//Amazon and Trainer Vanesa Ribes
Vanesa Ribes and her daugther Lucía Borreda

Amazon and Trainer Vanesa Ribes

Amazon and Trainer Vanesa Ribes

At present there are outstanding Amazons who leave the female genre high in equestrian competitions. These spaces have been conquered little by little by women. In this group of women who have discarded this Vanesa Ribes of whom we will speak today.

Vanesa Ribes not only lives in the world of riding, but also spends her time and effort in assuming the role of teaching. For this reason we will deepen in relation to the career of Vanesa Ribes


His love for horses began at age 12. He went to a summer camp where they offered horse riding as an extracurricular activity. She had never been hooked on a sport but horse riding made her fall in love. What started as a hobby has ended up being his profession

The riding in his case was not hereditary because his father is an architect. Therefore, for a long time his working life was linked exclusively to architecture. Vanesa Ribes studied Delineation and worked in her father’s architecture office.

What does the horse mean in the life of Vanesa Ribes?

Vanesa Rives believes that in her life the horse is everything. All their way of life revolves around the Horses.

And she has had the great luck that both her husband, Fede Borredá, and her daughter, Lucía, are passionate about horses. Our life revolves around equines.

Vanesa Ribes and her family
Vanesa Ribes and her family

What is the professional career of Vanesa Ribes?

  • In its beginnings like amateur and rider of category of minors, was Champion of the Valencian Community in Juvenile in 1995.
  • Runner-up of the Valencian Community in adults in 1996.
  • She obtained the bronze medal in adults in 1997
  • She also won a bonce medal in adults in 1998, with “Mariachi”, a Spanish-Arab-Spanish-Spanish horse that stood out and earned his break with that victory.
  • Ribes currently leads the Ribes Team, which is a classic dressage team for riders of all ages. Together with the children and parents, they form a great team.

Have Vanesa Ribes ever considered leaving riding?

Vanesa just stopped riding for the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman, give birth to her daughter Lucia.

What was the best student of Vanesa Ribes?

It says that “like father like son”. The best student of Vanesa Ribes was her daughter Lucia.

Since she was very little she was always the first one in everything, to help in whatever was needed. Both she and her husband Fede did not want to pressure Luicía to participate in the riding because they felt that she could abhor her in the end. One day Lucia told him:

“Mom, you listen to everyone and me, I am your daughter, you will not let me do anything, I want to compete”.

Lucia Borredá Ribes

Then they took the opportunity to introduce Luicia to the horses and buy her first pony, “Camelot”. Camelot was the one who made him take more strength even in this world and today is an excellent rider.

What are the care for horses?

Vanesa Ribes
Vanesa Ribes

The Ribes Team is made up of trained riders and competition horses. We must be attentive to many aspects to maintain the health of the horse. Among the aspects that must be found are:

  • Physical training
  • Balanced feeding
  • Physical state of health with constant evaluations
  • Psychic state of the horse attending to mood swings.

For this the Ribes Team has in its staff a diverse group of professionals, among which are:

  • Veterinarians
  • Professional farmers
  • Physiotherapists

All of them contribute their grain of sand to keep the Ribes Team at the highest level of performance. Each one contributes his knowledge to be in the best possible conditions

What is the right type of food for horses?

In terms of food, we must specify that each horse has its particular needs and we must be attentive to them. The team must have a wide variety of feed that is adapted to each of the specific needs of horses. In addition to having the professional advice of an equine nutritionist who supports them.

As we have seen, Vanesa Ribes has stood out as a rider and as an equestrian trainer. With the passage of time women acquire a more important role in high level horsemanship. Vanesa Ribes is a pioneer among the Amazons and today we recognize her contribution.






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