//Russell Baze, the rider with the most victories in the U.S.

Russell Baze, the rider with the most victories in the U.S.

Russell Baze is a Canadian jockey who has marked an era and wrote his own story. He is the rider with the most victories in the American turf with 12,844 victories. It belongs to a time of the legend of horse racing with Jorge Ricardo.

Jorge Ricardo and Russell Baze had a great rivalry. Although Ricardo does not have the most wins in the U.S. turf, he has the most World Turf wins with 13,124.

Both were outpacing each other during a season where injuries ended up tipping the scales for one or the other. No doubt this is a story to tell later. For now, we will tell you the story of Russell Baze, the Canadian who conquered the American equestrian.

Russell Baze was recognized for his career and is a member of the American Equestrian Hall of Fame and the Washington State Sports Hall of Fame.

Russell Baze is the proof that perseverance and hard work pay off. Baze was not one of the highest-earning riders of his time. However, he was one of those riders who started early and with discipline participated in many races.

With a career that spanned the space of 40 years, Russell Baze participated in more than 50,000 races. With these numbers, the rider averages a participation of just under 4 races per day throughout his entire professional career. This is a demonstration of dedication, perseverance, and love for your profession. Without a doubt, Russell Baze is an example for new generation athletes.

Next, let’s get to know a little about his personal life.

Russell Baze 12,000 Wins! - Watch the Dramatic Finish

Russell Baze’s passion comes in the blood.

Russell Baze holds U.S. and Canadian citizenship. His family was American, but Russell was born on August 7, 1958 when his father was in Vancouver competing in the city’s Exhibition Park. This gave Russell his dual citizenship.

But most incredible of all, Russell’s father, Joe Baze, was competing in Vancouver in a horse race. Whether fate had prepared this life for him, or his father transmitted his passion for horses, Russell followed in his father’s footsteps. Russell Baze became one of the most influential and famous Jockeys in history.

The truth is that Joe Baze was not the only Jockey in his family, as the Baze family has in its history numerous jockeys of excellent performance.

Even one of his cousins, Michael Baze, was a famous rider who lost his life at the height of his career.

His wife Tami is his support and his stability. Russell Baze recognizes that, thanks to his wife Tami, he had the necessary stability to devote himself to his career as a professional rider. Baze was united in marriage to his wife at the age of 20 and they remain very happy. Together they had 4 children. Coincidentally, his daughter Trinity is married to jockey Kyle Kaenel. Kyle’s father, Jack Kaenel, is famous for winning the Preakness Stakes at the young age of 16, quite an achievement.

As we can see, Russell Baze and his family carry in their blood the hipism. Maybe in a few years we’ll see Russell Baze’s grandson dotting the U.S. turf winners’ boards.

The professional career of Russel Baze.

He began his career in 1974 at Walla Walla in Washington state at the age of 16. That same year he achieved his first victory on the tracks at the racetrack in the city of Yakima, in the same state of Washington. At first, he did not stand out much but in only 6 years he managed to get his name to begin to be recognized.

In his entire professional career, he managed to have a quarter of the races culminate in victory and more than half finish them on the podium. It is no small thing to say this when we talk about a route of more than 53,000 races.

Russell Baze is considered to be the athlete with the most professional sports performances in the history of the world.

Between 1994 and 2012 its profits were above 5 million dollars per year. Likewise, his winning percentage was above a quarter of the races. Without a doubt, Russell Baze’s career is impressive. He is an example of perseverance for new generation athletes.

Russell Baze’s film career

One of the things that may surprise us most about Russell Baze is his versatility. We cannot deny that his dedication and perseverance in the world of American equestrian made him stand out. But Canadian jockey Russel Baze didn’t settle for his equestrian career alone.

The Canadian rider has appeared in at least three film productions, all of them documentary. Russell is comfortable with the camera and recounting his experiences. His adventures began with a documentary about “Lost in the Fog” a champion horse that changed the lives of its owner and trainer but was hit by tragedy at its best. Russell Baze was one of the riders and appears as part of the team that received this hard news.

The other two productions have to do with their direct environment.

Finally, he appeared in a short documentary that paid tribute to jockey Kyle Kaenel, recounting his story and his brilliant but short career. Kyle is the son of Jack Kaenel, most famous for being the youngest winner of an American triple crown race.

At just 16, Kyle Kaenel’s father won the Preakness Stakes in 1982. Since Kyle is Russell Baze’s son-in-law, it was normal for Baze to be called in to participate, as a family member, celebrity, and sports connoisseur.

Finally, it shows the achievements of Russell Baze and asks a big question How is it possible that his achievements have not been more publicized? A must-see movie for horse racing lovers.

Next, we will give some small details of each of these film productions. In them Russell Baze demonstrated his charisma and his connection with the camera.

Lost in the Fog with Russell Baze
Lost in the Fog with Russell Baze

Russell Baze’s discipline and versatility

Russell Baze, like Gustavo Mirabal, are people who are not satisfied with being one-dimensional. They are able to get involved in various facets and all of them do so with a high level of professionalism.