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Zara Phillips – Amazon and Princess

In the world of horse riding we see different types of competitions where it is usually men who compete. However, there is a space for women in these competitions. This is where the Amazons come into play. Therefore, it is the equivalent of a rider (man) in those equestrian spaces. This is the reason why we will address related to the real and Olympic rider Zara Phillips.

Biography of Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips is the eldest granddaughter of Isabel II, was born on May 15, 1981 in St Mary’s Hospital, London, England. In 2011, he married the 32-year-old rugby player Mike Tindall in 2011. His marriage was attended by members of the English team, as well as members of the Windsor family, instead of a crowd of politicians and diplomats from all over the world. the world. The ceremony also broke away from the parameters of luxury that characterize other members of the nobility. Besides that it was not broadcast on television. The daughter of Princess Anne decided to get married in the Canongate Church in Edinburgh.

In addition, Zara Phillips participated in London 2012 as part of the equestrian team of the Complete Competition. His father, Mark Phillips, is the coach of the United States. Zara Phillips keeps intact the legacy of her parents, Princess Anne of England and Captain Mark Phillips. Both parents were part of the equestrian team in 1972 and 1976.

Trajectory in the world of the horsemanship of Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips (2012)
Zara Phillips (2012)
  • Zara is an elite equestrian athlete, who has won the Eventing World Champion, the World Championship in Aachen.
  • She was voted in 2006 as the BBC Sportsman of the Year (an award that her mother was awarded in 1977).
  • Zara was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2007 for her services to equestrianism.
  • Along with his horse “Toytown”, he has won both individual and team gold medals in 2005. He has won the gold medals at the European Eventing Championship in Blenheim.
  • He won an individual gold medal and a team silver medal at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany. With this he managed to win the Eventing World Champion.
  • It was one of the selected ones to participate in the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 riding “Toytown”. Also, he was one of the five members of the British team during those Games, which took place in Hong Kong.
  • Zara Phillips debuted at the 2012 London Olympics in the Complete Team Contest category. Participated before the watchful eye of his closest relatives, getting the Silver medal in that category.

Other aspects of Zara Phillips

  • As the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Zara carries out royal duties on behalf of the Royal Family. In 2003, Zara and His Royal Highness Princess Anne of Edinburgh (His mother), took part in the first double appointment of boats in the United Kingdom. SAR The Princess A na, named the P & O cruisers “Oceana” and “Zara” and her sister vessel “Adonia”.
  • Zara frequently attends several charity events and has supported certain causes on her own, mainly for spinal injuries, equestrian charities and children.
  • He has two daughters and despite all the joy, they all have some drama to tell. In July 2018, Zara Phillips announced to the media that she had two miscarriages in total before having her second daughter.

Zara Phillips is an example of an integral woman who knows how to balance mind, body and spirit. Graduated physiotherapist, amazon, philanthropist and member of royalty. Not to be born in a golden cradle, he decided to go to bed so that everything fell from heaven. An exceptional woman







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