//Allison Brock: a successful rider
Allison Brock y su caballo Rosselvet

Allison Brock: a successful rider

Every day women conquer more spaces than were previously unthinkable. In this sense, in the different disciplines of Olympic sports there is female representation. Today we will talk about Allison Brock, a beautiful and successful female rider.

In the various disciplines of horsemanship there is a strong presence of successful women like Allison Brock who is a successful rider of American origin.

Athlete Allison Brock’s primary goal was to develop various horses and riders at the International Equestrian Federation levels.

Allison Brock and Rosevelt Perform Elegant Dressage Freestyle.

First steps in the equestrian world

Allison Brock was born on December 7, 1979. She is an American Amazon and represented her native country at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Amazon Allison Brock started her career at a young age, thus developing love, respect and compassion for animals.

At the age of ten, she began taking dressage classes, although she has also practiced showjumping, the same discipline that Gustavo Mirabal practiced at the time.

In addition, she is part of the Pony Club. She strengthened herself by learning various disciplines of riding, which undoubtedly makes her stand out from the rest.

At 17 years old he left the city of Hawaii to dedicate himself to the dressage career.

She dedicated herself to working with notorious professionals such as: Colter Slocum, Jim Eldridge, Linda Landers, Sue Blinks among others.

2016 US Olympian Allison Brock Grand Prix Remix #roadtorio

Allison Brock’s Hits: A Successful Amazon

  • Contribution to the NAYRC team in Region 4 in 2001.
  • Demonstration rider for a training symposium in Gainesville, FL, given by Jan Brink in 2006. As well as for the International Equestrian Federation Coaches Conference
  • USDF gold and silver medal
  • At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, she won a bronze medal in team dressage.
Allison Brock and her horse Rosselvet
Allison Brock and her horse Rosselvet

An advocate for animals

In general, people in the riding world try to keep their horses well. For this reason, Allison Brock is dedicated to participating in organizations that fight for the welfare of animals.

Allison Brock has done her part as an activist and participated as a Brooke US delegate. This charity organization focuses on renewing the welfare of animals of the specie ”Equus ferus caballus” such as donkeys, mules and horses in underdeveloped countries.

The participation of this great woman as a defender of animal rights shows empathy for other living beings. Without a doubt, this woman is extraordinary. Her legacy will be forever marked in favor of animals.

This sportswoman and animal activist is a true example to follow

Brooke USA logo, of which Allison Brock is delegated
Brooke USA logo, of which Allison Brock is delegated

Preparation in Europe

As for her preparation in Europe during 2008 and 2009, she trained in Sweden with the Swedish dressage rider Jan Brink.

Later in 2011, she spent about a year and a half exercising with Finnish dressage rider Kyra Kyrklund.

The fact of training with different instructors makes her prepare to be a better athlete. This gave her a broad point of view of the sport she practices, which in this case is dressage.

Rosevelt the great horse of Allison Brock

  • This specimen named Roselvet participated in the 2006 Hanoverian Young Horse Championship.
  • In 2007, Reesink sold the horse to Fritz and Claudine Kundrun. However, he extended the management review of the horse, which at that time was in Sweden.
  • The horse was then transferred to the Netherlands and was raced by Hans Peter Minderhoud at the 2007 World Young Horse Championships.
  • Rosevelt was later brought back to Sweden at Jan Brink’s yard for training before returning to Deer Meadow Farms in 2010.
  • Undoubtedly, this horse has had a lively experience in important equestrian competitions.
Rosevelt and Allison Brock
Rosevelt and Allison Brock

Horsewoman Allison Brock and her experience with the horse

  • Brock and Rosevelt, achieved fourth place in the St. Georges Horse Championship of the Prix of the United States in 2010.
  • Participated in the International Grand Prix in 2013 at the CDI Saugerties.
  • In 2015, the composition was complete in Wellington. In addition, she competed in Munich and Achleiten, in the pre-2015 phase of the Pan American games.
  • For 2016 they were elected to the United States Olympic team for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. It should be noted that in this participation she achieve a bronze medal for dressage teams.
  • Unfortunately the horse Roselvet, a 16-year-old Hannover stallion, was withdrawn since it had an injury at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Allison Brock’s Discipline and Perseverance

Another coincidence with the rider Gustavo Mirabal Castro is that they are both disciplined and persevering.

Therefore, both Allison Brock and Gustavo Mirabal are riders who have achieved success thanks to their effort, discipline and perseverance.

The Amazon Allison is an athlete who has put discipline and perseverance into practice. From the age of seven she began to ride horses and from there she also began to develop compassion, love and respect for animals.

With each passing day her love for horses grows and this motivates her to continue fighting for the rights of horses in particular.

These actions, as a delegate in the organization that fights for animal rights, is only part of what she does for the welfare of these animals.

Throughout her career she has trained with highly experienced riders in the world of horsemanship, especially dressage.

These experiences and experiences have been wonderful since he has known other cultures. In addition to interacting with people who have the same affinities, that is, the equine world.

Allison Brock on the Road to Rio

Allison Brock, a successful woman

The preparation that the Amazon Allison Brock had from her young age was what laid the foundations to become one of the best dressage athletes. In this way, she managed to represent her native United States at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

On the other hand Allison Brock got a job with Fritz and Claudine Kundrun who helped this athlete for elite competition.

One of her great accomplishments is that she was given a head coach site at DeerMeadow Farms.

She’s definitely a great woman.





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