//International Animal Rights Day: December 10
International Animal Rights Day

International Animal Rights Day: December 10

Just as human beings have rights, animals also placed are living beings that feel and suffer. This is why there are some countries in the world that have gradually evolved in relation to this matter. December 10 is approaching when international animal rights day is celebrated. For this reason, today we will address in depth what is related to animal rights.

A society that provides good treatment for animals shows a high level of consciousness. It also shows empathy for other living beings. This is part of the cultural and spiritual development of a society.

With regard to the legislation that governs each country usually varies. What is clear is that there are nations where they are very strict and enforce the rights of animals because there are laws that protect and sanction those that cause them harm.

Unfortunately, not all countries have evolved with respect to the rights of animals because in the majority the rights of animals are violated.

A clear example of this is bullfighting is bullfighting. Current legislation in the vast majority of countries banned bullfighting. However, in other countries, public organizations promote these heinous acts against these noble animals.

To move in the right direction in the treatment of animals, since 1997 the International Animal Rights Day  has been celebrated. This day serves to remind us what we need to move forward. It is celebrated on December 10 of each year. In the absence of a few days for that date we want to make our contribution.

International Animal Rights Day 2012 | Madrid (Spain)

Universal declaration of animal rights

From October 17, 1978, the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was promulgated. LIDA (Ligue International des Droits de l’Animal  en inglés “Liga Internacional de los Derechos del Animal”) in an effort to sensitize the world and establish the foundations for more civilized societies took this step. So I support for the UN to finally approve that document.

The LIDA through this document established the following:

“All animals have equal rights to exist within the context of biological equilibrium. This equality of rights does not overshadow the diversity of species and of individuals.”

The articles that make up the universal declaration of animal rights range from respect to existence itself. He also mentions the respect they deserve.

For this reason, the human being has no right to exploit or eliminate them. On the contrary, everything he knows should put him at the service of these noble creatures. Unfortunately this little is true, so we can see animal abuse is something of every day in many countries.

To avoid these deviations it is necessary to create awareness in human beings day by day. That is why years later the international day of animal rights was established. Its objective is to make visible and promote the rights of animals and situations of animal abuse.

Internacional Animal Rights Day-Vegan Madrid Poster
Internacional Animal Rights Day-Vegan Madrid Poster

The role of the human being in animal rights

Man as a superior animal should provide protection to animals as much as possible. That is why animal protection laws are established. But this is not fully met in most countries. And where these laws exist there must be a regulatory body that ensures the rights of animals

One of the most important rights is that absolutely no animal will be subjected to ill-treatment or cruel acts. The reality is different when we see the dolphinariums, circuses, and other places where abuse towards these is the common denominator. In this sense Germany took a step forward prohibiting circuses with animals.

But much remains on the part of society in not attending these types of events that profit from the suffering of animals.

In relation to the death of an animal, it must be instantaneous and painless. Trying in this way that the animal suffers as little as possible

Then we have the wild species are must be in their natural habitat. The competent agencies of the states must ensure the non-commercialization of these animals.

The international animal rights day is the perfect time to enhance the role of human beings. A way to highlight what is being done well and what we need to move forward. It is also a way of denouncing the cruel acts that are still endorsed by society such as bullfighting.

International Animal Rights Day
International Animal Rights Day

Protection of animals by man

Article 5 of the declaration of animal rights

  1. a) Every animal belonging to a species that lives traditionally in the environment of man, has the right to live and grow at the pace and in the conditions of life and freedom that are typical of its species.
  2. b) Any modification of said rhythm or said conditions that were imposed by the man for commercial purposes, is contrary to said right.

In this sense the opposite happens where the clandestine breeding grounds of dogs are. That becomes an animal factory and when they no longer serve your business, they are discarded as an object.

Man must ensure that the animal has quality of life and allow it to live according to its natural longevity. On the other hand, the abandonment of an animal is an inhuman and despicable act. Well, many times these animals end up in the streets suffering every second of their existence.

In some cases the animals run with luck and are rescued and adopted. But not all animals give them a second chance

Above all those animals that do strong work, such as donkeys and horses, are entitled to reasonable time and intensity of work. Likewise, these must be fed properly and have an adequate rest in adequate facilities.

The international animal rights day is a good opportunity to make all these situations visible.

International animal rights day and Animal Abuse

As we can see the universal rights of animals are always focused on the welfare of animals regardless of their species and habitat

Hence it goes against any experiment with animals. As most of these scientific studies cause physical or psychological pain to these creatures. The best way that society can combat this is not to acquire products that are subject to these heinous experiments.

In the case of celebrities who wear costumes with animal skins it is very simple not to buy their records, or movies. That is to say absolutely nothing that promotes your personal brand

No animal should be exploited for the recreation of man. in this case the circuses, the dolphinariums, zoos. We can simply avoid attending and spreading the word on social networks to cause an echo of awareness in the population.

Cetacean hunting in countries like Japan and Denmark is a biocide, that is, a crime against life. Unfortunately in the first case for commercial purposes in the second case by absurd traditions of the countries.

Not to mention the current situation of the Amazon fire. This situation has brought as a dire consequence the death of a large number of wild animals.

State role in animal protection and law

Government institutions in different countries must provide protection to animals. On the other hand, create the competent mechanisms in this area.

Something very important to note is that the rights of animals must be protected by law. This must be as relevant as the rights of man.

The universal declaration of animal rights was adopted by the International League of Animal Rights in 1977, which proclaimed it the following year.

UNESCO to support initiatives such as this one decided to establish the International animal rights day. Other initiatives have a similar look as does the “Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare”

The International animal rights day as a promoter of a civilized society

If animal rights were respected to the letter this world would be much better. Fortunately, there are countries that are aware of that and punish and punish animal abuse. However, much remains to be done in terms of animal protection.

The NGOs of many countries have made a great effort as animal voices making requests heard and making progress in the legal field that protects the rights of animals.

Parents and teachers have a job of raising awareness in children regarding care, respect and love for animals.

On the other hand, social networks nowadays play an important role in this matter because the dissemination of information by foundations and institutions for animals is important.

Recall that there are few days left until December 10 when the international animal rights day is celebrated. This is a favorable date to raise awareness in society regarding the issue. We invite you to prepare and reflect. What can I do on December 10 to support this noble cause? We pass the baton and leave it in your hands.



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