//Top 10 Dubai magic buildings – Dubai architecture
Burj Khalifa Hotel

Top 10 Dubai magic buildings – Dubai architecture

Architecture is one of the aspects that people consider when visiting a city. There are cities that combine elements of its ancient architecture with the modern one. Dubai architecture is a space for experimentation and creativity. Learn more about the Dubai architecture.

Architecture and cultural tourism are often strongly linked. This usually happens in European cities. However, there are sites that look for innovation in the architectural world. This is the case of Dubai and in this article we will deepen in this regard.

Dubai is characterized as a city in constant development, a vertical city that has thrived in the desert. Dubai has has “blossomed” in the desert.

Due to its characteristics of being built in a desert, you have important aspects that can be classified as a resilient city.

As an opening of the architecture of Dubai we leave you with the video of the Cayan Tower.

Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates

This city is considered one of the excellent destinations to enjoy the sun all year round. There tourists can get from traditional markets to majestic and imposing shopping centers.

A mixture of sensations is what this city evokes. Since it has the desert, the sea, shopping and skiing.

In simple words Dubai gives you everything that today’s metropolises can only dream of. So in this city you will have maximum fun.

Because of these wonderful characteristics, the city is one of those places with the greatest tourist demand. Tourists who have already visited Dubai usually return and even some continue to frequent it regularly.

One of the aspects that most attracts the attention of this wonderful Emirate is its modern and complex architecture. As a sample of them are the buildings that leave visitors speechless. The Dubai architecture is awesome.


Architecture as an element of economic development

We can see that by the planned construction of the buildings of a city it can be striking for the visitors and their own. Europe still maintain the structure of old buildings but very well maintained.

In North America, both are combined, old buildings considered historic prevail and new and innovative buildings are created. In the rest of America the situation is similar except that there are few skyscrapers that exist.

A fundamental aspect to be taken into account by architects and engineers is the integration of all people. One way to achieve this is to generate spaces with access facilities for people with disabilities.

Dubai undoubtedly is impeccable in the architectural planning of the city. In this, 100% of modern and visually attractive buildings prevail.

Dubai architecture
Dubai architecture

The ten most amazing buildings in Dubai architecture

As we mentioned earlier Dubai is characterized by its iconic buildings. The architecture of Dubai is very unique. That is why we will mention the ten most amazing buildings in Dubai.

1- Burj Khalifa Hotel

It is currently the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa Hotel is 828 meters high and up to 160 floors. It has a spectacular view which you can not miss.

The mere fact of climbing in your maximum speed elevator is an experience that you will want to tell, not to mention the bathroom in the highest pool in the world, on the 76th floor.

Burj Khalifa Hotel
Burj Khalifa Hotel

2- Burj Al Arab Hotel

This hotel is 280 meters from the coast on an artificial island. Only being on an artificial island makes it a masterpiece of architecture.

It looks like the sail of a giant ship, although in reality it is shaped like a dhow, a traditional boat in the area. In this way he pays tribute to his culture making him an icon of the city.

It is the most expensive and luxurious in the world and the only hotel in the world that has 7 stars. You can’t find this in Europe or the United States. This is because Dubai has focused its economy on services, including tourism.

As a curious note we can say that the walls of their rooms are covered with gold and the smaller suites are 170 square meters.

Burj Al Arab Hotel
Burj Al Arab Hotel

3- Hydropolis Submarine Hotel

This underwater hotel is currently under construction and includes three elements: the ground station, the connector tunnel that will serve to transport people to the main area of the hotel by train, and 220 suites.

It covers an area of 260 hectares and is shaped like a 120 meter woven semicircular cylinder. It is submerged in the Persian Gulf just off Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.

The hotel will allow guests to observe fish and other sea creatures.

The beginning of its construction has been postponed several times but the project is still standing and it is predicted a great future.

Hydropolis Submarine Hotel
Hydropolis Submarine Hotel

4- Dubai Sports City

This city is currently under construction and, as the name implies, will be entirely dedicated to sports. The city will have buildings with apartments and many sports infrastructures.

It will also include a cricket stadium for 25,000 spectators, a covered stadium for 10,000 spectators, a hockey stadium with a capacity for 5,000 spectators and an 18-hole golf course designed by the famous Ernie Els.

Dubai Sports City - Dubai Architecture
Dubai Sports City – Dubai Architecture

5- Ski Dubai

This is one of the largest indoor ski resorts in the world. Imagine skiar in Dubai and meet the penguins in the middle of the desert!

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

It has 22,500 square meters of ski area and is part of the Mall of the Emirates, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

Ski Dubai: a Ski Resort in the Desert

6- Mall of the Emirates

This is the most spacious shopping center in Dubai. Today, an even bigger one is being built in the United Arab Emirates.

Its roof is made of glass and in it we can find all kinds of products. In addition, it contains a cinema and a hotel, as well as the Ski Dubai of which we speak in the previous numeral.

7- Cayan Tower

This is one of the new projects that revolutionized Dubai. This is a skyscraper whose floors are rotated are one with respect to the following in the form of a spiral. The innovation of architecture with dynamic sensation makes the project unique in its class. Each floor is displaced 1.2 degrees from the next.

Thanks to its unique features it is the largest spiral skyscraper in the world.

The Cayan tower rotates 90 degrees, has a height of 310 meters and 75 floors. It is inhabited by people of all nationalities and thanks to it is a sample of diversity.

The Cayan Tower is a sample of one of the most important attributes of Dubai architecture. The architecture of Dubai is challenging and daring. That boldness makes this unforgettable.

Dubai Marina and Cayan Tower - Example of Dubai Architecture
Dubai Marina and Cayan Tower – Example of Dubai Architecture

8- The world islands

This is the name of the most yearning project in the city. It is an artificial archipelago located near the coast of Dubai.

The Islands measure approximately 9 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide, while covering 9,340,000 square meters.

It should be noted that it is under construction. It has had several delays due to the global financial crisis and problems with transport and service concessions.

It’s estimated that the islands will contain luxury residences. Currently, only a few islands are commercially exploited. One of them is used for corporate events and public events.

9- Blossoming Dubai

This building is called “Blossoming Dubai” because it has the shape of a blossoming bud.

It is a project carried out by the Greek architecture studio Petra Arquitectos. This is a proposal for the Zaabeel park in Dubai.

It is a beautiful building that will provide 360 degree views of the entire metropolis.

It is currently in the project and contracting process.

Blossoming Dubai - Future of Dubai Architecture
Blossoming Dubai – Future of Dubai Architecture

10- National Bank

This building is located in the eastern part of Dubai, in the district of Deria. It is the headquarters of the national bank of the Emirate (NBD) and is part of the old downtown Dubai.

The building of the National Bank of Dubai m, ide 125 meters and is the tallest building in Deria. This is a perfect sample of Dubai architecture.

Its shape is inspired, once again, in the sails of the boats.

Building of National Bank of Dubai - Dubai Architecture
Building of National Bank of Dubai – Dubai Architecture

In summary

Dubai is one of those cities that any human would like to know in his life. For lovers of good taste, design and architecture is the ideal city to meet. The architecture of Dubai is a sample of where this Arab Emirate is heading. Dubai is a city in motion and if you want to know it you must move quickly.





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