports: two adjacent, one left and one right. Also, two transversal, one left and one right. The echo of his footprints is taca, taca, taca, taca.
  • Trocha: is an air of four lapses by obliques. It has a medium prominence and a medium cadence. His particular resonance is after, after, after.
  • Trot: it is an air of two times by diagonals. It has high average height and slow pace. Its characteristic sound is tues, tas, tas, tas.
  • Gallop: it is an air of three times and its singular rumble is fourteen, fourteen, fourteen.

Economy strengthened by equine activity in Colombia

Colombian Criollo Horse Breed
Colombian Criollo Horse Breed

The economy based on agricultural production has enormous potential for most of the countries of the Americas. Colombia is not the exception, on the contrary, equine livestock production is one of its strong points.

If we add the tourist potential that this nation has that year after year attracts millions of tourists.

Celebrations related to Colombian Criollo horse breed and other horse breeds attract a particular segment. For this reason the Colombian Criollo horse breed has become a product with export quality

The Colombian Criollo horse breed has won spaces in many countries. This is a clear example of how the high-quality autochthonous breed can be maintained.

Indeed, Colombians have achieved improvements over the years to the race. Ideally, this will be replicated in countries where Creole horses are seen as unimportant.

Importance of Colombian Criollo horse breed

The Colombian Criollo horse breed represents a national emblem and an element of export. Since the quality of the race have maintained it over time. They have endeavored to care for, reproduce and above all preserve the excellence of the breed of this native horse.

Undoubtedly an example to follow by the other Latin American countries that in some cases almost extinguished the Creole horse.

On the other hand this left an important legacy in the history of the conquest of the freedom of these countries.

The Colombian Criollo horse breed shows levels of intelligence that leave anyone surprised.

Its elegance and artistic touch that shows in its different steps is worthy of admiration. For the time being it is necessary to say that I hope that the citizen of Colombia will continue with that impetus by caring for his national icon.

Colombia is an example to follow by the American countries in relation to the special treatment that these animals have had.

In conclusion, the Colombian Criollo horse breed is a charming animal with qualities that make it a special edition.






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