//Horseback on Halloween… About ghost and headless riders
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Horseback on Halloween… About ghost and headless riders

Halloween is a holiday that began in English-speaking countries and has spread to the rest of the world. The idea of dressing up and enjoying terror, or scaring other people, has become tradition. Everyone can enjoy Halloween, including horses. So today we will tell you what activities you can do on horseback on Halloween, days of ghost riders and without heads.

Typical Halloween activities often include getting scared, decorating, trick-or-treating, and dressing up. If we exclude the scary, they are all activities suitable for a horse. And we emphasize this because horses are especially sensitive beings and a scare can traumatize them … That is why it is better for our horses to scare others and not to scare them. But we’ll talk about this a little later.

One of the things we can do with our horses is to disguise them, either alone, or disguise them to match ourselves.

We can decorate your stable or do something together where the horse is part of the decoration. The horse can become a monster of the underworld or be part of a decoration in the style of the headless rider. Without a doubt a very interesting touch.

We can also choose to go and ask for sweets on the back of our horse, which could be especially original for these dates. We will certainly be the attraction of the day.

Finally, what we decide to do including our horse will always be interesting. However, we must take certain precautions to prevent our horse from being affected by the experience. Next, we will tell you how we can address this situation. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Taking My Horse Trick-Or-Treating!

Precautions for horseback riding on Halloween.

As we indicated in the introduction, horses are sensitive animals. We must take this into account to use them as part of our participation in Halloween. Choose a horse that is familiar with people and that is very docile and calm. We must avoid scares that will traumatize the horse.

With this we should be aware that children who approach should be warned not to scare the horse. It would be convenient for the horse to be put in contact with decorative elements and Halloween style and even with costumes. This would make it possible to desensitize the horse to the stimuli of the festivities of Halloween.

Finally, it would be advisable to keep a safe distance from people and children. As long as we see that our horse remains calm we can relax. We will also be counting on a choice of a docile horse to be more flexible.

In addition, the more terrifying the disguise of our horse it may be easier to keep the curious at a safe distance. This is a plus to participate in Halloween with our horse.

Taking precautions to go horseback riding on Halloween is essential. In this way, we will be protecting our horse and the people who enjoy the celebrations.

And now we ask ourselves, how to make this effort worthwhile. Well, then we will see the many activities that we can enjoy riding a horse on Halloween. Our horse will be an integral part of these activities and we will enjoy them together.

Thanks to this our horse will not stay aside while we enjoy Halloween. Even our horse will help us find a new way to enjoy these holidays. Let’s find out.

Costumes for our horse

Halloween is fundamentally a day dedicated to the dead, witches and terror. However, many people choose to wear less terrifying and more pleasant costumes, as if they were carnivals.

The celebration of Halloween, as well as carnival, is an opportunity to enjoy and unleash our creativity. Next, we will see some more or less pleasant costume options. In addition, we will give you some terrifying options for horror lovers.

Without more to add, let’s start with the most interesting options of costumes suitable for everyone.

Costumes for all ages and tastes

Dog costume: If our horse is white, you can paint some spots and put a dog collar … It will be the biggest Dalmatian we’ve ever seen.

Unicorn costume: This costume can be as simple as putting a horn on the horse, as if we want to put some colored lines to resemble a rainbow in the fur

Pegasus: A very original costume that can help us stand out. Looking for beautiful wings we can turn our horse into one of the important representatives of Greek mythology, the pegasus.

Zebra costume: If our horse is white, we can paint some lines, or if it is colored, we could paint it with a white base and then draw the stripes. The truth is that it is an ideal costume for white horses, and not so much for the others.

Dragon Horse: This is a costume that requires a very elaborate drawing. We must choose a base color for our dragon that could be green, red or black. Then with some other color we would draw the scales. It is recommended some additional detail to highlight the skewers of the dragons.

Next, we will tell you about the most terrifying costumes.

Horseback on halloween with your dragon
Horseback on halloween with your dragon

Horseback on Halloween to terrorize everyone.

Skeleton Horse: This costume is ideal for black horses. To these we can paint on the sides the figure of the bones of the horse. This way it will give a very good impression in the dark.

Zombie Horse: We can draw or make up on the head, tail and sides some “wounds” as torn skin. This will allow us to give the impression that our horse is rotting. It’s a good idea to dress up to match our horse, that is, as a zombie.

Ghost Horse Costume: By placing large sheets we can have our own ghost horse. We must be careful when placing it so as not to affect the vision of the horse and so that it will not get tangled when walking or running. It is suggested that the sheets do not touch the floor when the horse walks.

The headless horseman’s horse: This is necessarily a costume for two. In this case we should try to give some demonic touches to our horses. We can use horn or some detail that makes it look terrifying. But this disguise requires us to disguise ourselves as a headless horseman. For this we must wear a long suit whose neck we can put on our head, resembling that we are decapitated. It’s a costume that will create a lot of impact. We must be careful to have good visibility inside the suit to avoid accidents.

The horse of death: This costume is like the previous one. The burden of the costume is at our expense and some details for our horse. Disguising ourselves as death and riding the horse may be enough. But without a doubt a terrifying decoration for our horse will be the perfect complement.


Skeleton Horse
Skeleton Horse


Decorations for your block

Decorating Halloween is always a pleasure. You can enjoy making terrifying decorations. What we must avoid is trying to turn the stable or the stable of our horse into a house of scares. Children’s cries can cause disturbances in horses and traumatize them.

Some of the suggested decorations include webs of spiders, insects, spiders, bats and other typical Halloween things. We can also choose to use ghosts, vampires, or skeletons to decorate the corridors of the horse stable.

In addition, if we use our horses with their costumes, it can be an experience to share with our visitors. Without a doubt an unforgettable experience.

We can also take a tour leaving sweets for our visitors, large and small, and who can enjoy the decoration and costumes of the horses.

You must avoid using loud sounds. We recommend placing at the entrance some instructions on the behavior to keep during the stay in the block. In this way people will know how to enjoy the decoration without disturbing the horses unnecessarily.

If we are going to take pictures, try to avoid strong flashes that can disturb the horses. We must always preserve the tranquility of the horses so that it is an enjoyment for all humans, animals, monsters and ghosts.

Tell us on social networks what theme would you like to decorate your block on Halloween? How would you disguise your horse? We read you on our social networks.


Trick or treat on horseback on Halloween.

Complementing the theme of decoration, a well-decorated block is the perfect place to maintain the tradition of the trick or treat. Sweets can be both for humans or for children and adults. It’s an opportunity to connect with your community and even for our neighbors’ horses to befriend each other.

There could be a horse candy contest and a horse costume contest. Anything you can take advantage of to involve your horse will be welcomed by him.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to pamper your horse with some sweets for horses. It is a great opportunity to put into practice the recipes of sweets for horses.

Can we take our horse to get candy on horseback on Halloween? Of course, we do, that’s why we disguise our horse. What we must be attentive to that our neighbors are aware of the care with our horse, and we be aware of not damaging the lawn of our neighbors. We must know which of them have sweets suitable for our horse or failing to prepare sweets for it.

We must not forget that the horse is not just another Halloween decoration, but we must make them part of the enjoyment of the date. In this way, next year our horse will be our best ally in the search for the trick or treat.

Pole for horses - Recipes for Treat-or-trick
Pole for horses – Recipes for Treat-or-trick

Some interesting activities on horseback on Halloween.

There are people who prepare walks through dark forests on horseback on Halloween, to transmit the fear of the season. Also, these walks can be nocturnal to give it a style of the “curse of the Blair witch”.

With this we can take some good scares or at least the tension necessary to celebrate Halloween.

Some walks go further by making the journey on horseback to spend a night camping. One night in the middle of the forest on Halloween night with our horse. Very tender and creepy at the same time. Only the horror stories in the middle of the night are missing to have the perfect cocktail for a night of terror.

But yes, we cannot forget the Halloween decoration for camping and the sweets to exchange. These sweets will serve us as we huddle in the tent scared to spend the night awake when listening to the sounds of the forest… Quite a Halloween experience.


Can I enjoy the company of my horse on Halloween?

Definitely yes… Our horse can be a great companion and comfort us when we are too scared. Whether you want a night of costumes, a trick-or-treat a night of scares in the middle of the forest, your horse will be your best company.