//Equine agility: an inclusive and innovative sport

Equine agility: an inclusive and innovative sport

Equine agility: an inclusive and innovative sport

The horse is a very unique animal because it is used in various sports disciplines. From the simplest sports disciplines to the most elite, the horse looks. However, horse agility is usually very different from other equestrian sports. Therefore in this installment we will deepen about to this interesting topic.

This sport of agility is practiced by dogs, however these techniques were carried out with horses and proved to be a success.

On the other hand, horse agility is an inclusive and innovative sport. In principle it is said that it is inclusive because you can practice with donkeys, horses among others animals.

It is also innovative because its practice is very recent and is usually an interesting and fun sport for horses.

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A respectful sport with horses

In this sports discipline, horses demonstrate how intelligent horses are and how much they can learn. Not surprisingly, horses are currently used as co-therapists in alternative therapies.

This is an invitation to have more respect and compassion for animals. Well, this discipline never mistreats these beautiful animals.

On the contrary it is an example for the other disciplines, since using positive reinforcement can achieve great results.

With the practice of equine agility you will see the positive results in equine behavior.

Origin of Equine Agility  as equestrian sport

When mention is made of the term agility the first thing we can think of puppies addressing a series of obstacles. But in reality this sport was put into practice with horses

This is an international sports discipline. Equine agility basically focuses on the advancement of clear communication and supported by positive reinforcement.

On the other hand it has the great advantage that it allows to build a more harmonious relationship with the equine. In addition, it is practiced with “feet on the ground.” The horse guide walks beside him as he guides him to overcome a series of obstacles to test the agility and intelligence of the horse.

It is also ideal for horses that cannot be ridden or for older horses to keep them physically active. Without a doubt, the horse can see this activity as a game and enjoy it to the fullest. This has a positive effect on their behavior, therefore you can have a happy and happy horse.

Vanessa Bee creator of equestrian discipline: Equine Agility

Equine Agility was a creation of Vanessa Bee. This woman created “The Horse Agility Club” in 2009. So today she has more than a decade of experience.

Therefore he developed the discipline of agility aimed at horses, where he observed its usefulness to carry it out with young horses.

Currently, events and fun demonstrations are held throughout the United Kingdom. It is estimated that over time this sport will become popular in other countries.

Equine Agility as an inclusive sport

The perception Vanessa Bee, the creator of this fun equestrian sport is the following:

«One of the reasons I find this sport so beautiful is because it is so inclusive»

The idea of ​​this equestrian sport is that it can be practiced by any horse. For this it has established very simple obstacles. In addition, the materials used in this sports discipline are a neck collar and a long rope.

This sport is based on effective communication. In this sense, the idea is that the animal responds to bodily and verbal cues.

It should be noted that flanges and whips are not allowed in this unique equestrian practice.

The Equestrian Sport of Equine Agility has been created for all types of horses regardless of their age and size.

The north of this activity is to guide your horse with subtlety and kindness. For this, experts in this sport discipline train horses and donkeys through positive reinforcement.

To achieve the objectives with the animal work in an environment without pressure. He then focuses on the desired behaviors little by little and is given a reward.

These horses and donkeys enjoy training as much as they perceive them as a game. The effect is usually wonderful because you will have a healthy and happy horse

Undoubtedly it is a sport where young horses, retired, and even donkeys can participate. The point is that the coach get the best of these animals with a lot of love and patience.

The most used materials during training are the following: ropes, hoops, sand, bars or cones.

Obstacles used in equestrian sport of Equine Agility:

  • An easy obstacle for an apprentice to pass is the S curve. This is a maze made of posts, like an “S” shaped corridor.
  • Other obstacles include crossing a curtain or walking on a tarp.
  • The pole back up. In this obstacle the equine must recline on a pole without touching it.
  • Each of these obstacles has a degree of difficulty. Therefore the coach must have a lot of patience and love for the horses to achieve the desired goal.


Aspects to take into account for the practice of equine agility

  • The space where the training takes place must have a grassy ground.
  • The place where the animal remains for rest must be a stable or closed meadow
  • Attributes of the horse to practice this unique sport are: Be quick to learn, docile, bold and have great momentum.
  • One aspect of the animal’s behavior is the following: Equine agility horses must have serenity. In effect these can be boiled and trimmed anywhere.

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In summary

Equine Agility  as equestrian sport is a recent one. In this the horse has maximum fun. In addition it is usually inclusive because all kinds of horses, donkeys and even mules participate.

Without a doubt, the intelligence of these animals continues to surprise us every day. For this and for many more other reasons, horses are the favorite animals of Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal.



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