//TV series Damages – Innovative legal drama
TV Series Damages

TV series Damages – Innovative legal drama

Legal dramas are one of the most important bastions of American TV. The average American is passionate about laws. That is why today we will talk about the TV series Damages that gathers the best of the legal drama on TV. One of the best series of recent times with a cast like no other

American culture revolves around laws and their compliance. Compliance with the law, the nature of lawyers, legal gaps and justice are recurring issues. In the middle of this, excellent actors such as Willian Shaftner (fundamental role in Boston Legal) are presented. Without a doubt, TV has become a bastion of “legal culture”.

One of the elements that becomes one of the protagonists of the series is time management. In one way or another we know how everything ends and how it starts, the series helps us fill in the “empty spaces”. With this the plot turns become the source of intrigue. “Who is who?” Is the question….

The protagonists of the TV series Damages

Here we must make a point and separate since in Damages we really talk about “the protagonist girls”. Not only that, we must talk about great actresses who are capable of transforming a normal and sublime experience. Next we will introduce the main characters.

TV Series Damages - The Protagonist
TV Series Damages – The Protagonist


Patty Hewes

Glenn Close
Glenn Close

Whose full name in the series is Patricia Hewes, she is the founding lawyer of the law firm around which the story revolves. Patty has her own code of ethics and justice. She doesn’t care about law, religion, politics or ethics when it comes to justice. If Patty Hawes thinks that justice must be done, she will do it, at any cost. Patricia Hewes’ character in the TV series Damages is played by the amazing Glenn Close.

All the reviews have been positive for the TV Damages series, but the most positive have been for Glenn Close. Next we will know why.

Glenn Close does not need introduction, but just in case we will make a brief review. Glenn Close was born on March 19, 1947. She is an American actress, singer and producer. She has performed in the theater but has stood out greatly for his work in the cinema. During the 70s and early 80s she was a theater actress for brodway, the mecca of the theater. Because of this she has won two Tony Awards, which are the equivalent of the “Oscar” prize for the theater.

In addition to the Tony Awards, she has been nominated 7 times for the Oscar for the following films:

  • The world according to Garp: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Glenn Close share screen with Robin Williams, Mary Beth Hurt and  John Lithgow. Jhon Lihgow was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor.
  • The Big Chill: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress
  • The Natural: Nominated for best supporting actress. Share cast with Robert Redford, Kim Basinger and Robert Duvall.
  • Fatal Attraction: Nominated for Best Actress
  • Dangerous Liasons: Nominated for Best Actress
  • Albert Noobs: Nominated for Best Actress
  • The Wife: Nominated for Best Actress
Close and Byrne Get Silly Over 'Damages'

Ellen Parsons

Rose Byrne
Rose Byrne

Ellen is a young lawyer recently graduated. The young lawyer starts working with Patty Hewes at the Hewes and Associates law firm. Her boyfriend is mysteriously murdered and Ellen is involved in her murder. The role of Ellen Parsons is played by Rose Byrne a talented actor. An excellent complement to the cast of the TV series Damages with Glenn Close in the lead.

Rose Byrne was born on July 24, 1979 and although she is young she has a great curriculum. Rose is Australian born in Sydney. She has acted in blockbusters such as X-Men First Generation and in independent films such as 28 days later. She has also worked in genres such as comedy, science fiction and drama.

Apart from the TV series Damages. In what movies has Rose Byrne appeared?

  • Marie Antoinette: In this film she develops the role of the Duchess of Polignac Yolande de Polastron. This was both in the film and in reality the best friend and favorite of Marie Antoinette.
  • 28 weeks later: Embodies the role of Major Scarlett Levy. She is the officer in charge of verifying the health status of citizens who arrive at the shelter weeks after the epidemic.
  • Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2: Interprets Renai Lambert the wife of a marriage that is harassed by supernatural beings.
  • Sunshine: Interprets Cassie the pilot of the ship.
  • Knowing: Play Diana Wayland, the daughter of a girl who 50 years earlier generated a series of numbers that predicted catastrophic events. They have a daughter capable of perceiving hidden voices and messages just like her grandmother. Together they will have to discover what their future is.
  • Juliet, Naked: Rose plays Annie a girl who develops an affair with a singer who is her boyfriend’s musical obsession.
  • Get Him to the Greek: Byrne plays Jackie Q the partner of Aldous Snow. She will be the one who encourages him to stay drunk and leads him astray. Below is a video about its interpretation

  • X-Men: first generation and X-Men: Apocalypse: Play Dr. Moira MacTaggart. She is the great friend of Charles Xavier and at the same time her love of the past.
  • Spy: In this movie Rose Byrne plays the evil Rayna Boyanov. Rayna is a villain of Bulgarian origin who owns a nuclear bomb and wants to sell it to the highest bidder.

A look at the first season of the TV series Damages

In the first chapter of the series we see a young woman running full of blood and half-naked. We discovered that it is Ellen Parsons. Ellen’s boyfriend has been beaten to death in his apartment. Parsons is arrested as a suspect. Then the series takes us 6 months before the events. From there it will take us step by step through the events that led to the murder of Ellen’s boyfriend.

TV Series Damages Poster
TV Series Damages Poster

At the starting point you can see a young lawyer with a lot of potential and innocence deciding her future. He refuses to work with the excellent lawyer Hollis Nye to accept a job with Patty Hayes. Nye warns her that Patty will change her and be careful.

Could Patty’s cold and manipulative personality definitely change Ellen? Will that change be responsible for the death of her boyfriend?

The key to suspense lies in connecting two milestones in history. From that perspective we know how events begin and how they end. But we don’t know the chain of events that unite them. We do not know the emotional load and the responsibilities that weigh on each of the protagonists.

A series recommended by Gustavo Mirabal to understand the ethical and moral disputes of legal work. Also if you want read some triller legal visit our article about the master of the legal triller Jhon Grisham.

A series that you should not miss to know the distance between legality and ethics. Legality and ethics as two milestones of the same destination, becoming a lawyer …



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