//Lipizzan horse breed: One of the oldest
Lipizzan horse breed

Lipizzan horse breed: One of the oldest

Throughout the planet there is a diversity of breeds of horses, each one with its own uniqueness. But what they have in common is that courage and nobility that characterizes them as one of the animals that have added value to the lives of human beings. Today we talk about one of the most important horse breeds through history, Lipizzan horse breed.

The Lipizzan horse breed comes from Slovenia and is very old since in the era of the Roman Empire this breed was mentioned. In this sense, the karstic horse was mentioned, which is the predecessor of the Lipizzan.

The genetic crossing of various breeds has resulted in the Lipizzan horse breed. This breed of horse stands out for its singular white beauty, its intelligence and harmonious movement.

Among the breeds that were mixed are the following: Spanish, Neapolitan, Arabian and Kladruber horses.

The Lipizzan Horse: One of the oldest in the world

The Lipizzan horse breed is known as one of the oldest horses on the planet.

This makes this breed renowned for maintaining its lineage throughout the centuries.

As we know, the horse has been a fundamental tool in the daily lives of millions of people in the world.

Surely this breed keeps many anecdotes and stories throughout its existence.

The Lipizzan Horse is a representative of an ancient breed of horses. This name first appeared in 1786.

The Karster, its former name comes from the Lipica breeding farm, this breeding site being in the former Habsburg monarchy.

The breed gained fame especially for its use in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Lipizzan horse breed
Lipizzan horse breed


For four centuries the Lipizzan horse has been formed and consolidated, which originated in the harsh land of Carso, in Lipica Slovenia.

In the 16th century, Slovenian lands belonged to the Austrian Habsburg monarchy.

Horses played an important role, which is why they were used as a means of transport, the mail and the Spanish Riding School

In view of the fact that the breeding of these horses declined in Spain, Austria made the decision to be autonomous and create its own breeding of horses.

Then the Austrian Archduke Charles II acquired the town of Lipica with its surroundings, thus starting with the breeding of the first class horses.

Two hundred years ago they changed the name to “Lipizzan” according to the Lipizza people (in Slovenian: Lipica).

During all these years, sometimes, due to the wars that raged in the Carso region, Lipizza’s horses were transferred to other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but they always returned to their hometown.

However, after the Second World War, Lipizza’s herd of horses was divided: half of them were transferred to Italy, the other half to Austria. In fact, the Lipizzana stud farm, which previously had more than 300 horses, had no choice but to start from scratch again.

Lipizzan horse
Lipizzan horse

Characteristics of the Lipizzan horse breed

Among the characteristics of this ancient breed we can mention the following:

  • These horses are approximately 155-160 cm tall.
  • This breed weighs between 450 and 550 kilos approximately.
  • Its forehead is wide, the neck is long and muscular, for this reason it is said to have a swan neck.
  • This horse exudes elegance, the back is quite long and strong
  • The croup is straight, the legs are slightly shorter with well-formed joints and strong nails.
  • The eyes are bright and lively, the look is intelligent, the ears are well proportioned, medium in size and the nostrils are wide.
  • In addition to having a white and a gray coat, there are also other shades such as dark gray, black, brown-gray or dark brown.
  • It should be noted that all are born very dark and as they grow their skin becomes increasingly lighter. Some turn white as early as the age of three or four.

Lipizzan horse breed temperament

The Lipizzan breed of horse has the great advantage that it has a cheerful character.

This animal requires a lot of attention and gets used to its owner or trainer with great affection.

In case she is ignored, she becomes quite an untamed creature.

Typical for their ancient breed is rather late maturity, longevity, modesty and perseverance.

This is an extremely intelligent horse with an ideal behavior, for this reason it is the most suitable for high-level training schools.

Uses of the Lipizzan horse

As we well know, horses have been used in any number of activities ranging from transportation to cavalry.

Due to its peculiarities, it differs as a horse for training (classical riding) and a representative light draft.

We can see that it has great potential for equestrian competition purposes.

World places where the Lipizzan horse breed is found

Today the breed is present all over the planet, especially in Europe and the United States, Australia, Africa and Chile.

It should be noted that in general there are 6000 specimens of Lipizzanos in the world. Of these, half of them are stallion horses.

The Lipizza stud farm (whose farm measures 311 hectares) today has the title of public establishment.

Their horses have been promulgated as a cultural monument of the Republic of Slovenia, what’s more, both the Lipizzan breed and its name are geographically patented.

The Lippizan: A beautiful horse
The Lippizan: A beautiful horse

In summary

The Lipizzaner breed of horses is one of the oldest in the world and is preserved today.

Today they are recognized for their abilities in horse riding disciplines, which is why they are highly valued by equestrian teams.

Another aspect to highlight about this equine is that it has developed its emotional intelligence. They are usually very sensitive and require the person in charge to give them affection.

They are probably candidates for equine therapy due to their great sensitivity.

Without a doubt, at the lagoon, horses are extremely intelligent animals and worthy of admiration.

The contribution to the life of man has become infinite and like the dog can be considered the best friend of man.

Both Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín love horses and have become empowered with equestrian themes.

This is one of those horses that have surprised you above all for its good behavior.





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