//Flights in coronavirus times
Safety uniforms

Flights in coronavirus times

Today the dynamics of society have changed, this is due to the current coronavirus pandemic that has plagued society.

The changes have been seen in all facets of the day to day and one of the most affected sectors is tourism. Indeed, the aeronautical sector is seriously affected. In this sense, airlines such as Avianca recently declared bankruptcy and AirCanadá dismissed a large part of its workforce.

That is why airlines have had to reinvent themselves to continue operating. One of the strategies that are very successful is to offer flights in coronavirus times taking into account security measures, that is, “virus-proof” fights.

Estas son las medidas preventivas que tomamos ante el COVID-19

Safety measures on flights of the Emirates airline in coronavirus times

International and national flights in all countries are in a difficult moment, because the uncertainty in which we are living is enormous.

In the case of Dubai, it proposes to reinvent itself and adapt to current conditions. For this, preventive measures must be taken with masks, gloves and protective gowns. These extreme security measures will be the new Emirates airlane “uniforms”.

This gives a guarantee of launching the flights in times of coronavirus “proof-to-everything”. This is happening specifically on the Airline of the United Arab Emirates.

During the time that the pandemic hit the world, the coronavirus has already claimed 318. 554 lives worldwide as of May 19, 2020. For this reason, security measures must be tightened. This way you can avoid the contagion of more people.

It should be noted that all these safety measures on flights in times of coronavirus must be adhered to by travelers and company staff.

Another initiative to protect people is the application of rapid tests for the detection of the coronavirus or covid-19.

The image of people in all this safety clothing can cause a feeling of discomfort. Even the situation can be seen as a distopia that we thought we were never going to live. However, the gravity of the situation leads us to adapt to this new reality.

Safety uniforms
Safety uniforms

Dubai airport dynamics at present

Dubai Airport has a very frequent flight dynamics. This is because this region of the Middle East is a tourist region par excellence.

In the current context, only one of the three terminals of Dubai airport is operating. Therefore, the influx of passengers has decreased, partly due to the prohibition of flights in most countries and second because this region is in quarantine.

The average daily passenger flow at this location is approximately 200,000 passengers. In quarantine times few are queued by the number of people. Such persons must still maintain social estrangement, which ranges between a meter and a half and two meters.

To comply with security measures, you must be willing to undergo temperature control with a thermal imager.

All this in order to maintain security measures and take care of everyone’s health.

Flights in coronavirus times
Flights in coronavirus times

Humanitarian flights in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic

Many people were taken by surprise quarantined by the coronavirus pandemic, stranded in other countries. Faced with this situation, Dubai took the lead requesting a special permit to take hundreds of people to their countries of origin.

It should be noted that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) suspended all passenger flights on March 25 in order to avoid a greater number of people infected with coronavirus or covid-19.

For people to travel on these flights, they must comply with prevention measures. Among them are the following essential measures: covering your hands, nose and mouth during the entire boarding, flight and landing process.

Fortunately, many people have returned to their homes thanks to services to London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris or Zurich, among others.

These flights have the peculiarity that it has a one-way ticket. In addition, it does not accept changes or refunds, and extraordinary hygiene measures.

Emirates airline
Emirates airline

In summary

Flights in times of coronavirus are undoubtedly a challenge for staff and travelers.

For the well-being of all, the ideal is to comply as much as possible with security measures. These repatriation flights are being done by other countries as well.

If we look to the future, it is possible that this dynamic will be permanent for a long time. Therefore, the aviation industry will have to adapt to changes to continue providing its services.

Tourism and the entire chain of services such as hotels, restaurants and tourist sites will also have to reinvent themselves after the pandemic.

Well, it is not yet known how the dynamics of the travelers will be regarding the preventive quarantines and the examinations that must be carried out to enter other countries.




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