//7 Benefits of Horseback Riding
beneficios de montar a caballo en la naturaleza

7 Benefits of Horseback Riding

For many people riding a horse is day to day as they work with these beautiful animals. However, there are people who have never had the opportunity to ride a horse in their life. Today we will talk about the Benefits of Horseback Riding.

In the case of athletes in the equestrian world, they begin to ride horses at a very young age. It makes them develop the necessary skills to control the animal.

People who live in remote places usually have horses to facilitate their day-to-day life as they must travel long distances. At this point the horse becomes an ally of man as it is his means of transport.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro began to ride a horse as a child and was inclined to the discipline of equestrian jumping or show jumping.

People who for one reason or another ride horses benefit from the goodness of the horseback riding.

The horse is an animal that has contributed enormously to the lives of men all over the planet and continues to do so.

The Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

Roles of a horse

Today horse fulfills the role of co-therapist to help people with disabilities and various ailments. So the benefits  of horseback riding for men’s health are endless.

You can also enjoy this beautiful animal on horseback riding through the mountains. In Spain this activity is promoted from equestrian tourism. Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro has enjoyed equestrian tourism in Spain.

The use of horses as the participants in choreography as dancers is a new trend in equestrian shows.

Small breeds such as the pony are usually used as visitors to hospital patients and as an assistance animal.

In state security forces in countries like Spain, Canada, Chile, they use horses as part of the team.

If we follow the list, the horse’s roles are countless. It has been an animal that has accompanied man since ancient times and continues to do so today.

Benefits of horseback riding - Love and Tender
Benefits of horseback riding – Love and Tender

# 1 It is an excellent physical activity

Among the benefits of horseback riding is that it is an excellent physical activity. This is because activities with horses are carried out outdoors.

To start a ride, the person must have command of the horse and have physical conditions.

In this sports activity, the person actively burns calories and strengthens the muscles.

If any discipline of horsemanship is practiced, it requires discipline, perseverance and physical preparation. These elements were taken into account by Gustavo Mirabal to achieve success in the various show jumping competitions.

Without a doubt, horseback riding is an excellent physical activity  and Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro can testify.

# 2 Provides multiple benefits to people with disabilities – Horseback riding

Horse-assisted therapy has great health benefits for people with disabilities and illnesses.

Its scope is wide since it has sensory, physical, cognitive and social benefits for the people who attend this therapy.

As satisfactory results are seen, more horse therapy and rehabilitation centers have been created. In countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Spain and the United States, this therapy is very popular.

The results of horse-assisted therapy speak for themselves in people with disabilities and diseases. It should be noted that there are diseases to which this therapy is contraindicated.

When deciding that a relative participate in this therapy, it is necessary to consult with the doctor who handles their cases.

Equine therapy for Autism
Equine therapy for Autism


# 3 Connect with other people

One of the Benefits of Horseback Riding is that it makes you connect with other people, so the tendency is to stay active.

Talking with other people with similar affinities is ideal and more if it is the subject of horses.

So practicing some discipline of riding will allow you to meet other people from the equestrian world.

These friends will have the same passion and love for horses. In effect this is a connection that creates a special bond. Thus began the romance of the Mirabal Chapellín spouses in the riding practices. This is an element that keeps them together as friends, then as boyfriends and finally as spouses.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro and Carolina Mirabal find them true love through the horseback riding.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro and his wife
Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro and his wife

# 4 Reduce stress

Having an animal be it a dog, a cat or a horse will always relieve people’s burdens. Therefore there is a significant reduction in stress.

So riding a horse lowers blood pressure and hormones associated with stress reactions.

Equine activities provide exercise for people, again highlighting their potential to reduce stress.

So if you have the opportunity to ride a horse, do not hesitate. The benefits of horseback riding it will bring much health to your life.

Reduce stress
Reduce stress

# 5 Improve body perception

Another benefit of riding a horse is that it makes the rider aware of his own body and the position and place it occupies with respect to the environment. In addition, the rider obtains more information about his spatial place and how he can create relationships with that environment.

Benefits of horseback riding Infograph
Benefits of horseback riding Infograph

# 6 Increase self-confidence

Nothing better to increase confidence than “leadership training” because getting an animal of such dimensions to move in a certain direction is a challenge.

It should be noted that at all times the horse must be treated with love and respect. This way the horse will respond much better to what is asked at a certain time. Without a doubt, getting the horse to obey is satisfying for the rider.

This is one of the benefits of Horseback Riding that has benefited Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro. Thanks to that Gustavo Mirabal has become an awesome leader.


# 7 It promotes a union with nature

Being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air can do real wonders in both physical and psychic health. Also, the love, respect, and compassion that develop towards animals is enormous. We always have to treat the horse with subtlety and love. Let us remember that it is a living being that feels and suffers. That is why Gustavo Mirabal Castro loves nature

Benefits of horseback riding
Benefits of horseback riding

The Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding can be fun and enjoyable. But it also provides us with a number of benefits of horseback riding that were described in detail in this article.

If you want to learn to ride a horse, do not forget to seek the help of an expert and maintain the necessary safety measures.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro and his wife María Carolina Chapellín enjoy riding horses and sharing with these wonderful animals to the fullest.







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