//Myths about horses today
Horseback riding is an excellent exercise

Myths about horses today

Horses are wonderful animals that have accompanied humans since ancient times. These animals continue to surprise us every day with their skills, nobility and their great intelligence. There are many myths about horses and today We will expose the false myths that have been “woven” around horses.

With all the coexistence and experiences that the horse has shared with man in various fields, it continues to have a series of myths that are still valid today.

Therefore for horse lovers it is worth clarifying these misconceptions regarding horses.

The more you know about the behavior, feelings and everything related to horses, the better possibilities there are to understand this noble animal.

In the equine field there are many myths about horses that are simply not true.

If you are a horse lover you may have heard these myths at one point.

In relation to horses, there are many knowledge and traditions that surround these splendid animals.

Horses have been a source of inspiration to create stories and fables throughout history.

Today some myths are still preserved and these are passed from generation to generation. Only when people research or read about the subject do they realize how wrong they were.

Patagonia horses
Patagonia horses

Horses only sleep standing up – Myths about horses

Most people think that horses sleep upright, but this is nothing more than a false belief.

Although it is true, sometimes they sleep standing up as a way to be alert to a predator. However, this is not always the case.

Horses usually lie down to sleep REM.

Among the advantages of the fact that the horse sleeps lying down is that they relax. Also that they achieve an appropriate muscular and cerebral recovery

Without a doubt, this can help fortify your immune system.

So if you get to see a horse lying down to sleep, it’s totally normal.

Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up? | Spirit Riding Free presents COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

Myths about horses: Horses are not smart

This is one of the most false myths that exists, since the skills that the horse has demonstrated today are infinite.

These animals are very intelligent animals, as they are trained to provide assistance to visually impaired people. Also as therapy horses, as dancers, as painters. In short, the list falls short to disprove this myth.

Horses on the other hand have the ability to learn a few different cues to ride. As if that were not enough, these signs can be remembered even if it has been years since they have ridden.

They are also able to read human emotions and recognize people they know. For this reason they manage to establish a very strong bond of friendship with their caregivers, owners or riders.

Everything lies in the treatment they give to this wonderful animal.

Horses are smart aminals
Horses are smart aminals

Horses only communicate with each other by neighing and neighing

Another myth about horses is that they communicate through neighing. Once again it is another myth that must be clarified

While it is true that horses communicate with each other through whinnying, this is not their usual communication. For the body language of these animals plays a fundamental role in their communication system with the herd.

One of the skills of horses is that they are very social animals, therefore they have many ways to communicate with each other.

Among the senses that he uses most in communicating with the herd are the eyes and ears.

Horses communicate with their ears
Horses communicate with their ears

Horse riding is not exercise – Myths about horses

There are definitely many Myths about horses and one of these is precisely that riding is not exercise.

This myth is very far from reality, because riding a horse requires excellent physical conditions of the person.

Some people claim that riding is not exercise, this happens because they simply have not experienced a good ride that exhausts them.

Horse riding is a wonderful way to exercise different parts of your body.

It also has great advantages among them are the following:

  • Improve central strength, optimize balance and coordination,
  • Develop flexibility, invigorate muscles and provide good cardiovascular exercise.

On the other hand, horse riding is ideal to improve your mental health. Not in vain the horse is used as a co-therapist for people with various ailments and disabilities.

Horseback riding is an excellent exercise
Horseback riding is an excellent exercise

Another Myth about Horses: Horses are colorblind

The vast majority of people think that horses are colorblind, but that is not true.

In this sense, these animals can see color, what happens is that they perceive it differently than humans.

Horses have dichromatic vision, which means they can see two tones. Therefore it is estimated that they see blues and greens, but cannot distinguish reds and yellows.

Also, horses have excellent night vision, which favors them in nature.

Are horses color blind

In summary

Myths about horses are nothing more than false beliefs about these animals.

Horses surprise us every day with their strength, nobility and disposition towards humans.

These wonderful animals deserve all the respect and love of human beings.

The contribution that they have provided in the life of man throughout history is something worth admiring.

Not surprisingly, it is the favorite animal of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, who is also very clear that the myths of horses are false.

The empowerment and knowledge of this man in relation to horses is impressive.

Then we leave an interview with former amateur rider Gustavo Mirabal Castro.




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