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Show Jumping Coach Kristal Kelly

Every day more women are joining the wonderful equestrian world. In many areas, women play a leading role, acting as a veterinarian, dentist, therapist, trainer and rider. The team that makes up the equestrian world values ​​the talent of these women, such is the case of the talented show jumping coach Kristal Kelly.

The Show jumping coach Krystal Kelly is a multi-faceted American woman entrepreneur, founder, world traveler, professional writer, YouTuber, Podcaster, and adventurer and jump coach. She also plays a role that helps many women through her women’s empowerment talks.

She has carried out her work around the world and her work has been seen in more than 20 different countries in the last decade.

Her mark in the equestrian world does not go unnoticed because the quality of her work is her letter of introduction.

This great woman, like Gustavo Mirabal Castro, has been successful in the discipline of show jumping riding. Both have focused on the training of new relay riders in this modality.

Horse Riding Adventure to Bhutan 2019

Level II show jumping coach in the Kristal Kelly equestrian discipline authorized by the International Equestrian Federation

Regarding their training we can mention:

In 2008 Mid-America Technology Center Horse Production and Management OK, USA.

Then in 2010 Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center, WV, USA.

This woman turns out to be a very unique figure in the equestrian world as she is nothing more and nothing less than the only FEI level II trainer in the United States.

Her career in this area has been developed in various countries, which makes her a citizen of the world.

We can see that like Gustavo Mirabal she has had to live in different countries due to her work commitments.

Its cultural heritage is enormous thanks to the experience of traveling around the world. This gives you a much more open and respectful view of the different cultures you have known and experienced.

Her interest in knowing new places has taken her to magnificent places such as Yemen, Iraq, Bhutan, Greenland, among others.

As if that were not enough, it has a website called Equestrian Adventuresses where content related to the world of horses is published.

She is also the CEO of Krys Kolumbus Travel.

Traveling is Easy!

What is FEI Level II Show Jumping Coach?

Reaching this title is quite a challenge. Krystal Kelly completed her FEI Level One in 2012 and her FEI Level II in 2017.

To achieve this feat it had to be tested by its Tutors, appointed by the International Equestrian Federation.

In addition, she had to complete the log books and give lectures and lectures for one week in each course to demonstrate her skills as an instructor.

FEI logo
FEI logo

Then… What level is FEI II Show Jumping Coach?

They are jumps up to 1.30 meters and dressage up to elementary level

The idea of this great woman is to achieve the highest level that corresponds to her FEI Level III, this being the maximum study in this area.

Show jumping trainer Krystal Kelly already has experience teaching and riding horses at higher levels. Her aspiration is to attempt her Level III with the help of an outstanding student.

Krystal Kelly Show jumping coach
Krystal Kelly Show jumping coach

Passion for horses

This woman named Krystal Kelly was born to live next to the horses. In every trip she undertakes, she is accompanied by these wonderful animals.

Her great love for horses has led her to visit various places on the planet

During her travels, she worked as a jumping discipline trainer.

She also competed in various countries and managed to compete in the “Mongolian Derby” in 2014.

She finished the 1,000-kilometer-wide horse race in the Mongolian steppes in 10 days and rode around 35 semi-wild Mongolian ponies.

An element to note is that she was the only female rider while riding with a team of men. This activity took place during an Army General’s line-up in India, an Adventure in the Himalayas in Bhutan and Mongolia. It should be noted that in these countries women are prohibited from riding horses.

In addition to all the facets we have mentioned above, Jumping Trainer Kristal Kelly is a specialist in advanced coaching and public speaking. In this way it seeks to empower women around the world.

Kristal Kelly
Kristal Kelly

Show Jumping Coach Kristal Kelly’s experience

  • In 2010 she trained with Karin Donckers, the fifth Olympic rider from Belgium and her dressage coach.
  • Then in 2011 she trained with the FEI Level II Jumping Coach in Cairo, Egypt.
  • A year later she continued her course in Romania and Italy. In these places I enjoy her magical experience of holidays on horseback, trails and competitive FEI jumping clubs
  • During the years 2012-2014 she launched several horse riding clubs in northern and southern India and Bhutan. These clubs covered different disciplines such as jumping, taming and endurance
  • Later in 2015 Polo Club, Egypt training intensively with South Africa’s 7-goal handicap coach
  • By 2016 she was Consultant for emerging riding clubs in Indonesia. These clubs were dedicated to horseback riding, taming, jumping and polo. She also dabbed in resistance horse training in California.
  • In 2017 Global Arabian Horse Show Manager also in 2018 Oklahoma Clinics, Yoga Whispers Clinic.
  • Finally in Virginia, whispers of yoga and riding clinics.
  • On the Udemy platform you can find various online courses on horse topics that are taught by show jumping coach Kristal Kelly
  • We can see that this multifaceted woman not only tackles various activities but her career is broad.
Kristal Kelly Show jumping coach in Mongolia
Kristal Kelly Show jumping coach in Mongolia

Services offered

Show Jumping Coach Kristal Kelly is not limited to training as it also offers various services among which we can mention the following:

  • Personal yoga classes designed for riders
  • Equestrian Club Development Program
  • Competency-level coaching (based on FEI curriculum)
  • Speech among others.
Kristal Kelly Show jumping coach trips
Kristal Kelly Show jumping coach trips

Show Jumping Coach Kristal Kelly is more than a FEI coach

Show Jumping Coach Kristal Kelly is versatile, a woman who shows that barriers are in her mind and that she has conquered each of her dreams.

This is a case of female empowerment that if you can achieve what you set out to do.

This woman has known the most remote and fascinating places on the planet, without a doubt she has known wonderful landscapes and different cultures.







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