//Most expensive horses in the world 2023

Most expensive horses in the world 2023

Do you want to know which are the most valuable horses 2019? In this we bring you the information of the best rated horses of 2019. This is an update of our highly valued ranking of the most expensive horses in history.

But we also tell you which have been the most expensive horses in history. Without more to add let’s start our story

Galileo - the story of the super-stallion - in the words of Aidan O'Brien and MV Magnier

A tribute to Galileo {Runnin}

How a horse is valued

Horses signify power, through their strength, speed and elegance. This meaning is linked to the advance of human beings for a long time, both for work and for war.

Famous horses accompanied the troops in former times, they served as cargo drag or simply were used, and are used, in sport. Hence, an equine breed in general has high costs in the international market.

The assessment of a horse is based on many variables, but many of these horses will never be sold. We only have the reference of expert experts to determine the value of the horse. That is why we also have the historical record of the horses that have been sold.

The power to improve the next generations

Linked to tourism, travel, the natural world in the case of wild horses, the temperament of many people and businesses or careers, equines represent a lot and distill history and traditions on all four sides.

A horse of high performance in particular can be worth thousands of dollars. They are bought for their particular ability or to turn them into stallions and improve the next generations.

But many are questioned, the price of these animals especially in the case of sports and exhibitions.

Sometimes people wonder why there are expensive horses and what is the cost. In this article we will try to give a couple of examples

The 10 Most Expensive Horses Ever Sold


Where does the cost of expensive horses reside?

A foal for various purposes, as there are many, has a high price, which can only be paid by some clubs or wealthy people, linked to that market or competitions.

Behind it there is an industry related to the horse which is fed from the results of competitions, races, competitions of all kinds or breeding and training

For a horse to qualify in that group of horses highly valued, it must have incredible qualities. Horses are majestic animals, experts say, endowed with an incredible physique and strength, used by men for activities as varied as pulling cars, sports, taking walks, races, among many others.

Each skill, therefore, translates into a value. That is why it is possible to find very well paid animals.

The value of a horse

The value of a horse depends on the races he has won and how he has won them. But it’s not just about the prizes. The true value of a horse is in its ability to breed winners. A horse as a stallion produces much more money than a horse in racing.

That is why the most expensive horses of today 2019 are not valued only for the sale value. To do this, estimates of their productivity will be made to generate new winners

Frankel the British horse produced 3.4 million dollars in prizes but is valued at 180 million dollars. During each year of his retirement he produced 16 million dollars annually. Frankel produced 4.7 times more money in his first year of retirement than in his entire active career.

In this way we can understand that careers are only one way to check the genetic potential. With this in mind we can understand that horses are valued at much more than what they paid. Many of these horses are never sold.

The most expensive horses 2019

Here is the list of the most expensive horses version 2019. This is a list of the best rated horses according to expert experts in 2019:

  1. Galileo: It is Irish Thoroughbred valued at 180 million dollars. His offspring has more than 300 winning horses. Currently he has few years to live but the prolific nature of his offspring makes him very attractive. Galileo was sacrificed in July 2021, at 23 years of age, due to an injury that made him suffer Galileo at the time of his death charged $ 700,000 for each mare covered. In his career as a stallion he fathered 2,306 horses
  2. Frankel: The horse we mentioned earlier. It is an English thoroughbred. It is estimated that its value is 167 million dollars despite being 10 years younger. Each ride is valued at 138 thousand dollars but Frankel is a true stallion. Frankel is able to make up to 4 assemblies a day.
  3. Tapit: Valued between 100 and 140 million dollars is Tapit in third place. This is an American horse. Each assembly is billed in 300 thousand dollars. It is estimated that it has generated 35 million dollars in one year.
Frankel. A british thoroughbred racehorse
Frankel. A british thoroughbred racehorse

World’s most expensive sires in 2022

Below you can know the most valuable stallions after Galileo’s death and the fee for covered mare:

  1. Dubawi: 301.500 USD
  2. Into Mischief: 261.000 USD
  3. Frankel: 241.000 USD
  4. Curlin: 235.000 USD
  5. Quality Road: 209.500 USD
  6. Tapit: 284.000 USD

The most expensive horses in history

In this list we will consider the most expensive horses ever sold. This list is based on specific sales and auctions. A list although more objective, not less interesting.

Hence, we count the 3 most expensive horses of the world, whose names are Fusaichi Pegasus, Shareef Dancer, Totilas, Green Monkey, Palloubet D’halong, Seattle Dancer, Meydan City, Snaafi Dancer, Jalil, and Plavius:

1.-Fusaichi Pegasus.

Fusaichi Pegasus
Fusaichi Pegasus

This remains the most expensive horse in the world today. Recognized in such a case for his talent was acquired by an astronomical amount of money. Fusaichi Pegasus is considered the most expensive horse sold, nothing more and nothing less than 70 million dollars. This specimen won the Kentucky Derby in 2000. He concluded his sports career with nine starts, six victories and two defeats. In total, he earned almost two million during his active life.

Fusaichi Pegasus currently lives in Kentucky with a fee of seven thousand dollars as a stallion. The figure resulting from a reduction of its initial quota of 150 thousand, after not offering good results as breeding stock.

2.- Shareef Dancer.

Shareef Dancer
Shareef Dancer

This specimen was bought for 40 million dollars by the emir of Dubai in 1983. He is a descendant of Northern Dancer and had a career of successes like no other. It turned out to be even better as a stallion to accumulate profits exceeding two million dollars.

3.- Totilas:


Besides being one of the most expensive, it is also one of the most publicized and repeated in the specialized press, for an incomparable beauty.

This is one of the copies that shows the price at which it was sold: 21 million. Totilas was listed as the most outstanding horse of Dressage in the world. This copy has numerous records to its credit. Also, it is the only dressage horse that scored more than 90 points in a competition.

Totila and his rider Edward Gal were recognized as species of rock stars in the equestrian world. The fate of this animal changed in 2011 when it was sold to a German property, later denounced for animal abuse. It is said that Totila did not perform well in competitions since then.

4.- Annihilator

Annihilator is one of the most expensive horses. But it is also one of the horses that has been less profitable and productive. That is why some ranking excludes it, however we can not say that the price is always accompanied by results.

It was sold for over $19 million, which would mean it deserved a spot on the list of the most expensive horses of all time despite its limited results.

Annihilator was a thoroughbred racehorse that only won about $3,000 in prize money. Additionally he has not had an outstanding offspring, which is also a sample of his limited results as a stallion, with a success was also moderate.

5.- The Green Monkey

The Green Monkey was an English thoroughbred specimen, developed in the eighteenth century in England. The Green Monkey is descended from Northern Dancer, a horse used to achieve long-distance running calves, and the Big Red, Secretariat.

It is the English thoroughbred in its category sold at the highest price in the world. The Green Monkey was sold at auction for $16 million. Unfortunately, he had to retire after 3 races due to injury. In those 3 brief careers he managed to earn 10.4 million dollars, offsetting 2/3 of his cost. He was later used as a stallion at a value of $5000 per breeding.

He had to be “asleep” in May 2015 due to a condition called Laminitis, which caused him excruciating pain while standing.

His offspring had great success, including Monkey Business, the winner of Panama’s triple crown on July 12, 2015, just months after The Green Monkey’s death.

We can observe how with the last example, a winning horse and expensive horses can be degraded by the mistreatment of the human being. High performance human animals and competitors not only require challenge, but require care and motivation. This is how we take care of the “hens of the golden eggs”. With love the investment in expensive horses is taken care of






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