//Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in the USA.
Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in US

Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in the USA.

Venezuelan coach Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories. exalting the Venezuelan tricolor once again. Antonio Sano has managed to reach 700 victories in the United States.

This victory is achieved during the seventh race on Wednesday March 18, 2020, in Gulfstream Park, United States, with the mare Donder’n Blitzen.

The mare was piloted by the Panamanian rider Luis Sáez.

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10 years as a coach in the United States – Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories

For a decade, this Creole has been training horses in the United States, after a successful career in his native Venezuela.

To date, he has saddled 5,774 copies in a 10-year career in that country, adding 761 seconds and 805 third parties, reports the company Equibase.

So far in 2020 it has top 10.

Antonio Sano is also a multiple statistics winner in North America. And in Venezuela he harvested 19 statistics, 18 in a row, and officially 3,338 laureates.

The best horses of this Latin trainer in the USA They are City of Weston, Hy Riverside and Gunnevera, with whom he competed in Dubai last year.

The Venezuelan has six Stakes of Degrees, of which three have been with the Gunnevera horse.

Thus, with all that vast experience, Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in the US

Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories
Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories

Antonio Sano achieves 700 victories in the USA

Until April 2019, this coach had 600 victories on US soil.

And in less than a year, Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in that country that opened the doors for him when everything seemed finished.

Which speaks to the tenacity, discipline and talent of one of the best horse trainers in Venezuela, and that due to the organized underworld he had to leave his country.

Reviewing his work in the North country, for November 2017, the press reports that the Creole gets his eighth title:

Antonio Sano reaches the eighth title in the United States, adding 16 victories and $ 410,333 won against 11 laurels and $ 253,860 that he had at the time, Ralph Ziadie, also an equestrian coach.

For 2019, the name of Antonio Sano is also enlarged through another Venezuelan, it is the rider Emisael Jaramillo. Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories and Jaramillo supported him to achieve such an achievement.

Who driving Gunnevera in the UAE manages to rank in the top five in the Dubai World Cup.

Performance with which they highlight the horse, the jockey, but also the trainer who day by day works with them to teach them techniques and skills.

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Victoria 400 in the United States. The previous step for Antonio Sano.

Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in the US but this was only a long journey.

It was February 2016, when the press already announced that the Venezuelan had 400 victories in the United States.

And it is that this triumph is achieved through the mare Penetta.

Said lifetime victory in this country, he also obtains in Gulfstream Park, in Florida, during the third race of the program back then.

The mare Penetta, ran under the colors of Guarnieri Stables and led by Luis Sáez, the same jockey with whom Sano has completed the 700 awards.

For that occasion, Sáez won a claim for $ 21,000 over a distance of 1,600 meters, one mile.

This three-year-old mare was also a favorite in the race, leaving $ 7.40 at the box office.

With 13 victories and more than $ 260,000 in production, he is the Antonio Sano who achieved 700 victories.

A Venezuelan coach who left his country as a result of two kidnappings and who started from scratch in North America, was considered among the top 10 coaches in Gulfstream Park.

Venezuelan pride: Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories

After going through very strong personal moments that forced him to leave Venezuela, Antonio Sano is one of those horse riding characters that fill his heart with pride.

And it is that during the first quarter of 2020 it already has 700 victories in the United States, a country in which it has lived for 10 years.

He is currently recognized in that country and considered an excellent coach, not to mention the good reputation he has in Venezuela and the triumphs he achieved.

A family passion

Born on January 4, 1963, Antonio Sano carries in his veins a passion for horses and horse riding.

And is that his grandfather and an uncle, also have a history with these animals.

During the so-called romantic period in Venezuela, Antonio’s grandfather, Antonio Fórmica, his uncle Filipo Ceto and his father, were involved in the equestrian world.

That is why when Antonio said he wanted to train horses it did not sound crazy.

On the contrary, he left the Electronic Engineering career at the Simón Bolívar University, one of the best in the country, to dedicate himself to equine training, from which he would later graduate.

With the support of his father, Salvatore, Antonio Sano begins his new route to the equestrian world.

Once he starts there, he takes his first steps in the stables of Guillermo Andrade, Vincenzo Lombardi and ends with Julio Ayala Coronil (who, in turn, is his best man).

As you can see, Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in the USA because he has it in his blood.

Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in US
Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in US

Antonio debuted as coach in 1988

On May 12, 1988, Antonio Sano debuted as a horse trainer.

The name of that first horse that he presents for a 1,700 meter race is Oswa and it was led by jockey José Francisco Delgado.

Although that debut did not include victory, it left him the experience and the desire to move on.

His first victory was with La Orchila, ridden by José Réquez, on Friday May 27, 1988.

After seeing these results, people began to know him and entrust him with the training of their horses. So, soon after, I had a full stable and 29 victories.

Results that place him third in Statistics and award him the merit of Revelation Trainer.

By 1989, he had 101 wins.

In 1991 he achieved his first classic, the Asoprica, with the Harpagón horse.

From there onwards came many successes for his career, as everything in life had its ups and downs, but thanks to his effort and tenacity he came out on top.

Antonio sana achieved 700 victories after a vast journey and a great experience of years.

The kidnapping marked a before and after for Antonio Sano

This coach, Antonio Sano, was known to everyone by the media. Especially known to those who have a great fondness for the world of horse racing. This famous racing man was kidnapped twice.

The first time under the express modality. This one consists of taking the victim to the ATM to withdraw as much money as possible.

And the second time was the most dramatic, lonely, and painful.

This coach lived the darkest chapter of his life.

“On July 24, 2009, they took me from my house at 5:25 in the morning, going to the racecourse. Organized people, all the time blindfolded, I never knew who they were, ”Sano told La Nación newspaper.

For 36 days the most recognized coach in Venezuela was kidnapped, isolated from his family and the rest of the world.

Locked up and tied up, he lost 15 kilos and his family had to pay a ransom for his freedom.

“I spent it trying not to lose track of day and night until liberation day came, when the torment ended.”

He never saw his captors’ faces, nor did the police know who they were.

The truth is that after being released he spent a few days in the hospital and later emigrated to the United States where he currently lives and works.

It should be noted that this man had to start from scratch in a foreign country, but thanks to the support provided by his guild colleagues, he was able to overcome it.

Perhaps the harsh tests strengthened it. The truth is that after that and starting from scratch Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories and is only the beginning.

Thanks to hard tests Antonio Sano achieved 700 victories in the US

If it weren’t for the kidnapping, Antonio Sano would have stayed in Venezuela. Certainly no one wants to spend 36 days in captivity, but life has mysterious paths.

Thanks to his experience in Venezuela, as a coach and as a kidnapper, Antonio Sano ended up in the United States.

It is thanks to a history of perseverance and pain that today Antono Sano achieved 700 victories in the USA. Let us learn to rise stronger from our defeats and we will achieve more than we think.






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