//World Peace Day: January 1st
World Peace Day - January 1st

World Peace Day: January 1st

Peace is something very precious to human beings. In this sense, we already want to see all the peoples of the earth living in harmony. To celebrate this day, January 1 was ordered as World Peace Day. It should be noted that it was established by the Catholic church.

It was in 1967, that Pope Paul VI promulgated for each first of January the celebration of World Peace Day. That is why this celebration began in Venezuela the following year, that is, in 1968.

In this regard, the then president of the Republic of Venezuela Raúl Leoni said the following:

“… That on the first day of the year, man reaffirms his desires for goodwill, with the aspiration that they preside over his conduct and ensure sincerity and the decision for the establishment of peace between countries. That peace will be attainable when those feelings manage to create a new mentality. A mentality projected towards the new generations, make possible, according to the noble thought of His Holiness Paul VI. Make possible the mutual respect between the Nations, the brotherhood of the peoples and the collaboration between the people for their progress and development” Raul Leoni

The other date on which World Peace Day is celebrated is September 21. This date was set from the year 1981 and was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN).

Then in 2001, the UN instituted September 21 as a day of ceasefire and nonviolence worldwide.

Message for World Day of Peace: Overcome indifference, win peace

Feast of the Catholic Church dedicated to peace

The role played by the Catholic church is to reconcile and maintain the union of its parishioners. Therefore, World Peace Day is a holiday of the Catholic Church.

This celebration takes place on January 1. It is also dedicated to peace in the Ceremony of the Virgin Mary the Mother of God.

This initiative became effective as of 1967. That is to say, as of January 1, 2020, it will be 53 years old.

World Peace Day was inspired by the encyclical Pacem in Terris and Populorum Progressio by John XXIII and Paul VI.

World Peace Day is the right day for the pontiffs to make teacher statements. They must be important for the social doctrine of the Church.

Pope Paul VI and John Paul II, annually in the framework of the celebration of World Peace Day, addressed topics of interest.

Among the topics they addressed are the following:

  • Human rights, women’s rights, trade unions, economic development,
  • The right to life, diplomacy, peace in the Holy Land,
  • Finally, globalization and terrorism.

More than a speech is a call to reflection to society in general to achieve harmony and peace.

World Peace Day: Two dates for the same purpose

According to the opinion of the Catholic Church, World Peace Day is celebrated on January 1. While according to the United Nations Organization (UN) was established on September 21. The latter is more recent than the previous one.

In both cases it is a call to reflection …

All human beings who make life on this planet must give their best to contribute to world peace.

Perhaps educational institutions, church and nonprofit organizations should be more active around the celebration of World Peace Day.

International Peace Day - September 21

Living in peace …

On September 21, World Peace Day is celebrated across the globe.

The UN established this date as the day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace. While the Catholic church instituted it on January 1.

In this sense it does not matter if they diverge in dates. The important thing is that there is a call for reflection in relation to world peace.

The countries that are part of the UN adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. Well, in order to achieve true peace, measures must be taken in other aspects.

To achieve world peace, it is about achieving the economic and social development of all people in the world. In addition, ensure that their rights are respected and protected.

World Peace Day (United Nations Organization)
World Peace Day (United Nations Organization)

The UN Sustainable Objectives

If governments really aspire for the majority to live in harmony and peace, fundamental human rights must be guaranteed. In this sense, the Sustainable Objectives comprise a wide range of issues

The topics that address the objectives of sustainable development are the following:

  • Poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality,
  • Water, sanitation, energy, the environment and social justice.

If it is possible to close the gap in the inhabitants of the earth based on each of the elements mentioned there, peace will have been achieved. In this case there are reasons to celebrate it. For now, World Peace Day will be nothing more than a call to reflection …

World Peace Day - January 1st
World Peace Day – January 1st

In summary

True peace is achieved will be achieved when there is not a single child starving or being victims of wars …

Now speaking of peace also calls us to reflect on our own life. From there the question arises: Can I aspire for peace when I feel resentment and hate in my heart?

Well, this review leads us to improve as human beings, to give their best, to help the most vulnerable.




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