//Most amazing tourist destinations, tourism in Venezuela

Most amazing tourist destinations, tourism in Venezuela

“Venezuela land of grace”, this is how Christopher Columbus described to Queen Isabella what he found on his 3rd trip. Venezuela is a privileged country with a great diversity of ecosystems, a pleasant climate and an enviable geographical location. Today you will know the most incredible tourist destinations in this country and how to do true tourism in Venezuela. Let’s start.

Venezuela is one of those countries that nobody imagines. A small enclave in the Caribbean Sea in a strategic area, full of coasts, mountains, and ancient geological regions.

Its natural beauties have been portrayed in several films, showing that its landscapes have much to offer.

Thanks to its topography and its location near Ecuador, Venezuela has a pleasant climate that varies from the warm dunes, the temperate climate of Caracas and the Andean mountains range and the mountain climate offered by places like Bolívar peak. Tourism benefits greatly from Biodiversity in Venezuela.

In addition to the natural beauties, Venezuela is a place full of culture and affable gentile. You will be able to appreciate the value of the Venezuelan, his joy, customs and his warmth with locals and foreigners.

Venezuela is an impressive place for sightseeing. However, tourism in Venezuela has not been as successful as in other countries. Today we will tell you the wonders that Venezuela has to offer, and why its success has not matched the potential it has.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top tourist destinations in Venezuela - Tourism in Venezuela
Top tourist destinations in Venezuela – Tourism in Venezuela

The most incredible tourist destinations of nature tourism in Venezuela

This is one of the types of passenger cars with the greatest potential. Nature tourism can encompass ecotourism, adventure tourism and rural tourism.

Venezuela has a coastline that makes it rich in beaches. But also, here we find the largest variety of tourist destinations of the most incredible thanks to nature tourism in Venezuela. We can find jungle, desert, snow, plains, mountains, beaches, among others.

The diversity of ecosystems would delight nature lovers.

Some of the most spectacular places in Venezuela to visit you will know below.


The most incredible tourist destinations for sun and beach in Venezuela

The immense Venezuelan coast with the Caribbean Sea in front gives Venezuela optimal conditions for sun and beach tourism. Thanks to the Caribbean Sea we have calm and warm waters. The Venezuelan beaches contrast with the oceanic beaches of Europe, cold and strong tide.

Thanks to this, we can find here some of the most incredible tourist destinations in Venezuela such as:

  • Beaches of Los Roques National Park
  • Morrocoy National Park
  • Mochima National Park
  • The beaches of Margarita Island
  • Coche Island
  • The beaches of La Tortuga Island
Los Roques - The most incredible tourist destinations of tourism in Venezuela
Los Roques – The most incredible tourist destinations of tourism in Venezuela

Why hasn’t tourism in Venezuela exploited its potential?

Venezuela is a country rich in beauty and landscapes, but it is also a country rich in oil. Throughout history, Venezuela has dedicated itself to the most valuable products it has to offer. First it was cocoa, then coffee and finally came the oil stage.

But the difference is that cocoa and coffee were items that required a lot of labor and resources for their production. In addition, its price was determined by the competition.

The case of oil, it was a non-renewable resource that not all countries had. In addition, Venezuela had immense oil reserves.

Oil has become the commodity with the highest profit and utility. This caused a small country with a small population to be overwhelmed by sudden wealth.

Immense oil revenues transformed the Venezuelan economy. The once rural Venezuela is quickly transformed into an oil Venezuela, as Miguel Otero Silva was well able to reflect in his books “Casas Muertas” and “Oficina Nro 1”. In the first book Miguel Otero Silva portrays the death of small towns dedicated to agriculture. In the second he shows us the enormous wealth that oil brought and with it the benefits and evils of the city …

This is how the “monoproducer mania” transformed most Venezuelans from cocoa farmers, coffee farmers to oil industry workers.

The huge Venezuelan state was transformed into the way to get oil from the oil fields to the tables of Venezuelans.

This is how oil took space in the economy from everything that was not black gold. But let’s see a little more about it.


Oil killed tourism

Thus, everything that was not oil or depended on oil was forgotten. Everything could be imported and instead of promoting our beauties, the Venezuelan dedicated himself to seeing the beauties of foreign countries.

And for more problems, we become shopping travelers… The place to admire the landscapes, admire the goods and the first world.

Few were the initiatives that aimed to give foreign tourists and Venezuelans themselves places in Venezuela to know.

This is how places like the Mérida Cable Car, the La Rinconada racetrack, the Caracas cable car or the Humboldt Hotel, at the top of Ávila, emerged.

Despite this, tourism was relegated to the background. Present in the plans of all governments, but being the relegated of all when it comes to investing resources.

The immense resources relegated tourism and all other economic activities because they were less profitable than oil. Everyone wanted their “drop of oil”.

Miguel Otero Silva - Portraitist of Venezuelan Oil Change
Miguel Otero Silva – Portraitist of Venezuelan Oil Change

The most amazing tourist destinations – Tourism in Venezuela looking beyond oil.

Tourism is one of the industries that requires greater integration of the social, commercial and service fabric. The relationship of each of the sectors is indispensable to make it prosper in a sustainable way.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a lover of Venezuelan landscapes, wants to make known both the beauties of Venezuela, as well as its tourist potential and opportunities.

Contributing to the dissemination of national tourism is one of the ways you have to put a grain of sand to boost your country… One of the many grains of sand that is putting to raise the name of Venezuela in sports, business and opportunities.

Attracting attention to tourism is also an opportunity for the actors of the tourism sector to articulate themselves to once and for all give this sector the success it deserves.