//Cordoba: an equestrian region
Equine show "Passion and Goblin of the Andalusian Horse"

Cordoba: an equestrian region

Spain is characterized by having a rich equestrian culture, and in the Cordoba region they undoubtedly show off with equestrian shows that leave attendees speechless. Cordoba is and will remain an equestrian region and that is why today we will tell you about it.

This is a must-see destination in Spain for those who love horses and all the activities related to these wonderful animals.

Without a doubt this is one of the events that Gustavo Mirabal Castro accompanied by his wife María Carolina Chapellín have enjoyed to the fullest during their stay in Spain.

For a few centuries the horse has played a leading role in these Spanish lands.

Without a doubt, Cordoba: An equestrian region is a tourist attraction for horse lovers from all over the world.

The Royal Stables of Cordoba date from the year 1570 and are an infrastructure that was built by orders of the monarch Felipe II in the city of Cordoba.

The purpose of these facilities was to breed purebred Spanish horses, this being the origin of the Andalusian horse.

At a cultural level, the Royal Stables of Cordoba have great relevance, since in 1929 they were declared a National Historic Monument, as well as National Heritage.

They are also part of the historic center of Cordoba that was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994.

The Granada-born poet and playwright Federico García Lorca expressed the following in relation to Cordoba:

“the cathedral of the horses”

This appreciation of this poet reflects the great importance of the horse in the region.

Cordoba-Espectáculo Ecuestre Equestrian Show

History of the stables in Cordoba

These majestic facilities called the Royal Stables were built on a site owned by the church.

It is located between the defensive walls of the city and the “Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos” (“Alcazar of Christian kings” in english).

Previous to these stables there were former stables of the caliph stage, in this space more than two thousand horses were housed.

Also, the Almohads consecutively expanded a basil in the area.

Royal Stables in Cordoba: an equestrian region
Royal Stables in Cordoba: an equestrian region

Equestrian Cordoba: A beautiful region of Spain to know and enjoy

Cordoba is attractive for its equestrian culture but also for the friendliness and hospitality of its people.

Therefore Cordoba: An equestrian region becomes an ideal place to visit and get to know in depth.

Among the attractions that this region offers to its own and visitors are the patios and ceramics. Likewise, its rich gastronomy that captivates with different smells, colors and textures to taste the palate.

Art seems to stroll through each space of this great city and its colonial-style streets that tourists love.

Among the recommended places to visit during your stay in the city of Cordoba are the following:

  • The Jewish quarter is one of the most tourist areas and walking through its streets becomes an unforgettable experience. There are the Mosque, the Municipal Souk and the famous Calleja de las Flores.
  • The route to the Patios of the “Alcázar Viejo” (Old Alcazar) located in the San Basilio neighborhood. There you can enjoy the culture of the region.
  • The main thing on this list is the visit to the Royal Stables of Cordoba, this is an important site that you must visit. In this place the origin of the Andalusian Horse occurred. Cordoba carries in its entrails the origin of this breed of Spanish horse
  • If you want to enjoy an equine show of height, the ideal thing is that you attend the Equestrian Show “Passion and Duende of the Andalusian Horse” that is represented in the cradle of the Andalusian Horse.
Alley of flowers in Cordoba
Alley of flowers in Cordoba

Equine show “Passion and Duende of the Andalusian Horse”

The Equestrian Show “Passion and Duende of the Andalusian Horse” takes place on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

This event with equines links the Cordovan people with its legend and its equestrian custom.

The show lasts approximately one hour and ten minutes, this is an exquisite mix of elements of classical and Andalusian horsemanship. There you can observe the following disciplines in a single event, among them are the following: dressage cowgirl, high school, horsewoman, among others.

This is an event that Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed the most as he passed through the city of Cordoba.

Equine show "Passion and Goblin of the Andalusian Horse"
Equine show “Passion and Goblin of the Andalusian Horse”

Cordoba an equestrian region par excellence

Cordoba: an equestrian region is a must-see destination for those who love the world related to horses.

The rich culture of the equine world was one of the aspects of Spain that conquered the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Spain, along with France, the United Kingdom and Germany, are the countries that best position themselves in the riding disciplines that participate in important competitions worldwide.

The culture of respect and care for horses distinguishes these nations.

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