//Famous brands whose logo is a horse, The symbology of the horse

Famous brands whose logo is a horse, The symbology of the horse

Trademarks were born to differentiate one product from another. In the beginning they were a symbol of quality. Brands have been evolving to incorporate other elements that give it greater depth. That is why we will talk about famous brands whose logo is a horse and the symbology of it.

A product that wanted to be identified with the quality of its manufacture needed something that would differentiate it from the rest. This is how trademarks were born.

Over time they have evolved, not only to represent quality and help customers trust their manufacturing. Brands now seek to represent quality of elaboration, support, guarantee and most importantly, a personality.

Brands have developed a system that seeks to associate under one identity their values, their mission, their vision, and the trust of the public.

Companies constantly forget that the basis is to represent the quality and value of the product and focus solely on “one personality”. However, in modern times none of these aspects can be neglected.

The horse is a universal animal and has also accompanied the human being since the beginning of civilization. In addition, it does not represent a pet but something more powerful. That is why many brands have wanted to associate their brands with the horse.

Today we will know some of those famous marches whose logo is a horse. But first we will discover a little more about the commercial brands and the symbology of the horse.

Porsche 997 Turbo Carbon Bonnet - Brands whose logo is a horse
Porsche 997 Turbo Carbon Bonnet – Brands whose logo is a horse

What does a trademark mean?

In modern markets, where competition and hypercompetence is the norm, companies seek to distinguish their products from other products.

This is especially true when you have a good product and want to be recognized for it. In addition, a good product requires an effort in production, product design and administrative processes.

The additional costs are often reflected in the product and therefore companies need to let buyers know.

Therefore, companies developed mechanisms to identify their products. This allows them to know that a higher cost is associated with the series of benefits that the brand represents.

The brand in short is a symbol that represents in a simplified way the attributes of the product and that distinguishes the products and services of a particular company from the rest.

In many cases the products are very similar, but the commercial brand allows us to differentiate them and know that we have the support of a serious and responsible company.

When the company has years in the market, the brand becomes a sign of quality assurance. This is why brand development is important.

The personality of the brand, the logo, and the colors

Together with this, and as we mentioned earlier, brands today also represent the values, mission and vision of the company. That is why it is increasingly common to talk about the personality of the brand.

The personality of the brand defines our relationship with it and abstractly its vision of the world. To help represent this personality, an aesthetic development has been given with the use of logos and colors that seek to transmit this personality.

That is why it is so important that the horse is recurrently present in several market sectors and in many brands.

What is so powerful about the symbology of the horse that leads it to be part of the logos of trademarks again and again? Next, we’ll find out.

What is the symbology of the horse?

The horse is an animal that has been accompanying humanity since its inception. In addition, it has been part of its growth and civilization.

That is why the horse has fulfilled various roles in society. The horse has served as an agricultural tool, warfare technology and playful animal. This according to your time and place in which you are investigated.

It has even had a place in the mythologies of ancient civilizations.

And it is that the horse represents two extremes of the same message because the horse is meek and wild at the same time. That is why the symbology of the horse is very complex, rich, and positive.

His size, energy, but at the same time his docility has led the horse to be a symbol of endurance, strength, speed, nobility, freedom, magnificence, elegance, and persistence. In addition, he has been given other more ethereal attributes such as wisdom, courage, devotion, loyalty, spirit, and even a little mysticism.

Being the connection for many civilizations between the physical and spiritual plane, we can consider it as a guide.

In this way it represents the best of the physical and metaphysical plane. Given the horse extremely positive symbology, it’s no wonder that brands have adopted it as one of their favorite animals.

Next, we will know what values and personality the horse brings to the brands in their logo and in their identity, like a horse.

What does it bring to brands to put a horse in the logo?

The horse can represent each of the elements that it reflects in its symbology.

However, the specific representation and use of colors is what will lead to associate the most actionable or the most spiritual values.

On the one hand, the logo can represent strength, power and endurance. This is the case of the use of horse logos in trademarks dedicated to machinery, automobiles or speed. Without a doubt, the horse is an excellent representative of these values.

In addition, it comes with the addition that the horse represents meekness and nobility. With which it also seeks to represent that it is the human being who is in control of the situation. To some extent it may seek to represent “power under control.” Power under the control of the human being, easy driving among other things.

Moreover, we can also see that the horse is elegant and beautiful. In this way vehicle and machinery brands can benefit from the image of elegance of the horse. In addition to transmitting a mystical element at speed.

Undoubtedly, the beauty of the horse, its nobility, elegance together with the strength and power seem to be elements that would make it perfect for luxury vehicle brands. However, is the horse really one of the predominant symbols in this market segment? We’ll find out later.

Ferrari SP51 - Brands whose logo is a horse
Ferrari SP51 – Brands whose logo is a horse

Best known and most famous brands whose logo is a horse

  • Mustang
  • Ferrari
  • Porsche
  • Baojun
  • Hateng Cars
  • Iran Khodro
  • Carlsson Automobile
  • Burberry
  • Hermes
  • Levis
  • Polo by Ralph Laurent