//Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus
Bucephalus Alexander the Great's horse

Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus

The known facet of Alexander the Great is that he has been a great conqueror. However, we must highlight the important role that the horse played for the success of this mission that this man fulfilled in passing through the land. But he had help to conquered the world.. his help was his horse Bucephalus and we will tank about it here.

The history of Alexander the Great is full of great conquests and successes. However, he also went through difficult times and situations.

One of those who greatly contributed to all the achievements that Alexander the Great achieved was his horse Bucephalus.

The great horse Bucephalus has come to be known as “the great horse”, honoring its owner. In this sense, this animal was a wonderful companion in the life of Alexander the Great. These established a very special bond that became genuine.

Thanks to the bucephalus horse Alexander the Great made many of these exploits come true.

Bucephalus: a great horse as its owner

The name of Bucéfalo represents head of Ox. From the greek language, bucephalus mean literally “ox-head” . This singular name was given to him because his head was rounded and his forehead wide.

On his forehead lay a white star-shaped spot as if it were a sign of providence on this ostentatious horse.

This stain not only gave the animal a uniqueness and authenticity, but also made it special for Alexander the Great.

Let us remember that throughout the history of humanity the horse has been an animal that has participated in many battles.

For this reason, I accompany its owner in the most important conquests and challenges.

This is one of the animals that should be considered a cultural and sacred heritage in turn. Well, the contributions of equines in the life of Dell man are infinite.

Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus undoubtedly established a magical and unique bond. Without a doubt, an example to follow for those who have the privilege of having an equine specimen.

Bucephalus Alexander the Great's horse
Bucephalus Alexander the Great’s horse

Monument in honor of Alexander the Great

Art has been a way of honoring great characters in history. For this reason, the works of art erected in honor of Alexander the Great constitute a contribution of the arts to honor this man. It is also to pay tribute to outstanding people in history.

The Bucephalus horse was obtained by King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, given the constitution and beauty of the horse. This animal had a value of 13 talents, that is, the transaction currency of that moment in history.

After King Philip acquired the horse, it began to show aggressive behavior. In this sense, the horse was evasive and fierce, which is why no one was able to ride it, neighing and kicking.

Alexander the Great as a young boy was the one who dared to ride the indomitable Bucephalus horse. This was one of the reasons why his father saw signs of greatness in him.

Alexander’s intelligence was what made him realize that the concern of the horse Bucephalus was the fear that his own shadow generated.

The way in which he could ride it was by activating the following strategy:

With a skillful movement he made the Bucephalus horse turn its face towards the sun. This was the perfect opportunity to ride this indomitable horse that would later become his best friend and ally.

His father before such a feat said a phrase that became famous expressing the following:

“Son, find yourself a kingdom that equals your greatness, because Macedonia is small for you.”

Statue of Buccephalus and Alexander the Great
Statue of Buccephalus and Alexander the Great

A genuine bond of Alexander the Great and the horse Bucephalus

After Alexander the Great managed to mount Bucephalus, a special friendship arose between them.

The loyalty of the Bucephalus horse was such that it was allowed to ride by Alexander the Great. A future conqueror and emperor and his great horse began their adventures, recognizing each other.

Alexander the Great took the necessary care with his horse Bucephalus. For this reason, he applied ointments to his extremities after the military campaigns.

Then he was perfecting the technique and ended up applying the rest bandages.

Likewise Alexander the Great was trying to give Bucephalus the best diet. In this way I come to pamper him by feeding him apples while placing his horse’s head in his lap.

Alexander’s love for his horse was admirable. In this sense, it became a special link between rider and horse. In this way there was a connection and a confidence in the magical duo that managed to make them one in battle.

Mosaic of Bucephalus and Alexander the Great
Mosaic of Bucephalus and Alexander the Great

Death of the great horse of Alexander the Great: Bucephalus

The great horse Bucéfalo lived approximately three decades in the best way, since its owner took great care to provide food and careful care

When the horse reached an advanced age, Alexander the Great entrusted permanent care to his beloved horse.

Unfortunately, when Bucephalus had respiratory problems, he was entrusted to a blue-tattooed slave.

It is for this reason that his intact care was desired since his departure was suspected to be near.

A few weeks later the Bucephalus horse lies on the ground, foreshadowing his death. For this reason they call Alexander the Great to accompany him in the last moments of his life.

Alexander the Great made an appearance to accompany his great equine friend at his friend’s deathbed. In this sense, this man kneels beside him and places his head on his lap to let him leave with his caresses.

Without a doubt this is one of the most difficult moments that a human being can experience before the departure of a beloved animal.

When the horse last expired Alexander the Great proceeded to cover Bucephalus’s head to give him peace.

The deep pain of the irreparable loss of his horse brought tears to this man. That is why in this situation in which he was rough he called his friend Hephaestion to comfort him.

Alexander the Great founds the city Alexandria Bucéfala or Bucefalia. In this way he pays tribute to his beloved horse, friend and companion in battles.

The death of Alexander the greats horse Bucephalus - George Jones
The death of Alexander the greats horse Bucephalus – George Jones

Alexander the Great and his great horse Bucephalus: a true friendship

This wonderful story of Alexander the Great and his great horse Bucephalus is the story of an authentic friendship.

Without a doubt, a friendship that goes beyond species, races and colors is the sign of true love demonstrated in a friendship of horse and man.

This is a story to inspire us and to create awareness for those who have an animal to take care of it, love it and respect it until the end of their days.

Alexander the Great and Gustavo Mirabal agree on their great love for horses. Certainly some two characters from different times in history who are an example to follow





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