//The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero & the surprise
Venezuelan horse Gran Omero - Gustavo Mirabal

The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero & the surprise

Venezuela has been the cradle of great personalities of equestrian sports, both horses, riders, trainers among others. On this occasion we want to approach a Venezuelan equine that has been a success and this is the Venezuelan horse Gran Omero.

The name of the horse in English would be Great Omero or Great Homer

The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero arrived in this world on February 18, 2016, specifically from the La Orlyana estate of Anzoátegui state.

This specimen is the second birth of the Great Manisera mare, which this time gave birth to a brown male.

This foal a few days after his birth became the leader of the litter born in that period.

His impetus and energies would lead him along the path of success in horse races carried out in the country as well as abroad.

Caribbean Classic Preview 2019

Offspring of the Venezuelan horse Great Omero

The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero is a son of King Seraf in Great Manisera, by Shawaf, of the Haras La Orlyana.

This majestic equine has nine victories in 11 presentations.

His first defeat was suffered before Kandinsky in the Classic José Antonio Páez, first rung of the National Triple Crown.

Unfortunately, the Caribbean Classic did not win, although it was very close to achieving it last Sunday, December 8.

Beginnings of the Venezuelan horse Gran Omero

The determined Venezuelan horse Gran Omero was bought by the investor Vittorio Lungavite to defend the classic colors of the Los Grandes stud.

His arrival in La Rinconada, went to the stable of the instructor Wleimar Suárez, under the training of this expert they directed him by the dressage and the exercise.

The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero gave its best in the competition so it won on October 13, 2018, with the ride of Jaime Lugo.

This magic pair took an advantage of seven and a half bodies over Catire Will.

Then in the following participation he defeated Scooby in the Antonio José de Sucre Classic in a time of 83 ”4, for 1,400 meters.

Venezuelan horse Gran Omero 2 - Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Venezuelan horse Gran Omero 2 – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Successes of the Venezuelan horse Gran Omero

Previously we mentioned the beginnings of the Gran Omero Horse where he began his career in equestrian competitions.

Due to his brilliant participation, the Venezuelan horse Gran Omero managed to reach the title as Two Year Champion of the 2018 season in the main Racecourse of Venezuela which is named: La Rinconada.

He reached the victory over Kelsen in the Francisco de Miranda Classic

The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero defended the undefeated with great success in the Classic Juan Vicente Tovar and the Unicría Grand Prix.

His last triumph in the Oval Car was in the Classic Owners La Rinconada. In this competition he defeated the American Tap Daddy in a moving performance, over 2,000 meters.

With each performance, the equestrian public celebrates the performance of the equine and considers it the “horse of the people.”

Venezuelan Gran Omero horse in the Classic Owners competition - Gustavo Mirabal
Venezuelan Gran Omero horse in the Classic Owners competition – Gustavo Mirabal

In search of success outside the borders of Venezuela

This successful and popular Venezuelan horse called Gran Omero goes for the dream of achieving success outside of his country Venezuela.

The majestic Venezuelan horse Gran Omero goes in search of its first dispute in international arenas in the North American circuit of Gulfstream Park, Miami.

Haras La Orlyana grows in production with the new King of Money in Venezuela, with a substantial sum.

His breeder Orlando Martínez expressed the following regarding the equine:

“It’s a great horse, without a doubt.”

The Venezuelan horse Gran Omero participated giving its best in the International Caribbean Classic.

This equestrian competition is the central test of the Caribbean Riding Series on Sunday in Gulfstream Park.

The chestnut was mounted by Zuliano champion Javier Castellano and presented by Reynaldo Yánez, he is quoted 9-2 in the bets.

The results of the Caribbean Classic where the Venezuelan horse Gran Omero participated with the rider Javier Castellano failed to achieve victory. However it was second.

Venezuelan horse Gran Omero - Gustavo Mirabal
Venezuelan horse Gran Omero – Gustavo Mirabal

The track positions of the Caribbean Classic:

Mexico: Thibaut, El Santo, Lopecitos with positions 1, 5 and 9 respectively.

Venezuela: The Gran Omero, The Brother Slew, Doctor Sotelo with the corresponding posts number 2, 11, 12

Puerto Rico: Papá Candelo with the number 3 position.

Panama: Fix, Señor Concierto (Mr. Concerto), Turpin Time with positions 4, 6, 10

Jamaica: Supreme Soul, Juice Man with positions 7.8

In these positions were located the horses that participated in the track of the Caribbean Classic yesterday, Sunday, December 8.

Gulfstream Park December 8, 2019 Race 11

Caribbean Classic Champion

Not everything is bad news for Venezuela in this prestigious equestrian competition. Although the expectations were focused on the horse Gran Omero, the copy that was champion gave a big surprise.

The Venezuelan copy The Brother Slew, ridden by Mexican rider Paco López, became a star.

Well, although surprisingly and although the position that corresponded to him did not favor him, he managed to win the Caribbean International Classic.

This horse race takes place at the Gulfstream Park racetrack in Miami, Florida.

The Brother Slew entered the race with a 45-1 chance of winning.

The pleasant news for Venezuela is that it reached its 14th victory in the Caribbean Classic.

In summary

Although the eyes of the spectators were on the Venezuelan horse Gran Omero, it did not reach the first place.

However, it was very close to being by the hand of its rider Javier Castellanos.

Perseverance and discipline are key in this sporting discipline, therefore it is very likely that in the next events of the Caribbean Classic he will achieve the much desired prize.

However, Venezuela managed to crown its 14th achievement thanks to the equine specimen The Brother Slew



El caballo venezolano Gran Omero



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