//Trainer Manuel Medina Pérez
Manuel Medina Pérez

Trainer Manuel Medina Pérez

Horse trainer Manuel Medina Pérez

In the equestrian world, it is not only the rider and the horse who achieve the goals. The issue goes far beyond that, since it involves a multifaceted team so that everything is in order. This is where the important role of the horse’s trainer comes into play, since the horse molds it until it reaches an obedient horse with a balanced behavior. These mentioned characteristics are indispensable if you want to go far in the field of equestrian competitions. That is why in this article we will discuss everything related to the horse trainer Manuel Medina Pérez.

Biography of Manuel Medina Pérez

Manuel Medina Pérez. He was born on September 10, 1941 in the city of Caracas. Coming from a very humble family, son of Ángel Rafael Medina and Petra Pérez de Medina, forming a large family of seven brothers.

Since childhood, I have done a variety of jobs among them: selling newspapers, cleaning shoes. He successfully completed his Baccalaureate studies, entering the superior equation, specifically at the School of International Studies of the Central University of Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela). However, he moved away from diplomacy, to enter the horse trainer school.

Manuel Medina Pérez
Manuel Medina Pérez

Beginnings of Manuel Medina Pérez as trainer

I started an internship in Carlos Quezada’s block in this cycle, his apprenticeship lasted 5 years of hard work. This is how Manuel Medina, once his training was completed, went to the Municipal Hippodrome of Ciudad Bolivar to do internships for three months and obtain his registration on April 10, 1967. Once graduated, he returned to the La Rinconada Racetrack. Practice as a coach in the capital of the Republic.


  • The first copy he presented brought him many satisfactions as he won the triumph for six bodies, the mare Betania (which was in the block of Domingo Noguera Mora) mounted by Silvio Miranda on April 21, 1967.
  • In 1968 Dr. Juan Lechín gives him some evicted horses, making Don Manuel a great effort but without managing to win. Then Mr. Oscar Esté appears and gives the horse Lobrel (who came from the block of Millard Faris Ziadie) and managed to reappear in a triumphant manner, resulting in a tremendous bump.
  • There they began to come copies to the stable and little by little it begins to open way in this difficult profession. Drs. Nepalese Martinez Natera and Edgar Pizani bought him an Argentine horse called Carven, that horse won 13 races in a year (including the Preparatory for the Armed Forces Classic).
  • With a lot of perseverance he managed to win his first Classic, the Armed Forces in 1972 with Provocón, masterfully led by “El Diablo” Ángel Francisco Parra.
  • He was the first coach of Lavandín the best son of the stallion Lavandero
Clasico Republica de Venezuela 1976

Experience in the United States

  • He won several races, including his first class classic, the Florida Turf Cup Handicap, with Perfect Parade
  • Trained Benemérito and won an Allowance in Gulfstream Park, after winning the Classic of the Caribbean in 1986.
  • He had a Trampoline, the triplecoronado Catire Bello who participated in the Derby Trial in 1992.
  • Has won the Lexington Stakes and Hutcheson Stakes with My Luck Runs North in 1995 (he ran in the Kentucky Derby and arrived in the eighth box).
  • Mrs. Ana María Freudman gave On Retainer, who won the Talahasse Handicap. With Perfect Parade he also obtained the American Handicap.
  • Other classic winners were Let’s Be Alert, Lake Shore, Baby Millie, Alynar, Incredible Bulk, Tepexpan, Silverside.
  • In short, he has won about 1000 races in the United States.

In summary, coach Manuel Medina has not only excelled in the world of Venezuelan horse racing. But also in the United States. Where our tricolor has left high.





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