//The healing horses

The healing horses

The healing horses.

Horses are living beings that have accompanied humans for thousands of years. These animals have been very useful in the daily life of men.

Later, a special bond was created between horsemen and horses due to domestication.

Actually the advance of men to different lands was partly thanks to the horses. Well, these animals could travel great distances.

This animal has been used in agricultural work, in war, transportation and other activities. In modern times, interesting uses were discovered in the field of alternative therapies.

Healing horses play a special role in helping people with disabilities.

This is especially true those who are within Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Likewise, for people experiencing episodes of depression, people with alcohol problems.

These animals are a true miracle, they are the healing horses.

Around the world there are equine therapy centers that are responsible for providing help to people with various conditions and diseases.

In countries like Spain and the United States this therapy with equines is very popular. It has also spread to countries such as Argentina, Mexico, among others.

Healing with Horses


Studies on the positive effects of healing horses.

Animals especially dogs and horses have been of great help to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These help these people with autism improve their speech and social skills.

Several studies that have been carried out in horse-assisted therapy show how beneficial it is for patients with autism. An example of this is the following:

In an investigation with 42 children with autism, between 6 and 16 years of age, positive results were obtained. Well, it was evident that riding and grooming horses can improve the behavior of these people.

Furthermore, these children show progress in social and motor skills. In short, the benefits are evident, since the healing horses are a blessing in the lives of these people.

Isenhower expressed the following in an interview with Scientific American:

“I think the horse can serve as a substitute motor system for individuals with autism.”

Healing horses and their positive effect on people

Horses are mammals that possess infinite nobility. Not in vain have they accompanied the man for a long time.

Equines when they establish a genuine bond with their master are bearable. They also behave in a friendly and docile manner.

These are a key piece in the physical and emotional rehabilitation of the human being.

The best known alternative therapy is hippotherapy. This is a treatment that uses the horse for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

The exact point is that in the march of the horse a movement similar to that of the human is reproduced in the rider. Therefore the brain receives this information and deciphers it as if the person were walking.

Horse-assisted therapy or hippotherapy is recommended for people with different pathologies.

Among them we can mention the following:

  • People with cerebral palsy,
  • Older adults with physical stability problems and parkinson’s
  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, learning or motor disorders, among others.

Hippotherapy has great attributes such as postural tone modulation. As well as improvements in balance, balance, alertness and attention.

Sergio Villota, chief neurokinesiologist at the Chilean Hippotherapy Foundation, expressed the following:

“There are several centers that do horse therapy, but the most relevant thing is that they are carried out by kinesiologists, speech therapists or occupational therapists with a Diploma in Hippotherapy; in fact, this program can be studied at the University of Chile ”

Furthermore, these equine or hippotherapy centers are made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Among them are professionals from health, kinesiology, psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy, among others.

Must be is all these professionals handle equine therapy in depth.

Caballos sanadores
Healin horses

Healing horses for people with mental health problems

The broad spectrum of application of healing horses is also used in people who have a mental health problem.

Therefore it is applied in people with low self-esteem, depression, anguish, fear, anorexia, bulimia, drug problems and alcoholism.

As an example we can cite the great work they carry out at the Horse and People facilities.

These equines are generally horses without ironwork, or saddles, in their most natural state possible

The director of Horses and People Alberto Serrano indicates the following:

“Ultimately, horses are used as a tool for self-knowledge and self-observation by participants. It happens that the horse is always looking out for its survival, for its safety, and this means that it is at all times evaluating the risks. So in these individual or group dynamics, people must work with the horses in the wild (not riding) and get the animal to cooperate. For this the equine must trust the person, and this occurs when the subject is completely centered, at peace, and present ”

As the interaction proceeds the horse begins to approach. These practices gradually improve the behavior of the people who attend there.

The bond that is created with the horse is phenomenal, so patients begin to enjoy therapies. At the same time, it shows an improvement.

In summary

The healing horses are a blessing from God to people who need it so much.

Horse assisted therapy is becoming more popular every day. Therefore it is applied to people with various pathologies.

Without a doubt, the range of healing horses is very large. In this way it helps people with different pathologies.

The nobility and love of equines trained to perform therapies are enormous. They are very genuine therapists who provide healing to their patients.




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