//Right to a childhood- Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Right to Childhood - Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Right to a childhood- Gustavo Mirabal Castro

We were all children once and we know that there is nothing better than living that stage accordingly. That is why it is important to guarantee the right to a childhood of each of the children

Childhood must be carried with the innocence it entails and the constant expectation.

Children grow up dreaming, playing all the time and very aware of what is going on around them.

They look at things innocently and evil is not a concept they have with them. They are sponges that absorb everything they see. Therefore, they should be protected at that stage so sensitive to their development.

That is why if children receive a bad example at home they will believe that this is the right thing to do. It will be natural for them to act as they see their parents act in their home.

Childhood is the stage in which values are formed, discipline, honesty and the importance of being proactive are encouraged.

Every human being has the right to children and to a healthy childhood, 100% free of trauma, abuse and exploitation of all kinds.

The Right to a Childhood | UNICEF Canada

Right to a children and how to make it happen

Children have the right to a life in which they are guaranteed survival, family, a home, food, health.

Additionally, they must be guaranteed an adequate environment for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

When any of these things is broken, the child suffers and influences his emotions.

That is why we must ensure the welfare of children and not violate their right to children.

No to child labor exploitation: a right to a childhood goal

Child exploitation is a reality for hundreds and thousands of children around the world.

Some sell anything on the street to take money home because they live on the streets and have a person who forces them to do so.

Or they simply do it because it is their only way to survive. Still they must deal with those who try to steal what they have achieved.

The world of exploitation of children is dark and has no end. It is a chain that is repeated day by day.

There are many cases in which the right to a childhood is violated and the culprits are almost always adults.

Adults focused on their well-being and without the slightest remorse ruin the life of a child.

Know all about Childrens Rights under UNCRC and the right to a childhood
Know all about Childrens Rights under UNCRC and the right to a childhood

Irresponsible parents and the right to a childhood

Within that terrible world of child exploitation are irresponsible parents.

In this sense, there are also parents who do not want to work and force their children to go out and do it for them.

That is the reason why many children are seen selling things at traffic lights.

Similarly they are seen asking for alms in the streets and in the worst case stealing.

The right to childhood seeks that the child grow up with everything he needs for his general development.

In order to be a stable person in all areas of your life.

However, when there are homelessness, children often think they are guilty and some leave their home.

It is there when they start a new life completely away from their family and take other street children as allies.

Which represents a social problem because it increases crime, rebellion and drugs.

Bad habits and homeless children: A social problem

Bad habits and theft shape the lives of those children who live on the street. This goes from being a personal problem, to a family and social problem.

The whole society is affected when children do not have adequate training. Even the future of society is threatened because today’s children are the adults of the future.

Children who gradually grow up and all they know is to steal, kill, get high.

Child exploitation also results in children falling into crisis. They do not know how to deal with these stress situations.

Children may feel imprisoned by that oppressive system. They want to run away but they don’t know how to do it.

That internal chaos causes such confusion in his mind and emotions that they end up doing any madness.

They can also become oppressors of others in a search for control of their lives. Many bullying situations arise from the latter.

That is why it is important to protect the right to a childhood.

Child Labour - Right to a childhood
Child Labour – Right to a childhood

No to child violence: protect the right to a childhood

On the other hand, violence against children is a sincere violation of the right to a childhood.

It should be noted that not only the blows are synonymous with violence, but the wrong words, the pressure without necessity and the promotion of children in child porno networks.

Currently in society it is very fashionable for children to be used in pornographic videos.

Thing that is degrading, directly attacks the innocence of minors and steals the opportunity to choose and have a healthy childhood.

Pornography is not something pretty and innocent. It is atrocious, sadistic and sickly.

In the world there are bands dedicated to kidnapping and bribery of minors in order to take nude photos.

To this are added videos in which they are forced to do things they do not want. Forced by the fear and trust they place in those around them, children are exploited.

The porn industry is not interested in purity, tenderness and honesty. He just wants to feed his bank account while raising depraved minds and destroying the lives of children and adults.

Trafficking of children for work on condition of slavery.

Pornography does not work alone, she has an ally who is responsible for getting the protagonists of her videos and photos.

We are talking about child trafficking.

This line includes those who sell their children for money, livestock, jewelry, etc.

As well as those who prostitute them to pay their debts. Sadly the press has documented several cases.

There are also parents who use their children and sell them to be exploited in conditions of slavery. The right of a child to a childhood must be respected.

These children are put to work on anything, without schedules or respect for their dignity. We must do something to guarantee the right to a childhood.

They know that parents use their daughters as prostitutes to sleep with the men to whom they owe money.

That way the debt is paid off and the minor or minor ends up with psychological, emotional and spiritual problems.

The life of a child must be cared for, valued and protected.

You cannot blame them for their parents’ mistakes but also not use them as a wild card.

The life of every child deserves respect. Say no to child abuse.

Child trafficking does not happen by chance. It is an entire organized network that works to satisfy customers.

Pedophiles are the main consumers of these businesses around children. It is strong, yes, terrible, yes, but real. We must organize society to protect the rights of these children and everyone to prevent these things from happening.

Right to Childhood - Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Right to Childhood – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Real cases of child porn

Recently, in Argentina, a pediatrician is tried for child pornography.

According to the prosecutor in the case, 1,500 photos of children were found for pornographic purposes.

The doctor at Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires was dedicated to the production and distribution of pornographic material.

A material dedicated only to children. That is, children are the protagonists of such photos and videos.

Both in closed and intimate spaces and other more exposed places such as beaches were used by the doctor to commit that crime.

If convicted, he can be sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Prosecutor Daniela Dupuy said:

“Ricardo Russo distributed in 336 different opportunities 336 videos of child sexual exploitation provided through the eMule platform.”

“He had 964 photographs and 64 videos that were seized from the computers in his house, plus 100 photographs that were in the Garrahan hospital computers, for unequivocal purposes of distribution,” he continued.

Dupuy added that there are:

“Children under 13 years of age performing explicit sexual activities, including babies.”

Something really scary, because he used his profession to commit such abuses.

The Argentine authorities were tracking him from 2015 and only until October 2019 is he being taken to trial.

So he continued assaulting minors since then and until May 2019 who captured him.

Brazilian doctor involved in child pornography

Unfortunately, the Argentine doctor is not the only one who has committed this crime.

Also in Brazil it was learned that a doctor Fabio Lima Duarte, 36, is a consumer of child pornography.

In fact, he was arrested twice. The first when they discovered that they accessed more than 30 thousand images related to child pornography in the period of one year.

And on the second occasion he was arrested for producing pornographic material with minors involved.

The doctor recorded intimate parts of about 100 patients during exams.

In fact, he kept the videos in folders with the first name and a number that, according to the police, refers to the patient’s age.

No doubt this is a sensitive issue, but they are brought up because it is necessary to spread the damage caused by pornography.

It is not something innocent, it is a barbarity that destroys and damages lives.

The right to a chidhood and how to achieve their respect

As we have seen, in today’s society there are different ways that violate the right to a childhood.

We must use information and promotion to achieve the right to a healthy and happy childhood. This will prevent the breakdown of society and we will all have a happier and more harmonious life.

The right to a childhood must be respected and ensure the healthy development of children.


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