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St. Moritz horse race

The horse races that take place in most countries are carried out in facilities made for this. However, Europe has the distinction of performing these competitions on the shore of a beach. But this time it is unique, because they are made on a frozen lake. It’s about the St. Moritz Horse Race

Likewise, in the world of horse racing they compete for great prizes where horses and riders give their best to achieve the best possible results. For this reason, the most outstanding pairs of horses and riders meet each year to compete in the St. Moritz Horse Race.

This event takes place in the month of February and attracts thousands of fans these come together on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. The crowd gathers to enjoy these unique horse races in the majestic Engadine mountain scenery.

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These equestrian competitions, especially the St. Moritz Horse Race, represent an attraction for lovers of the world of horse riding. These can not only enjoy these events. But you can also enjoy the stunning landscapes of Switzerland that are a paradise.

Galloping races are held in the framework of these equestrian events. Also the trotting races, equine competitions. In effect, this is a genuine attraction for equestrian enthusiasts.

The horse racing competitions of St. Moritz are given in galloping mode. Likewise, the speed race of 1300 meters, in terms of the race of the trotters, the races are 1700 meters away.

St. Moritz, Switzerland
St. Moritz, Switzerland

History of the St. Moritz Horse Race

As every equestrian event had a starting point, this takes place annually in February. There the St. Moritz Horse Race is held, called the White Turf in a Swiss town of St. Moritz.

The White Turf is one of the oldest and bombastic races of the planet and it has been done since 1907. That is to say, it is currently 112 years old.

The great charming point of these races is that they take place on the snow and the frozen lake. It also has a height of more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

There are several competitions that develop during the St. Moritz Horse Race. Among the most prominent are the horse-drawn carriages, or that of skaters potentially driven by horses.

The skikjöring in the St. Moritz Horse Race

The White Turf - St. Moritz Horse Race
The White Turf – St. Moritz Horse Race

Equestrian racing competitions Credit Suisse Skikjöring of White Turf. These are unique, that is, nowhere else on the planet can you enjoy this wonder. So it is an essential reason that attracts thousands of people from all over the planet.

This race of St. Moritz consists of the participants running 2700 meters on skis pulled by a thoroughbred horse without a rider. In this way you can get speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. The duration of these events last approximately three weeks and whoever is the champion gets the title of King of the Engadine throughout the year.

As of 2016, the St. Moritz race called “skikjöring” acquired an added value which makes it more attractive to the public. So the official sponsor of these equestrian games, Credit Suisse, celebrated 40 years in style. In this way, whoever wins, that is to say, the King of the Engadine, obtains apart from the already customary prize, a glass made by native artists of that country.

Activities during St. Moritz Horse Race

In addition to the St. Moritz Horse Race, people can also enjoy live concerts, gastronomy, art and culture, shopping, among others. There are also activities where all the members of the family can be integrated.

For the enjoyment of all these recreational activities you must take precautions and arrive ahead of time to the site. There the inhabitants of the zone offer their greater hospitality through a team of volunteers. They join the entire team that is responsible for the organization of these St. Moritz Horse Race.

St. Moritz at this time becomes a meeting point for assistants inhabitants of the area and travelers. In addition, prominent personalities of the world of knowledge, politics, owners of equines, instructors and assemblers make an appearance.

As we can see the meeting of all this conglomerate achieves an authentic space. During the three Sundays where the St. Moritz Horse Race events take place. In effect it turns the White Turf into a meeting of many people practicing a unique career in the world.

White Turf of St.Moritz - Focus on the Gubelin race

In relation to the awarding of the St. Moritz Horse Race, cash prizes of around half a million Swiss francs are given. Therefore White Turf distributes much more money than any other equestrian event in that country.

This St. Moritz Horse Race event is commonly known as the European Snow Championships. Consequently, this makes it the best-known and best-awarded race in Switzerland.

Safety in the race of horses on an icy lagoon

For the execution of the St. Moritz Horse Race specifically the white turf is performed under the inclement winter weather in the month of February.

Due to the climatic conditions during its realization, everyone’s safety is paramount. All must take security measures, spectators and participants, both riders and horses. The preventive measure is revised from the month of December.

Therefore one of the requirements is the use of special shoes to avoid slipping. As for the horses, you must also take measures, that is, special horseshoes. Ultimately the best thing is prevention and so enjoy these holidays with tranquility.

In conclusion

The St. Moritz Horse Race maintains a long-standing trajectory where its assistants enjoy a diversity of recreational activities. Besides, this is a unique race in the world. What makes it more attractive for lovers of horse racing.

On the other hand Switzerland is one of those European countries with lovely landscapes so that visitors not only have the option of watching horse races. But you can enjoy this paradise that has beautiful mountains, lakes and an impressive history.

Riding offers the opportunity to perceive the beauty of horses. But it also allows you to enjoy the culture and the people where these events take place. As the public enjoys its hospitality, cuisine and culture that these natives very kindly share with tourists.

In short, a very unique horse race like the St. Moritz Horse Race in its different activities. So lovers of this equine world at least once in life should enjoy the benefits of this great and unique show.

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