//Horse saves its family from a fire – Gustavo Mirabal Castro
A horse saves its family from a fire

Horse saves its family from a fire – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

California is the place where in early November 2019 a horse performed a great feat. A horse saves its family … Amazing news

The animal quickly comes to save his family when he discovers there is a fire in the area where they were.

The news spread through social networks very strongly until it went viral on the internet.

It all took place in Simi Valley, a feat worth mentioning, near Los Angeles, United States.

Horse saves its family

Wildfires in California are intense and several people were evacuated in order to protect their lives.

Many animals also had to run to escape the flames.

In fact, great personalities of the show had to be rescued. Heroic horse saves its family.

This is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and NBA star LeBron James, who was moved to another location.

However, a story goes viral on the internet after a video was released in which a horse is seen running to find its family.

The horse saves its family from being burned to death. The animal is on the road and suddenly returns to look for his own.

His courage was such that he crossed clouds of smoke and flames to go to the rescue of his family.

A moving story that has gone around the world.

Horse saves its family in simi Valley Fire
Horse saves its family in simi Valley Fire


This speaks of the nobility of these animals as well as their sense of home and family. Another in his place would be gone, after all he was already safe.

However, horses have a very nice family sense worthy of admiration. They do not like to walk but in a pack, work in a team.

The black horse that you will see below in this post, I had no doubt what I should do.

That is why, when rescuers helped him, he turned and ran to save his family.

Near some bushes and with a lot of smoke around, the horse manages to find its young along with another horse.

Later he guides them to the road where he knows they will be safe and there are people who will help them.

The event data of the heroic horse saves his family

This fire devastated 1,650 hectares of land, while destroying several properties.

According to the Ventura County Fire Department, more than 7,000 properties were in danger.

Even the Ronald Reagan library, located on top of a hill in Simi Valley, was evacuated. Fortunately, that infrastructure was not damaged.

Owner comforts his horse
Owner comforts his horse

Watch the video of the horse with his family

Then we leave the video so you can see how the animal goes to meet his family. Touching images …


The horses love its family is a horse that saves its family

For those who do not know much about horses it is necessary to tell them that these animals are extremely close to each other. They take care of themselves, defend themselves and as if that were not enough, they save each other.

Horses are very homely animals who like to respect themselves and live in harmony. And although there is always a leader in the group they usually behave harmoniously.

Horses are brave and determined when they want to do something in particular. They like to live in packs, ride in packs and be together.

Their protective instinct is always active and it is both a defense mechanism, since when they feel there is danger then that instinct is activated strongly.

Their instinct works as a kind of alarm that tells them that they must run away and flee the place.

Ranchers evacuate horses at a burning ranch
Ranchers evacuate horses at a burning ranch

Why a horse saves its family?

Depending on the breed, horses have their behavior. Some are very active and others quieter.

But horses are generally very sociable and given to humans.

Your internal alarms are active 24 hours a day in case there is any danger. That is one of the reasons why horses sleep on their feet. Although if they feel too comfortable they will lie on the floor to rest for a while.

These animals are interesting and amazing. They have an incredible charisma and a powerful force that inspired man to create a phrase attributed to cars: horsepower. This term owes its origin to the speed and strength with which the horses run.

For these reasons, reference is still made today to the fact that a car has a quantity of horsepower.

“This thoroughbred returns to the fire to save its family. Not all heroes wear capes, ”says a Twitter message about the horse’s video.

This equine played his life and fortunately achieved his mission and both he and his family are safe.

A horse saves its family from a fire
A horse saves its family from a fire

A viral fact “heroic horse saves its family”

Shortly after this video was posted on Twitter it went viral, people began to share it quickly.

In that way the feat of the purebred black color that saves its family was made known.

His attitude was highly praised by many people. This was one of the comments found on the network:

“No words necessary. #HeroicHorse”, wrote actor Mark Hamill (famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the popular Star Wars saga) on his Twitter account.

A heroic horse

Internet users gave the black horse the name “Hero.”

The fact that a horse saves his family from being burned to death was shocking. So some called him a hero without a cape.

But with all the courage that is needed to leave behind self-concern and enter the thick smoke to rescue others.

A worthy example of imitating by humans. These animals demonstrate their commitment to their family and the rest of the herd.

They are literally there in good times and bad times. Their emotional bond is such that heroic acts such as these amaze humanity.

No doubt animals give us more and better example than many people.

Horse reaction

The reaction of this horse is amazing. He set aside his need to go after its family.

He risked his life to rescue two other specimens, a foal between them, and run to the place where the humans were.

This action is a gesture of love and commitment to his herd mates.

It also represents an example worthy of fellowship, love, dedication and commitment to the other.

Maybe that’s why this news impacts people. As many humans, they may have lost that instinct to help others.

The best news of the day

Without a doubt this horse was the news of the day and its action will be perpetual since animals are great masters of love and compassion.

Horses are brave and hard-working animals. Leaders and followers. They know who is in charge and they give in to form a binomial with the man.

For centuries, these represent an ideal company for the human being.

They are friends, faithful companions and adventurers, perfect allies for a walk as well as for a battle.

That is why they used them so much in the militia for years.

Currently horses are used for equestrian sport and some specimens to help farm workers in their daily work.

The horses provide a great example of brotherhood and friendship that must be imitated. In addition to being loyal and communicative.

Happiness is what we feel when we see a horse saves its family




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