//Equestrian Volunteering: To Help Horses in Gili, Indonesia
Estair Robbin and her friends were doing Equestrian Volunteering in Gili, Indonesia

Equestrian Volunteering: To Help Horses in Gili, Indonesia

Surely you have heard of volunteering, this is a way to help in various initiatives for the welfare of others. In this sense, volunteering can be aimed at people, animals and even the environment. Because of that we will talk about Equestrian Volunteering.

In this installment we are going to delve into equestrian volunteering aimed at helping horses.

Without a doubt this is a project that focuses on caring for horses, it works with the figure of equestrian volunteers. Therefore, more and more people are joining to help the horses. This project should have replicas in other regions.

In addition, this initiative, in charge of helping horses is an ideal proposal for those who love animals. In this sense they are perfect for those who love horses. Well, it represents an opportunity to get closer to these wonderful animals.

In addition, the equestrian volunteer can learn about elements such as animal feeding, behavior, among others.

Without a doubt, the equestrian volunteering experience will leave you with lifelong learning.

Estair Robbins equestrian volunteering experience to help horses

The experience as a volunteer is enriching since it is a job aimed at contributing according to a cause that fills the soul of those who do it.

The meaning of volunteering according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is as follows:

“Said of an act: That is born of the will, and not by force or need foreign to that.”

As we can see, volunteering is born from the person, since they are not obliged to fulfill those functions.

Now we narrate the experience of a teenager who felt that call to participate in equestrian volunteering in order to help the horses of Gili – Indonesia.

In this place there is an organization that is in charge of rescuing, caring for and maintaining the horses.

It has been a pleasant experience for this young woman named Estair Robbins to help the horses that are under the care of this organization.

This young woman’s approach to this animal protection organization was through her friend Hani.

With her she coincided in the selection stage for the week of projects of the institution where she studied. It is there that the first meeting with the organization called “Gili Horses” takes place.

In this regard Estair Robbins expressed the following:

“After reading about the organization, I knew it would be the perfect place to go, as I realized that the work they do really affects the life of the horses on the island, and also the people. This is because horses are basically the only form of transportation there. “

Without a doubt, this young woman felt connected to the main objective of the organization.

The idea of ​​volunteering and sharing directly with the horses seemed like an experience worth living.

Estair Robbin and her friends were doing Equestrian Volunteering in Gili, Indonesia
Estair Robbin and her friends were doing Equestrian Volunteering in Gili, Indonesia

From Singapore to Gili to volunteer at “Gili Horses”

This was a week-long trip that several young people undertook from Singapore to Indonesia specifically to Gili. There the role to be played was equestrian volunteering.

Therefore the enriching experience left him many learnings related to horses. In the case of Estair I enjoy their stay in the place to the fullest.

The head of the organization ” Gili Horses” showed the dynamics of how this initiative works.

Among the activities that the participants carried out are the following:

  • Construction of a paddock fenced for horses,
  • Observation of the treatment of diseases and injuries of equines.
  • Learning in relation to horse care.
  • Among the interaction activities with the horses they took them for walks in open water. Without a doubt, this represents an unforgettable experience for these equestrian volunteers.

Tori: the person in charge of the “Gili Horses” project

Being in charge of an important project with the rescue and care of horses is not easy.

However, it has people who do equestrian volunteering work there.

The organization needs to maintain a stock of all medicines and other essentials for equines.

The ideal is that more people join this initiative, therefore the ideal is that more people contribute to this noble cause

Gili Horses and equestrian volunteering
Gili Horses and equestrian volunteering

Equestrian Volunteering is a rewarding activity

These words of equestrian volunteering may be new to us and although we draw on the experience of the “Gili Horses”, in other regions there is also a way to contribute to the well-being of the horses.

In the case of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, there are always retired police horses waiting to spend the rest of their days in a warm home.

Thus there are horses in various parts of the planet waiting for a second chance.

Foundations and animal protection organizations are the ones who take the lead in these cases.

For this reason it is of utmost importance that a grain of sand is contributed to these causes that are in favor of the welfare of dogs, cats, horses, among others.





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