//Flirty the horse that travels in first class

Flirty the horse that travels in first class

Flirty the horse that travels in first class

In today’s world there are many changes that undoubtedly surprise us. It is necessary to break paradigms and be more open to sharing spaces with assistance animals. Therefore, in this installment we will focus on Flirty the traveling miniature horse.

This miniature assistance horse is causing sensation on social networks. This happened after a trip he undertook with his owner in the cabin of an airplane in the United States.

What must be made clear is that it is not a whim of its owner but a necessity. Well, the role played by the Flirty horse is to provide emotional support.

For some time emotional support had been handled with cats and dogs. But the limits of emotional support animals have been extended. However, the fact that a miniature horse travels with its owner on the plane is usually seen in a unique way.

The flight in which Flirty, the assistance horse, accompanied its owner was a national flight. The flight route was from the city of Chicago to Omaha in the United States. Those who boarded this flight were extremely surprised to see a miniature horse as a flight companion.

The protagonist of this story is the miniature assistance horse called Flirty. This beautiful animal enjoys being able to fly with humans.

This is a milestone presented in the history of commercial aviation in the United States. So we are probably going to see this scenario in other countries and airlines.

To accept this type of animals in the cabins as emotional support companions must be accepted by the regulations of the airline and the airport where they will travel.

This is a breakthrough for people suffering from panic attacks, or who have some type of disability.

Mujer viaja con su mascota dentro de avión.... ¡un caballo!


A miniature horse at the Chicago Airport

Can you imagine being at your city’s airport and seeing a miniature horse?  Now, many people are probably curious and others are tender. It is possible a mixture of feelings of the people who are there.

It was just what happened a few days ago at the Chicago airport when those present noticed a lady with a miniature horse. These were very surprised.

So much was the surprise of the people at the airport who dared to record it and spread it through social networks. In this way the peculiar scene was viralized.

However, the most shocking part had not yet happened.  The most amazing thing was when the horse entered as a normal passenger. This miniature horse has the special mission of providing emotional support to its owner.

Thus they undertook the flight corresponding to the American Airlines airline, which catalogs it and positions it as a pet friendly company. This is a point in favor for the company since it is very possible to attract potential customers with assistance animals.

This can mark a differentiating element with respect to other airlines.

Animals that provide emotional support

It is no secret to anyone that animals are capable of transmitting harmony to humans. That calming effect that these have is common to see in cats, dogs and horses.

For this reason today these wonderful animals are providing support to people with disabilities so that they are autonomous. They are also being used in order to provide emotional support to their owners during air travel.

It is possible that in the near future it will be frequent to run into a travel companion that is a dog, cat or miniature horse.

Miniature horses are accepted in the cabin, like any passenger in the United States. The reason is that they are considered an emotional support animal.

Emotional support animals are usually positive for people with autism, people who convulse or suffer from diabetes.

In the case of people with diabetes or seizures, support dogs are trained to alert the person about an impending seizure or an alteration in blood sugar.

It should be noted that the airline company American Airlines, takes into account as emotional support animals dogs, cats and horses like Flirty. This Flirty horse caused so much sensation that even the cabin crew took pictures with it.

Without a doubt, this horse marked a before and after in the history of commercial aviation in the world.

The Flirty horse, an animal protagonist

The miniature assistance horse known as Flirty, became the protagonist capturing all the attention of those present. It also captured the flash attention of the cameras at the airport and plane, where he provided emotional support to his owner Abrea Hensley.

In this regard Abrea Hensley expresses the following:

“Flirty is my support animal. I need to have him by my side at all times to receive medical alerts and help me with my travels.”

It should be noted that the horse did not have an assigned seat on the plane. However, the person who traveled next to him behaved very kindly with Abrea and with her miniature assistance horse. The advantage is that it had no seat in the front and the horse could be located there comfortably.

We already know that animals that provide emotional support to their owners are allowed on flights in the United States. The United States Department of Transportation allows emotional support animals to travel in the cabin, provided they are well trained and up to a certain size.

So scenes like those of the Flirty horse are probably going to be more common from now on.

Flirty horse
Flirty horse

Importance of pets

In this regard, the American Airlines company through a spokesperson states the following:

“We recognize the important role that dogs, cats and miniature horses can play in emotional support in the lives of people with disabilities, but not only with regard to the blind, deaf or with reduced mobility. They are welcome in the cabin, free of charge, if they meet the criteria”

So they are responsible for evaluating cases and giving the necessary consent for these people to enjoy this right. This becomes a very important advance in the lives of these people as well as their families who are also positively impacted by such a decision.

In summary

Horses play a fundamental role in the lives of human beings because they provide their love, company and unconditional support. Their mission today has gone a little further so they are now allowed in public spaces such as the subway, airplanes, pet friendly areas, among others.

However, much remains to be done since it may vary according to the laws that govern each particular country. However, the United States is setting an example and becoming a reference in the subject.




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