//Ideal horse breeds for racing
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Ideal horse breeds for racing

Ideal horse breeds for racing

Horses have the special ability to travel great distances. However, when it comes to racing as such there are several races that are special for these competitions in the equestrian world. That’s why today we’ll talk about the ideal horse breeds for racing

Horses excel in the various equestrian competitions where they show their skills and intelligence.

These wonderful mammals have provided companionship for humans and in turn have contributed greatly to facilitating day-to-day activities.

Most of the horses are domesticated but there are still regions of the planet that have maroons or wild horses.

Whatever their status as domesticated or wild, these animals are beautiful, elegant, noble, hard-working among other virtues.

In this installment we will address the different breeds of horses ideal for racing.

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Racehorse History – Ideal Horse Breeds for Racing

Horse racing dates back to ancient times, which is why racing tracks have been found in civilizations such as Greece, Babylon, Syria and Egypt.

Legends and myths tell of facts concerning racehorses. In this sense, we can mention the steeds mounted by the god Odin and the great Hrungnir in Norse mythology.

The Greeks, Romans and Byzantines carried out a very notorious sport:

“… Float racing, a discipline that was present at the Olympic Games since 648 BC. and in the Panhellenic Games “

Later, in the intervals of the 15th and 19th centuries, the spring carnival in Rome closed with horse races.

In other regions of the planet, such as the Arab region, these equines have stood out, which is why they have been used in different activities. In addition, he has participated in horse racing.

Since ancient times, horse competitions were considered as:

“Sports of kings, aristocrats and nobles”

Throughout history it took on another nuance and they became popular.

The riders have perfected their techniques and today races are successful all over the planet.

Photo of Ancient Racecourse
Photo of Ancient Racecourse

Horse Racing: An Ancient Tradition

Horse racing is ancient and the first race dates from August 11, 1711. This event was carried out thanks to the patronage of Queen Anne. The place where it was held was in Ascot just in the same place where Ascot racecourse is today.

In this way it became the first of the horse races to which it owes its fame today.

Horse racing gradually conquered other places in the world. That is why the construction of adequate infrastructures arises to carry out this type of events known as racetracks or racecourses.

Today there are luxurious racetracks in the world as famous as Ascot in England or Zarzuela in Spain to name a few.

So horse races are very popular in some countries and social events are also held in these spaces.

Even some of these places have their own regulations regarding the dress of the spectators.

First horse race in Ascot racecouse
First horse race in Ascot racecouse

Ideal horse breeds for racing: The English thoroughbred, the fastest in the world

When it comes to horse breeds, it is said that the English thoroughbred is the fastest for racing competitions.

The English thoroughbred horse breed is an equine that has shown that it has a special ability for racing.

In addition, it stands out from the others for its great aesthetics and speed, this is a unique characteristic that distinguishes them from other horse breeds.

This breed from the beginning was destined to be trained to be the best on the racetracks. That is why it is one of the breeds of horses that has obtained more triumphs in the various horse races on the planet.

The physical characteristics of the thoroughbred are as follows: They have a straight profile and their body has an elongated shape. The hind limbs are longer and of greater dimension than the forelimbs.

It also has very firm joints. The English thoroughbred has its head erect and slim.

The back of the fastest horse on the planet is usually long and steep enough.

English thoroughbred horse
English thoroughbred horse

Other breeds of horses ideal for racing

Besides the fastest horse in the world, there are other breeds of horses that are ideal for racing.

These other breeds have shown that they also have the skills to succeed on the tracks and secure a place for their rider on the podium.

Ideal races for racing include the Quarter Horse and the Arabian horse. Next we will talk a little about these interesting breeds of horses

In principle, the Quarter Horse breed or Quarter Horse, has skills to stand out on the tracks.

This great equine specimen comes from the United States, and is the result of a genetic cross between the thoroughbred and the Saddlebred breeds.

His name was determined as he proved to be able to run about 400 meters at top speed. This breed of horse is short in stature but is muscular. He is also fast and extremely docile.

Then we have one of the most popular and expensive horse breeds at the same time and it is the Arab horse breed.

The arab horse is a very insightful, noble horse with a good temperament. The Arabian horse breed has the uniqueness of being one of the purest breeds that exist. In addition, its trajectory is millenary and in Arab culture it has a very special meaning.

The “excess of beauty” of this equine leaves those who know it speechless.

Arabian gray horse by Theodore Gericault
Arabian gray horse by Theodore Gericault

Speed and genetics… A singular mix

The ideal horse breeds for racing are generally purebreds, meaning that they keep their genetics intact.

In this article we mention the breeds of horses: English Thoroughbred, Arabian Horse and Quarter Horse.

They all have in common excellent skills to be considered ideal horses for racing.

In addition there are other breeds that are also worthy of participating in these equestrian events.






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