//The role of the horse in Spanish flamenco
The horse in Spanish flamenco with the dancers

The role of the horse in Spanish flamenco

The horse in Spanish flamenco a touch of distinction and elegance… It’s show and art in the same event.

The horse is an animal that has provided its company to human beings. This in recent years has been incorporated into various shows where it has stood out with its elegance and precision. For horse lovers, Spanish flamenco shows become an ideal attraction to enjoy and be distracted.

The horse in Spanish flamenco is an event of height, that is to say exceptional. The protagonists are the Andalusian horses, being the main element of this event.

Among the events where the role of the horse in Spanish flamenco stands out

  • Passion and Goblin of the Andalusian Horse.
  • The Alcazar of the Christian Kings of the city.

When combined, the horse stands out in Spanish flamenco, different riding disciplines are put into practice. Among them we can mention the following: the baroque and classical dressage, the exercise of the garrocha and with others of hooks.

In addition, you can see the picture of the grand prize, the phenomenal exercise that is done in the expressions of the equestrian World Cups or in the Olympic Games.

The horse is one of the most intelligent and noble animals of the animal kingdom, favoring the learning process to perform the presentation steps. For this reason the leading role of the horse in Spanish flamenco continues to stand out once again.

Below you can see a video of a show of a horse in Spanish flamenco. Something worth remembering. We hope you enjoy it.

The show Passion and goblin of the Andalusian horse

In the prestigious event called Pasión and Duende del Caballo Andaluz, approximately 20 horses and 15 riders participate. The exhibition takes place in an area of 40 square meters and can accommodate eight hundred people.

In the city of Córdoba is where the elegant presentation takes place where the horses shine with their own light and show their refined steps.

The show is also held in various places such as the towns of Aguilar, Conquista, Bujalance, Priego de Córdoba or Palma del Río.

In this show we can see how the horse in Spanish flamenco is transformed into art.

In Córdoba, a pleasant experience of Spanish flamenco is experienced with the showcasing of the purebred Spanish horses dancing to the rhythm of flamenco.

The equestrian party “Passion and Duende del Caballo Andaluz” gives the assistant a beautiful mix of the horse in Spanish flamenco with elements of classical and Andalusian riding.

These presentations highlight the work at hand, dressage cowgirl, high school, Amazon and garrocha that connect throughout the act with the equestrian tradition of the city of Córdoba

The seasons in which this beautiful flamenco event called “Pasión and Duende del Caballo Andaluz” takes place are in April, June and July.

The horse in Spanish flamenco
The horse in Spanish flamenco

Flamenco shows Vertigo and the horse in Spanish flamenco

Vertigo shows show the manor and art of Andalusia at a horse flamenco event that impresses the spectators. The flamenco acts in which the horse has a main role are a delight for all those horse lovers.

The different in the way this act is presented varies according to the duration of the event, which can range from 15 minutes to one hour.

According to the time, the act will be more elaborate and will have more participants. So it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the horse in Spanish flamenco.

A differentiating element is that these events are perfect for bullfighting, soccer fields and pavilions. Also, they can be presented at fairs, municipal parties and commemorations such as marriages and private parties.

Horse shows in Spanish flamenco will grant the celebrations of magic and race a work of great artistic impact.

We can see that we can only enjoy a flamenco and horse event in public places but it can also be enjoyed in a more intimate celebration.

The flamenco merged with the elegant footsteps of the horses is carried out with purely Spanish music and clothing to the custom of the eighteenth century.

This event is mounted on dances extracted from the reprisses of dressage, cowgirl and other works of ancestral riding.

In each performance, six to eight dances are performed. All of them maintain the same level and enhancement. The show involves six riders, several dancers, three young men and of course the horses that are the main attraction of these events. It is great to see such shows with the horse in Spanish flamenco showing off.

The horse in Spanish flamenco with the dancers
The horse in Spanish flamenco with the dancers

The horse in the Spanish and equestrian flames

An equestrian flamenco show with a dancer who makes an artistic couple with a horse. This is the most distinguished way to surprise and celebrate in any type of event.

The dancer demonstrates the utmost respect and represents the mastery of the flamenco tradition. While the riders of the Andalusian School do the same with the Spanish horse race. There the elegance and perfection of the steps of the horse and the dancer are mixed to the sound of music.

These types of shows are distinctive at wedding celebrations. In addition to being an artistic expression and special complement for any type of celebration or event.

The Flamenco Agency company has shown its numbers at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, founded in 1571. Also in private events and according to customer requirements.

A horse show in the Spanish flamento
A horse show in the Spanish flamento

The wonderful world of the horse in Spanish flamenco

The horse continues to stand out in the world of performing arts. Being one of those animals that show abilities to perform the steps that teach them.

This is a sample of the great intelligence that these living beings have and is an invitation to take care of it and respect them as they are.

For these animals to achieve that level of perfection they are trained by experts who in the end see the reward in the impeccable performances of the horses.

Equestrian flamenco acts are performed within the framework of Spanish traditions. However, they also offer them as a private service for special events.

It is very important to emphasize that the horse must be in conditions of balanced behavior to make these presentations. Without a doubt, the horse in Spanish flamenco has a luxury role that we should enjoy. Let’s take advantage of this wonderful show.





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