//Horse adventure in Mongolia
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Horse adventure in Mongolia

Horses are animals that are practically everywhere in corners of the earth. Day by day they have accompanied men in various activities, from war to art. Horses have also accompanied the human being on numerous adventures. That’s why today we’ll talk about a horse adventure in Mongolia

Therefore the horse is a very versatile animal with which the human being lives wonderful experiences, such is the case of the Adventure with horses in Mongolia

To live a Horse adventure in Mongolia is to experience the majesty of its wild landscapes and beautiful grasslands.

These have been home to nomadic herders for thousands of years

To have a Horse adventure in Mongolia it is really easy. The great advantage of Mongolian horses is that they do not need clinics to learn to step on logs and cross streams.

In addition, the indigenous horses of the region have abilities like wild animals.

These equines are of great character, receptive and easy in their behavior with the riders.

Horse Trek in Mongolia | 4 day tour

Horseback riding in Mongolia: Horse adventure in Mongolia

Sabine’s experience has been wonderful in the lands of Mongolia. This woman has experienced a true Horse adventure in Mongolia

Her greatest wish was to explore the wild landscapes of Mongolia on horseback.

Sabine and her husband today are in charge of the initiative called “Stone Horse Expeditions”.

At the beginning of the Mongolian Horse Adventure they had contact with border guards stationed along the border between Mongolia and Russia. They also ran into park rangers and sometimes poachers.

In this way, the people of the region became familiar with Sabine and her husband and their horses.

Every year they ventured to explore these untamed lands, learning about land disposition. In this way in the Horse adventure in Mongolia, they found the route to the high pass, crossed rivers.

To complement the wonderful experience of a Horse adventure in Mongolia, they camped in distant places.

Horse adventure in Mongolia
Horse adventure in Mongolia

A unique experience: Desert horseback riding in Mongolia

Experiencing a Horse adventure in Mongolia is directly interacting with horses. This makes it an experience where the visitor connects with nature in every way.

On this journey through the wilds of Mongolia you can directly observe the behavior of the equines. For among them on the move they play and challenge others in range.

They also have two canines that make this trip an authentic experience. Well, share with horses and dogs that are classified as the closest animals to man. Without a doubt, this experience is priceless.

Sabine expressed the following:

“… Something very special happens when humans, equines and canines travel together, it should take us back to our ancient memories”

For horse and nature lovers experiencing a Horse adventure in Mongolia would be the perfect vacation.

Horse in an adventure in Mongolia
Horse in an adventure in Mongolia

The horse in Mongolian culture

The horse has a very special meaning for the inhabitants of this Asian country, since the horse has a special role in this culture, almost essential.

Horses are vital in the daily dynamics of nomadic herders.

In the spiritual life, the notion of Khiimori, the spirit, or wind horse, means the following:

“The soul and inner strength of a human being”

“Khirigsuur” sites can be found throughout Mongolia.

Therefore it is very common to come across respected horse heads, adorned with a blue silk cloth, in special places. This tradition continues today.

Horse riding is also present in these lands as horse races are held. Thus they consider racing to be one of the three “manly” sports.

However women also participate in these events.

It should be noted that young children are riders, and this is due to their light weight. The distance of these races is approximately 20 miles.

Horse racing is carried out with the safety measures they require. For this reason the young riders wear helmets, vests and saddles.

Horses in adventure - Mongolia chapter
Horses in adventure – Mongolia chapter

“Stone Horse Expedition” Horses – Horse Adventure in Mongolia

The Stone Horse Expedition team herd owns a herd of 34 animals. Retired horses are also found there and they enjoy their retirement with special privileges like unlimited access to hay in winter. Without a doubt this is the ideal way for horses to live their rest period.

Stone Horses horses have the advantage that they graze freely in their natural landscape. Although it is necessary to appreciate that during the winter season these horses are guaranteed to be fed by their owners.

Without a doubt Stone Horse Expedition is one of the best options to have a Horse adventure in Mongolia.

The food supplied during the winter season is oatmeal and saved in the morning and in the afternoon the hay is waiting for them in the corral where they spend the night.

Another advantage that the equines of this equipment have is that in the spring they have their routine medical check-up in the hands of an expert.

As if that were not enough, two of the most experienced veterinarians in Mongolia are the family doctors of the Stone Horse herd.

These experts proceed to do the following:

  • Cut the hooves and check the condition of the equine teeth.
  • They give a vitamin injection
  • They supply an antiparasitic paste in the oat bran puree.

The expeditions begin in mid-June, so these animals are fit to undertake the Horse adventure in Mongolia.

The horses are in optimal conditions for their first trip. Plus exercise and on-site mountain pastures keep them fit and healthy.


Sabine and her venture

The Mongolian Horse Adventure was the start of Sabine and her husband. Later she was inclined to activate an initiative of the design and functionality of saddles.

To realize this idea, she went to train in this area at the saddle school. In this sense, her training took place at the “Sierra Saddlery School” in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

In this place she learned everything related to the construction of classic western saddles.

Sabine expressed the following:

“Having established my own saddlery shop a couple of years later, I set out to design our western-style light trail saddles.”

The advantage of making these indispensable pieces for riding horses already had a market and in principle they were their own horses.

In this way, the technique was perfected to the point that today they are a benchmark in Mongolia.

Sabine learned how to build a good seat as the basis for balanced driving.

The saddles are equipped with resistance stirrups with padded bands and safety cages.

Without a doubt Sabine and her husband have embarked on an Horse adventure in Mongolia

Sabine Schmidt saddles in Mongolia
Sabine Schmidt saddles in Mongolia

Horse adventure in Mongolia

The Horse adventure in Mongolia is a once in a lifetime experience. So if you are lovers of horses and nature this is for you.

From “Stone Horse Expedition” they will give you the best of experiences.

Decide to live this equestrian adventure.

Smile to adventure in Mongolia
Smile to adventure in Mongolia





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