//Mounted police of Chile
Mounted Police of Chile

Mounted police of Chile

Mounted police of Chile

In several countries, since ancient times the police with horses have been taken as reference. This is a resource used by countries such as the United States, Japan, Italy and France. All this in order to maintain public order and have easier access to different areas. However, if horses are used in the security corps, personnel must be trained to deal with situations related to horses. It is for this reason that we will deepen in relation to the Mounted Police of Chile.

Carabineros de Chile - Policía Montada

Police from Chile (Carabineros)

It is the police of Chile, which integrates the Forces of Order and Security of Chile. This organization was created on April 27, 1927, its name derives from the cavalry corps that carried a weapon called a carbine. Its motto is «Order and Homeland» and its symbol are two crossed carbines.

Training of the Mounted Police of Chile

In relation to the academic training of the Aspirants to Officers should see subjects related to the care and maintenance of the horse. As well as, its anatomy and basic physiology, the most common diseases among others.

In addition, they should learn about the presentation of the equine for mounted police services. On the other hand, the capabilities of this as a police resource against environmental stimuli.

Also perform Mounted Instruction, applying techniques and tactics of mounted police services.

Objectives of the specialized course of the Carabineros personnel as Mounted Police Instructors

Mounted Police of Chile
Mounted Police of Chile

Course objectives of the Carabineros staff as Mounted Police Instructors. To train them, also to plan, organize and execute mounted police services. The staff that develops this course, acquires sufficient skills and abilities to conduct instruction classes mounted to personnel of different departments that have horses, as well as for the training of horses in order to perform police service mounted throughout the national territory.

Purpose of the Mounted Police of Chile

The mounted police reinforces security in the center of Santiago. The carabineros who ride on horseback through the main arteries of the capital belong to the 51st Police Station and have the duty to prevent criminal acts in the downtown area of the city.

This modality is a way of giving greater security to the center of Santiago, through what the presence of the mounted carabiniere means. These actions are not only focused on improving safety indexes. But also, to carry out an informative task and at the same time a work of approach to the community.

Within the areas served are the center of Santiago, the Santa Lucia hill, the Forest Park, Américo Vespucio, Central Station, Parque de los Reyes and the center of Maipú. These and other measures implemented by the uniformed police and the Government contribute to providing greater security to Chilean citizens.

Functions of the Carabineros:

Defines its mission in the fulfillment of seven fundamental roles: Preventive, control of public order, education, social solidarity, service, national integration and environmental impact.







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