//Fréderic Pignon: A Worlclass Equestrian Artist
Frederick Pignon and a White Horse in scene

Fréderic Pignon: A Worlclass Equestrian Artist

The Frenchman Fréderic Pignon is dedicated to the noble art of dance. But the dance to which Fréderic Pignon is dedicated is slightly different from the one we are used to. He is dedicated to dance with the noble horses.

Putting together your feelings and communication, you build a relationship with the horses that allows you to make dance with horses a way of expressing friendship and love. He does not order them to do what they do, he builds a relationship of trust, a relationship of friendship.

Frédéric Pignon et ses étalons

What kind of horses does Fréderic Pignon prefer?

He has a special preference for Spanish horses although his shows have also been made with different breeds of horses. Currently 9 horse breeds are integrated into their show. He loves Spain and there he has many friends.

To build that trust, you must be constantly aware of the needs of horses: food, health and affection

What makes the Fréderic Pignon Shows so special?

We can enjoy beautiful images of their shows but it will never be like watching it live. Images of beautiful steeds spinning with him guided by the bond he has built over the years and his care and attention. Fréderic Pignon is a very special man.

The deep dedication of this artist to his art that he builds according to his own words from silent communication with the horse. Beyond the aesthetic considerations, only the fact of establishing such a deep connection with the horses is beautiful. However it is still wonderful to witness one of his shows full of lights, colors, animals, music and dance … We can not ignore such beauty and depth together

Two Horses and their Master Frederick Pignon
Two Horses and their Master Frederick Pignon

What is the relationship between Fréderic Pignon and the horses?

Fréderic Pignon is more than a tamer. He is only the leader of a dance group composed of animals and humans alike. Or we could say that it is a dance group of animals that work equally because the human remains an animal, sometimes a little more rational and sometimes not so much.

The horses of Fréderic with his brothers of dance, feeling and music. But this is not only Fréderic’s passion. Together with his wife Magali Delgado they built the horse dance show.

Along with Norman Latourelle (one of the creators of the “Cirque du Soleil”) Magali and Fréderic have created a wonderful show called Cavalia which has had more than 5 million viewers which makes it one of the most successful shows worldwide and perhaps the most successful show of its kind. That speaks to us of a great trajectory and amount of spectacles because the tent scarcely has a capacity for 2000 spectators.

Know Cavalia, meet a special man who builds a true communication with his “companions by trade” because in Cavalia Fréderic and Magali are members of a multi-species dance team. It is the experience of a show and the riding became art.

Is Fréderic Pignon a tamer?

Dressage in general, as we have seen in some of our articles, is about controlling and dominating. Although there are more sensitive ways to tame the horse, the relationship that is established is hierarchy between riders and coaches and horses. The dressage and / or the traditional one uses the force and the power to establish the hierarchy as in the military organizations and the animal hierarchies. In the natural dressage a loving bond is built but always from a domain perspective, as parents do with their children. From the dressage the horse is governed.

Fréderic Pignon builds a relationship of equals, of companions between the horses and him. Only in this way can the horse’s feelings be natural and it could be considered an art. In the shows you can notice the special communication not based on orders but in a dialogue between equal animals.

Frédéric Pignon ‘s art is not based on taming and subjugating but on loving the same, dance. There is no vestige of violence or force in their shows because it is art and communication that drives everything.

Taming is power over the horse, and as we said before even if violence is not used if emotional bonds are created that create a hierarchical relationship and domination. Some say to Fréderic Pignon charming horse. I think that from the understanding of horses and what he does, we can say that Fréderic Pignon is a horse lover. Because only from love is such a spectacle possible.

Frederic Pignon and his two horses
Frederic Pignon and his two horses

Really horses are participants in the show?

Perhaps during the show it is incredible to realize how the horses follow Fréderic’s instructions and to believe that this can only be achieved with a good relationship. Cavalia’s horses respond to Fréderic’s gaze, his soft touch and the love that has been built over the years.

But not everything is what it seems Fréderic tells us. The shows are not always the same because the horses on stage also make decisions. In each show the horses are free to do according to their feelings and, although there is a script for the show. Horses do not always do what is written in the script or in Fréderic’s directions.

Perhaps a horse in love tries to dazzle with his jumping stallion skills or with his speed. The truth is that horses are out of the script because this is not a show to show anything to anyone, it is a show for dancers to have fun and show their art, including horses. That is what makes Cavalia different.

For Fréderic, sharing time with horses is an unparalleled enjoyment. This shows us the artist who exercises his trade with total passion and we do not just talk about Fréderic Pignon.

The show is a game in which everyone participates. All the dancers, horses and humans, are equal and enjoy the execution of their part within a whole. During the show, Fréderic and the horses have fun riding on stage, rather than for their spectators, for themselves.

Who are the creators of Cavalia?

Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado in Horse Shows
Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado in Horse Shows

Frédéric Pignon is the protagonist of Cavalia. Together with his wife Magali Delgado and Norman Latourelle they are the creators of Cavalia. Fréderic is also the Equestrian Director of Cavalia. We could say that Cavalia is the favorite son of Fréderic Pignon.

The venture began with his wife Magali Delgado. Magali is also a very important figure within Cavalia and her life partner. Magali and Fréderic travel the world with a multitude of shows but Cavalia is her dream come true.

What are the influences of Fréderic Pignon?

Fréderic Pignon was born among horses. His family instilled in him the passion for horses that would follow him the rest of his life. Pignon’s parents owned horses and showed him the treatment they should give their animal brothers.

Fréderick Pignon studied performing arts and after testing himself in different disciplines of art decided to study horseback riding with one of his brothers.

Why did Fréderic Pignon create Cavalia?

In horse riding training center where he was learning with his brother, he discovers the mistreatment to which horses are subjected in the majority of human activities.

From that discovery arises a new need. Build an artistic expression that will help rescue the importance and noble role that the horse had in the history of humanity before it was relegated by the fuel machines as a means of transport and cargo.

What is the creed of Fréderic Pignon?

In all the interviews Fréderic Pignon mentions his creed of life, the importance of the horse for human beings and the importance of the respect they deserve, not only horses but all nature. It is that we have forgotten the value of nature and in the end it is she who gives us food and is our great home.

“He usually does it offstage. The more freedom I give, the more interesting the relationship becomes; Let’s say that the show we decided together: if a horse enjoys, it can do a lot. “

Fréderic Pignon

Fréderic Pignon, an artist and horse lover who thanks to his sensitivity and art has become in the background an activist for the rights of animals. A man worthy of admiration and Cavalia is a show that we must see at least once in a lifetime.

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