//World Wildlife Day: March 3rd
World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day: March 3rd

On March 3, a very important initiative is celebrated, such as World Wildlife Day. It should be noted that more than a celebration is a call for conscience to world citizenship for the conservation of the environment.

We can see that over the years the levels of pollution in the world have increased. We can take as an example the forest fires of the Amazon, Australia and other parts of the planet.

On the other hand the destruction of glaciers and the extinction of animal species. Anyway, the news in relation to the environment is not encouraging.

Actually the proclamation of this event is recent as it was on December 20, 2013. On this day the United Nations General Assembly set March 3 as World Wildlife Day.

This initiative was born with the purpose of raising awareness about the great value of wild fauna and flora.

The choice of that particular date has a reason. On March 3, 1973, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora was approved.

This convention plays a fundamental role in the protection of species against international trade.

World Wildlife Day 2020 - Sustaining all life on Earth

Education as a powerful tool to change the world

It is said that the first school is home. Therefore parents are the first to set an example for their children in caring for and respecting the environment.

Then in schools is where this initiative for environmental care and conservation is forged. This occurs in actions such as reforestation, projects of animals in extinction among others.

We must remember that education is the most powerful tool to change the world. If we rely on education to form generations of insurance relief we will create a more respectful, fair and sensitive society.

Therefore, it is important that on March 3 activities are carried out aimed at raising awareness among students, in the framework of the celebration of World Nature Day.

Even environmental education should be a compulsory subject at all levels of education. Only then will we achieve a positive effect on society in general.


World Wildlife Day
World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day or World Nature Day


Life is sacred in all its species therefore the least we can do as human beings is to respect life in all its forms.

This is done with simple actions if we go to a site with contemplate the flora and fauna should suffice.

Well it is very common when people go to the sea to extract the see stars. These unfortunately lose their lives when taken out of the water.

World Wildlife Day is an ideal date to celebrate the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna. Therefore it is necessary to keep the diversity of flora and fauna in good condition because its benefits are endless in the ecosystem.

On the other hand, the celebration of this important date becomes a call to combat crimes against nature. As these bring negative consequences that impact in various areas such as economic, environmental and social.

World Wildlife Day - March 3rd
World Wildlife Day – March 3rd

Endangered animal species

At present there are a large number of animals threatened and therefore in danger of extinction. Among the species that are in this vulnerable situation are the following: mountain gorillas, pandas, tigers and rhinos live in biosphere reserves.

The hunters are one of the main perpetrators of these animals. On many occasions they do it by boasting with a trophy. On other occasions they do it to extract the furs and ivory fangs.

Ultimately they catch them and sell them to the highest bidder. This should end as soon as possible otherwise future generations will only know you by photos.

The relevance of the celebration of World Wildlife Day is an urgent call to the entire world. This in order to carry out blunt measures and punish with all the weight of the law those who violate crimes against nature.

On the other hand, large industries greatly pollute the planet. Not in vain the call of various Non-Governmental Organizations and foundations in protest to make their processes as pollutant as possible.

The great bastion of wildlife

Wild animals and wild plants are a great bastion of the ecosystem.

They also play an important role in ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, and sustainable development aspects.

World Wildlife Day is a lively call for the need to conserve and protect the environment. For this to have an enduring effect, environmental protection laws must be created and applied as much as possible. This is why the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 15 focuses on stopping the loss of biodiversity.

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day in 2020

On March 3, the celebration of World Wildlife Day will take place under the following slogan:

“Guarantee the maintenance of life on Earth”

This encompasses the wide variety of wild animal and plant species as major elements of global biodiversity.

This year’s motto is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in numbers 1, 12, 14 and 15.

The commitments to alleviate poverty, ensure the sustainable use of resources are immersed in this.

In addition to protecting terrestrial and aquatic life forms in order to curb the loss of biodiversity.

Throughout 2020, it is known as:

“Super year for biodiversity”

Based on this motto, a series of activities will be carried out that will enhance biodiversity. That is why it is placed in the foreground on the global sustainable development agenda.

This represents a great opportunity to call and modify the behavior of humans in relation to the environment and its diversity.

Hence the importance of conservation and sustainable use of wildlife species

In summary

World Wildlife Day is a call to take care of our planet because it is the only home we know. Therefore from our actions we can make a contribution for the care of the environment.




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