//The role of women in society
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The role of women in society

March is the month of women whose celebration is made within the framework of international women’s day. For this reason it is important to highlight the role of women in society.

There are many areas in which women have excelled. These range from politics, education, health, research, and even trips to space.

Of course, we must celebrate all these advances in women today. However, we cannot ignore the fact that in many countries women cannot advance because they do not have access to education and are subject to men’s decisions.

Definitely this is barbarism that must end as soon as possible in those retrograde cultures that do not contribute anything positive.

For women to truly make a contribution to society, they must have access to free quality education as much as possible. On the other hand, that wages and opportunities in the workplace are equal.

That is why this year’s motto in the framework of International Women’s Day is “Generación Igualdad”

Throughout history, the role of women in society has been constantly changing. In principle, the woman was destined for household chores. Except that the household support that was the man became ill and therefore the woman had to resolve.

Later the changes in the labor field were noticed. This phenomenon was experienced thanks to the industrial revolution

Likewise, the great wars of the 20th century had an impact in this regard.

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Women today

As we know the current world is led by women. These hold important positions in the field of politics, the armed forces, health and even at NASA.

Women excel in various facets as it is not just being a woman. This means that they are mothers, wives, workers, entrepreneurs, the list is endless to describe each of the real that women play in today’s society.

For this reason, women strive to meet their goals. In this sense, they are overwhelmed by a lot of responsibilities. Well, combine the role of mother, worker, wife, friend, daughter, sister and constant personal and professional growth.

The demands of the current environment on women are very demanding, since doing housework, being a wife, a mother and having a busy work schedule is sometimes difficult to tackle.

The main role of women in society is precisely to be a woman, with her identity and femininity.

Sometimes women tend to make a mistake because they are compared to men and women are definitely still at a disadvantage in the workplace compared to men.

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The role of women in sustaining peace

Women have always played a more peaceful role when it comes to conflict. For this reason, it has become an invaluable agent of change for world peace. However, these spaces are led by men and women have little participation there.

In the field of education, women have been in charge of training millions of professionals.

In the diplomatic field, women have gained more spaces and therefore represent women in the areas of conflict resolution. This is given thanks to her abilities to reach consensus, to cooperate, to work as a team, because women see the world in a holistic way and this allows them to be part of these teams.

The sensitivity that may have motivated the fact of being a mother. Therefore, the role of women in society has a high impact on the establishment of peace.

UN Women expressed the following:

“The participation of women in peace processes is closely related to the resolution of conflicts, as well as the duration over time of the agreements reached, increasing the probability of its continuity in the first two years by up to 20%. ”

We can see the important and transcendental way in which women participate in issues related to peace in the world.

Role of the women in society - Highlighted Women
Role of the women in society – Highlighted Women

An example of an empowered woman

Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal the wife of Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is a fervent example of the role of women in society.

Well, this great woman has served as a mother, wife, professional, businesswoman, amazon. In short, the list is endless and, just like her, there are millions of women in the world who fight day by day to achieve a better world.

This is an example to follow so that women continue to conquer their goals and develop in society.

Today, many women have achieved this. However, much remains to be done in several countries where women do not have access to education, much less to the labor field.

Highlighted Women
Highlighted Women

Important role of women in society

The role of women in society is invaluable, since their contributions are directed to practically all possible areas.

In the framework of International Women’s Day, the motto for 2020 is “Generation Equality”. With them, women seek to be recognized and respected in all countries of the world.

In addition, it is sought that women have access to education and equal opportunities in the workplace as well as men.

Therefore, these initiatives must remain active over time and put pressure on the governments of the world to improve their policies aimed at the development of women.






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