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International Lawyer’s Day

There are professions that are universal in the world, besides being very old. In this sense, today we refer to a profession of great relevance such as being a lawyer. We want to dedicate this article to the International Lawyer’s Day held on February 3 of each year.

We want to cover this information because the legal profession is a very important profession. Also we want you to congratulate the lawyers on their day next year. So don’t forget, February 3 is the international lawyer’s day.

We hope that next year they extend their congratulations to the brilliant Venezuelan lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Law, as a professional career in the world dates back to ancient times. The scope that the laws have had has been very wide. That is why illustrious lawyers have stood out in the history of mankind.

These lawyers have left an indelible mark on the History of Law and the world. Well, many theories are based on studies by these brilliant men of the laws.

In the particular case of Venezuelan Lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro has made his profession a total success. Being a forerunner in different countries where he offers his lawyer services specializing in the area of ​​finance.

On February 3 the International Lawyer’s Day is celebrated, being an auspicious day to pay tribute to the men of the laws in the world.

There is also the “be kind to lawyers day” … Another important celebration for these professionals.

I Wanna Be a Lawyer · A Day In The Life Of A Lawyer

February 3 a special date for lawyers in the world

Every February 3 the celebration of the International Lawyer’s Day takes place. This important professional executes the legal defense of one of the parties in a trial of a particular judicial or administrative process.

Many lawyers also act as judges or as mediators in conflicts. It is also one of the most common professions among professional politicians.

The date is a special occasion to pay tribute to lawyers. These are based on laws, which are responsible for protecting the cause of citizens to make a more just world.

Among other objectives that this professional meets is the function of advising. It also has the power to provide advice on legal matters.

The men of law have a great task, but the main one is to defend the right of citizens. Well, these people hire their services to resolve various issues such as immigration, labor, criminal cases, among others.

Requirements to practice Lawyer’s career

  • To exercise any career you must comply with a pensum from the university that grants it. This means that you must take the career as such that lasts five years or more.
  • After graduation, you must register with the bar association.
  • Ultimately it also serves an authorization from the State to exercise.
  • It should be noted that laws often vary from one country to another. Therefore, if you are a lawyer and you want to carry out the career in another country, you must take forecasts. It is very likely that it corresponds to him to make a revalidation of the race (If they allow it, because it is subject to the laws of each country)
  • In the country, congratulate the lawyers on the International Lawyer’s Day. This is a profession that must be exercised with values.
  • It should be noted that each country has a date for the celebration of the day of the lawyer. However, this date was distinguished to commemorate lawyers worldwide.
Trust me im a Lawyer - Gustavo Mirabal
Trust me im a Lawyer – Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal the great lawyer

This illustrious man of the laws studied the university career of Law in the Santa María University (USM) of Venezuela. From this prestigious house and studio he obtained the title of Lawyer in 1988.

In the beginning I worked as a lawyer in large institutions such as:

  • Británica de Seguros, C. A..
  • Seguros Horizonte S.A. .
  • Construction Bank

It should be noted that all these exercised in the Venezuelan capital.

In this way he strengthened the powers to practice as a great lawyer.

After polishing his skills he makes the important decision to undertake and pursue his career as a lawyer profession autonomously. That is why he founded his own law firm called Mirabal & Asociados, S.C.

This renowned Venezuelan lawyer has had the ability to harmonize his profession with his hobbies, which is horse riding.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro takes his legal profession with great honor. This has been done through his law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

Once again we remind you to please congratulate your friends and Gustavo Mirabal on International Lawyer’s Day.

A Group Encouraging You to "Be Kind to Lawyers"

The day of the lawyer in Latin America and the international day of the lawyer.

In the countries of Latin America, the day of the lawyer is celebrated in a variety of days. Not all countries have the same date. Each country has chosen the date according to their own reasons:

– In Mexico it is celebrated on July 12 of each year. On July 12, 1553, the first law conference was held in Mexico and Latin America, at the University of UNAM. The date of the celebration of the day of the lawyer was established in 1960.

– In Ecuador, the day of the lawyer is celebrated on February 20 of each year. It was established in 1945, centenary of the birth of Luis Felipe Borja Pérez, famous jurist and Ecuadorian politician.

– Lawyers in Argentina celebrate August 29 of each year. That day, in 1810, Juan Bautista Alberdi was born, considered the intellectual author of the Argentine constitution of 1853.

– In Peru it is celebrated on April 2 of each year. On that date in 1834 was the date of birth of Francisco García-Calderón Landa, lawyer and president of Peru. He is considered the patron of Peruvian lawyers.

And when is the day of the lawyer celebrated in Venezuela?

– The date of celebration in Venezuela is June 23 of each year. It is the date of birth of the first president of the country, Cristóbal Hurtado de Mendoza, who was also a lawyer. He presided over the triumvirate that formed when Venezuela became independent from Spain.

– In Colombia, lawyers celebrate their day on June 22 of each year, for unknown reasons.

– In Guatemala, the day of the lawyer is celebrated on September 24.

– Some consider that there is no celebration date for the day of the lawyer in Chile. Others say the date set is May 21, the date of the death of the lawyer and captain Arturo Prat Chacón, hero in the war between Peru and Chile.

In other countries, the date of celebration is May 19, the anniversary of the death date of Saint Ives, patron of the lawyers.

Given this diversity of dates, an international lawyer’s day was established that unifies our recognition towards such a profession.

Be kind to lawyers day another International Lawyer's Day
Be kind to lawyers day another International Lawyer’s Day

Lawyer’s Role

The legal profession is as important as the doctor or professor. Well, it is on your shoulders that justice is really done in cases that go to trial.

Perhaps that is why, despite the local celebrations of the day of the lawyer, the International Lawyer’s Day was defined.

In order for the latter to be carried out, an impeccable professional with integrity and responsibility is needed.

The lawyer is a professional with knowledge in various areas of legislation.

These areas of law are the following: criminal, labor, commercial, administrative, tax and tax. In most cases, lawyers will focus on a particular area.

As an example is Gustavo Mirabal Castro who made the decision to work in the commercial field.

To exercise this commendable profession, the requirements of having graduated in the area must be met. In addition to subsequent records in the country’s Bar Association.

Best lawyers magazine
Best lawyers magazine

A prestigious law firm: Mirabal & Asociados.

This prestigious law firm, such as Mirabal & Asociados, has worked specifically with its clients in the field of commercial law.

Among the services provided by the law firm Mirabal & Asociados are the following:

  • Services dedicated to the commercial, commercial, tax,
  • In addition everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice.
  • On the other hand, litigation, finance and capital markets.

The trajectory of this law firm is notorious. Well, it has been maintained over the years.

Gustavo Mirabal has worked in other countries his profession providing advice on financial matters.

He currently practices in the United Arab Emirates with great success.

Undoubtedly in the face of such a successful profession, Gustavo Mirabal Castro will receive many congratulations on the International Lawyer’s Day.

A day to celebrate the advance of civilization.

International Lawyer’s Day is a day to celebrate those who practice this profession with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Also to celebrate justice and congratulate those who exercise it to bring more civility to our lives.

These men of the laws contribute to sustaining a more just and harmonious society.

There are those who favor a particular area, human rights, commercial law, criminal law among others.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, he is more focused in the commercial field. It is interesting today because he works as a financial advisor.

Then remember to congratulate all lawyers on International Lawyer’s Day, on February 3 of each year.