//The horse  in Frozen 2 – Gustavo Mirabal

The horse  in Frozen 2 – Gustavo Mirabal

The horse  in Frozen 2 – Gustavo Mirabal

Frozen is a Disney movie. This movie has really pleased the little ones around the world. In this movie we will discover a character that surprisingly acquires great prominence, The horse of Frozen 2.

This film tells the story of two sisters, Ana and Elsa, the latter is the oldest of both and has a mysterious power that allows her to freeze things.

Now in the new installment, we see how Elsa seeks to protect her Kingdom, Arendelle.

Not in the mood to do a spoiler, but Elsa needs answers. Answers she craves from the first movie.

She has tried to know why she has that power to freeze things, but her attempts are failed.

Until in the second “Frozen” movie they explain where they come from.

However, in Frozen 2 a new character appears that amazes by his appearance. It is a new character that appears out of nowhere.

It is a horse formed of water and ice, with penetrating blue eyes that look like a led light.

Who is the horse in Frozen 2? What is the name of the horse in Frozen 2?

Frozen 2, de Disney - Tráiler oficial (subtitulado)


The search for answers from Elsa and the horse in Frozen 2

In search for answers, Elsa tries to cross the sea making an ice path.

That is a very crucial moment in the movie, since seconds later a wave knocks Elsa out to sea.

The road made by Elsa herself collapses with the danger that one of those pieces of ice could kill her.

Once there the horse looks at her and tries to stop her. But Elsa doesn’t stop and keeps trying to cross the ocean.

Else hears a voice that is getting louder and louder. A voice that doesn’t say words, just a melody, but nobody, except Elsa can hear it.

In her heart she senses that this voice guides her to those answers she seeks.

However, to reach “the voice” you will have to face many things and your powers will be put to the test.

Whats the name of the horse in frozen 2?

The horse in frozen 2 name is Nokk. It is a new, impressive, elegant character, formed with water and ice.

According to the Disney, Nokk is “a mythical water spirit that takes the form of a horse and uses the power of the ocean to guard the secrets of the forest.”

It has very intense blue eyes, which look like led lights.

It is a magical horse that lives in the depths of the sea that tries to protect it while helping to keep the secrets of the forest.

And it is that in Fronzen II an enchanted forest appears that apparently is the border between Arendelle and an indigenous community.

No one knows why those villagers and the inhabitants of Arendelle did not know each other, they did not share. That is just what, without knowing it, Elsa will discover.

Taking up the theme of the horse in frozen 2, this character is shown with the same strength as a real horse.

With protective instincts, horse in frozen 2 is a true guardian, fighter, tireless.

Who is the horse in frozen 2?

The mythological creature on which Nook’s character is based, the horse in Frozen 2, is popular in folklore in Germanic countries, where he has had different names. Some of the names that the mythological being receives are:

  • Nix in Germany
  • Nicor ​​in Dutch
  • Nøck in Sweden

Some think that the idea of ​​the horse in Frozen 2 is that the character be a shapeshifter.

While the creature is always represented as a spirit of water, the forms it can take vary.

Some of the first stories that involved The Nokk described them as male-shaped spirits. These, like Sirens, would attract children and women to drown in the water with their hypnotic music.

Other stories desbriben the Nokk in a positive way. They describe a creature that honors humanity with its music.

A Norwegian version of The Nokk (Fossegrim) takes the form of a beautiful young man who will teach a human to play his beautiful music if he is approached in the right way. An interesting metaphor for natural dressage.

In addition, romantic folklore interpreted the creature as a mythological being full of sadness. His songs reflected the despair and loneliness of not being children of God.

Several poems and stories of the nineteenth century tell that man will find salvation feeling sympathy for The Nokk. Perhaps a sign that we can save ourselves if we find empathy with horses and with nature.

A very interesting myth.

I walk to the mysterious voice

Elsa has to battle several times with him to be able to continue her step towards the mysterious voice. The Voice, by the way, as you approach the end of the ocean gets stronger.

Interestingly, the horse also has abilities that allow it to change shape.

And that is why while Elsa tries to stop him, he transforms into a giant of the ocean.

Fortunately after several battles over the sea, Elsa manages to tame him.

How Elsa tamed the horse in frozen 2?

Elsa climbs on his back and begins to pull the reins while he behaves like a bronco who wants to tear it down.

But Elsa stays strong and firm, and finally she makes the horse calm down.

When this happens they undertake a trip above the waters together. A trip to a magical place where she believes she will find the owner of the voice she has been listening for days.

The horse in Frozen 2 shows that although he was a wild horse she could tame him.

Later they become friends.

Elsa and the horse in Frozen 2

After being able to calm him down and make to obey her, Elsa leads the one who calls Nokk to his destination. A kind of cave.

From there the voice grows louder and Elsa is taken to a place where she finally discovers who is calling her.

Just as she manages to know the truth about what happened between the villagers and the town of Arendelle.

Reason why she was exposed to great dangers such as leaving the enchanted forest. All of that to take a new direction, where there were several spirits trying to stop her.

These spirits are associated with the elements of nature, air, water, fire, earth.

However, there is a fifth element, a fifth spirit that makes Elsa see things from another perspective.

She has to find out and you too, we will not spoiler you.


The truth is afloat

After an intense battle in which Elsa discovers what happened between the villagers, who lived in the enchanted forest, and the town of Arendelle.

She makes a sacrifice that costs him his life. While her sister Ana also does her thing and understands the signals Elsa sends her.

When she understands what happened. She takes a very important risk and warns Arendelle’s soldiers to work together on a plan to do justice.

Together they face the stone giants who wanted to destroy them and finally justice is done.

The past and the present meet to heal and give way to a peaceful future.


Elsa revives on the back of Nokk, the horse in Frozen 2

After Ana activated the plan to do justice, something fabulous happens that revives Elsa.

Interestingly, in both Frozen and Fronzen 2, Princess Ana is the one who saves her older sister and Queen, Elsa.

Once the danger passed and everyone was happy.

Ana feels sad for the loss of her sister.

However, Elsa reappears renewed aboard her new horse Nokk, the horse in Frozen 2, who is now a faithful companion.

Happiness invades the sisters as they are together again and saved both their Kingdom and the villagers.

Now there is peace between the forest and the village of the sisters.

Everyone is happy and there are no gray clouds over the enchanted forest. Now for the first time the villagers met the sun. The clarity of the day

Because always because of what happened in the past, they lived in the shadows and gray clouds.

Finally Ana marries her love and Elsa decides to give the crown to her sister. So she is free to live where she thinks she should be.


The history between Ana, Elsa and Nokk, the horse in Frozen 2

As a child she realizes that she has something different from Ana and begins a search to find out what it is.

His parents, meanwhile, put on gloves so that his hands are protected and that way he does not freeze things in his path, at least until he is ready to contain them.

After a beautiful time to share with her younger sister, she is separated from everyone in the palace where she lived with her family.

Away from her sister and the rest of the world, Elsa grew up wondering if it was good or bad to have that power.

When his parents set sail on a ship in search of adventure, the worst happens.

Both die and the girls are orphaned.

For being the eldest daughter, Elsa is proclaimed Queen of Arendelle. Her sister Ana celebrates this decision and supports her in everything.

However, there is a conspiracy so that Elsa is not the queen and they begin a plan against her, a plan that aims to end her life.

The conspirators want to take her away from the entire Kingdom of Arendelle.

More she discovers how strong she is and struggles to defend herself until the end.

Fortunately his sister Ana, also pulls his brave side afloat and rescues her. Together they save the Kingdom of Arendelle and Elsa begins a happy and peaceful reign.

Where everyone feels protected by her.

Now Elsa, thanks to Nokk the horse in Frozen 2, knows that his powers are good and he can use them to protect his loved ones.




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