//Leticia García Cotanda – Spanish Amazon
Leticia García Cotanda and Runa winners

Leticia García Cotanda – Spanish Amazon

In the world of equestrian competitions there are outstanding amazons that leave the female genre high. These spaces have been conquered little by little by women like the Spanish Leticia García Cotanda, who not only lives in this world but also spends her time and effort to serve as counselor in the company Imper. For this reason we will deepen in relation to the multifaceted trajectory of this amazon.

Leticia García Cotanda was born on March 10 of the year 2000. Of sign piscis she is a sensitive person, lover of the animals and very kind. It is difficult to obtain personal information because it is especially reserved given his personality and his sign.

RUNA - Leticia Garcia Cotanda

Leticia García Cotanda and her horse Runa

Runa the mare of Leticia García Cotanda, was raised by Ana Beca and mounted by Paula Moya, was imposed in one of the tests of the second day of CES Valencia.

At the CES Valencia facilities the first five-star national of the season is being played. On the second day he won the 1.20 meter “Runa” (“Nicolo” and “Nursia 76”, for “Lacros”).

The Runa mare is being assembled at the CES by Paula Moya, after having run the Spanish Championship for Minors of Segovia with its owner, the Valencian Leticia García Cotanda.

Leticia García Cotanda in the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour of Oliva Nova

In the small Grand Prix of the penultimate day the Spaniard Jorge Juárez stood out and had a great performance with “U Watch” – Jorge Juarez finished with a double course without fail and in a time that allowed him to be third. Small Grand Prix was won by Josep Clayton of British nationality with his horse “Carolus K Dhi”.

The Silver Tour Grand Prix was won by Marc Battinger. The German, who is shining with his own light in the tests this week, which adds several wins, led the classification with “Cádiz”.

Álvaro Díaz was the best of the Spaniards in the table, occupying the third place with “Carlton 14”. The second place in the table was for Leticia García Cotanda jnto with “Runa” who won in the Bronze Tour 2.

This was one of the last presentations of Leticia García Cotanda towards April 2018.

Spring tour 2018 - RUNA 1.20 Leticia Garcia Cotanda


Regional show jumping championship

In relation to the CES Valencia has hosted the regional championships jumping and jumping with ponies of the Valencian Community.

In the category of Adults, Charo Ortells won the gold with “Rodin La Gaffeliere” after completing the three qualifying tests without fouls. It was necessary a jump-off to decide the silver and bronze medals, in which Laura Tomás Isach won with “Concetta 15”. The bronze medal went to Malorie Baert with “Piccolo Galant”.


Leticia García Cotanda and Runa
Leticia García Cotanda and Runa

On the other hand, it was also not necessary to jump-start in the category of Young Riders. Vincet Trutschler with “Oursun Quenny Rubin” finished without demolitions and took the gold. In addition, Ana Martinez de Vallejo with “Caspar II” was silver with four points. While Manon Gobatto occupied the third position with “Rubens Light”.

Finally, in the Juvenile category * the gold was for cedric Trutschler with “Oursun Caretanos”. Antonio Fuentes with “Al Centor” and Carmen Llácer with “Hijacker vd Horts” had to break the tie to decide the silver and bronze medals. Likewise, Leonie Truschler with “Oursun Cariana” won gold in the Youth category. Leticia garcía Cotanda was silver with “Runa”, closing the box White Orón with “Mistral”.

How is Leticia García Cotanda and her personal life?

Below we can see a video of his birthday party number 18 that is on YouTube. It is easy to smile and friendly while her performance marks her as a determined woman. Her friendships appreciate her and you can see her tears of emotion come to her.

Being a Pisces sign, he is known to be sensitive and kind. His dreamy and diverse character makes him dedicate himself to multiple activities. Some sources indicate that she is currently studying Marketing and therefore maintains her career as an outstanding Amazonas on stand-by. We hope to see you soon on the equestrian circuits.

Since his birthday is March 10 and we are March 13 from here we send him happy late birthday and we wish him to continue advancing with his dreams.

Leticia García Cotanda on a beach
Leticia García Cotanda on a beach






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