//The great tamer Alejandro Asencio

The great tamer Alejandro Asencio

Alejandro Asencio Méndez, is a native of Seville and has lived in Marbella for almost a decade.

This great Spanish rider is 33 years old, currently he is training at the facilities of “Dos Lunas” (Sotogrande).

The beginning of this great tamer Alejandro Asencio was from his childhood and he had the privilege of having a horse before his arrival in this world.

Regarding being tamer Alejandro Asencio said the following:

“I think that since I was born this destination was written for me and thanks to my family I was able to continue …”

Although its parents had nothing to do with horses, there was a relative of this rider who had the facilities and their horses.

This Spanish tamer started in the world of horse riding specifically in the discipline of dressage.

Then he began to inquire about dressage through print and audiovisual media.

With the information he found he immediately identified with this discipline of horsemanship. For this reason, he projected himself into the future and fulfilled his dream as the great horse tamer he is today.

A great motto of this rider is the following:

“My goal is to improve myself every day and enjoy the day to day with my horses. I have dreams in my head, but the main thing is to be a better rider every day “

Alejandro Asencio y FOCUS en la entrega de premios GP CDI3 Niza

Dalio the favorite horse of great tamer Alejandro Asencio

Without a doubt, each rider has felt identified with a particular horse with which he manages to make a very special connection.

This is the case of the Dalio horse, this being a horse that positively marked Alejandro Asencio’s experience in the world of horse riding.

In this regard Asencio mentions the following:

“That name, every time I pronounce it or hear it, my body reacts positively and joyfully”

The gratitude and love that this rider feels towards the Dalio horse are infinite. Well, next to this equine I spend true moments of happiness.

“We have lived many things together and I think that with no one I was as complicity as with him, we have been tooth and nail and we know each other so well that it was all like a dream”

The bond that is generated between rider and horse is indescribable, it becomes a sublime experience.

This same experience was lived by Gustavo Mirabal Castro with his beloved Tropigold horse.

Alejandro Asencio Méndez
Alejandro Asencio Méndez

Withdrawal of the great horse Dalio

This is a true example to follow for all those who have horses in equestrian competitions. Well these animals deserve a calm and harmonious finish after they’ve given so much.

In this sense, the great tamer Alejandro Asencio has made the right decision to withdraw him from the competitions.

The equine specimen is in optimal health conditions, the decision to withdraw it is so that it can live the rest of its remaining health and continue enjoying this wonderful horse.

Alejandro Asencio continues to ride it every day. The Dalio horse enjoys his freedom and walks.

The important thing is that it no longer has the constant pressure that the competencies demand.

Ideally, this specimen serves as a stallion and thus continue with the lineage of this great animal

A true example of the care of horses by the great tamer Alejandro Asencio:

“He will never leave home and I will take care of him until the end”


Without a doubt this is the happy ending that the horses that participate in competitions deserve.

Tamer Alejandro Asencio
Tamer Alejandro Asencio

Alejandro and Gustavo Mirabal, men linked to the world of horse riding

There are riders who leave a great legacy in the world of horse riding, therefore both Alejandro Asencio and Gustavo Mirabal are two men linked to the equestrian world.

Alejandro Asencio states that one of the wonderful experiences of this is his first triumph with the Dalio horse.

That is why of all the beautiful moments they have lived together, it is memorable:

“Our first competition, when people still thought i was crazy. For me it was a pride and also to feel how happy it was… for me that was the best ”

The resilience that the Dalio horse cultivated and coupled with the care that its new owner gave it not only made it recover, but also emerged as the Phoenix Bird to succeed in equestrian competitions

Alejandro Asencio and his successful horses

This great Spanish tamer has achieved success with three horses: Dalio, Gaviao and Focus.

These equines are the result of the work and dedication that Alejandro Asencio has put in. The equines, which little by little have trained and managed to be in the first places

In relation to the Focus horse it is necessary to continue working on dressage, However this is a horse that has great potential. This according to the vision of its own tamer.


Just as Gustavo Mirabal Castro had an equestrian dream, Alejandro Asencio also has it and that is that his goal is to have one of the best stables in the world.

Asencio has his “eye to see the potential in the horses” an in this regard, he expressed the following:

“When I see a horse that impresses me and that has something that is not normal and is within my reach, I usually buy it to do my project. Train it and take it to a high level ”

In summary

To finish we leave you a phrase from Alejandro Asencio the great tamer:

“Be very patient and make decisions with your heart.”

On the other hand, the love and respect of this man towards horses speaks volumes about his nobility with animals.

In this regard, he mentioned the following:

“Above all, treat horses with the greatest possible respect, take care of them as the athlete they are, have a lot of patience and be carried away by the heart, so they will give you much more”

Without a doubt it is a true example to follow for all those people who have one or more horses.

Alejandro Asencio and Gustavo Mirabal two great men of horsemanship who have contributed great value to the Spanish horse riding. Without a doubt, two men linked to horse riding and with great results.




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